‘Pandole Art Gallery’ cancels exhibition of M F Husain’s art work at NCPA

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‘Pandole Art Gallery’ cancels exhibition of M F Husain’s art work at NCPA

Effect of HJS opposition !

Indecent paintings of Deities withdrawn from exhibition !

January 26, 2013

Mumbai – ‘Pandole Art Gallery (PAG)’ had organized an exhibition of paintings by anti-Hindu M F Husain at ‘National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA)’ at Nariman Point, Mumbai which included 5 paintings of Deities shown in half-nude state. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) protested against the said exhibition when the organizers not only removed the controversial paintings from the exhibition but also cancelled the exhibition at NCPA. The other paintings were, however, sold secretly in a private shop.
PAG had organized an exhibition of paintings by anti-Hindu painter, M F Husain at NCPA Hall from 14th January. HJS protested against holding of such exhibition and sought permission from the police for holding demonstrations; but police refused permission claiming that it was not allowed to hold demonstrations in the area of the venue of exhibition and suggested to hold demonstrations at Azad Maidan. On 13th January 2013 i.e. on the previous day of start of exhibition, Colaba Police Station served a notice to Mr. Shivaji Vatkar and Mrs. Varsha Thakar under clause 149 of Criminal Procedure Code, 1973,  prohibiting them from holding demonstrations.  The senior Police Inspector called them up for two days to get inromation about demonstrations when Mr. Vatkar said, “As per the information given on the website of PAG, there are 5 paintings of Deities drawn in indecent, half-nude manner which are kept on auction. Where is the exhibition? Give us permission to hold demonstrations there. Register a case against PAG for hurting religious sentiments; else stop that exhibition and sale.” Police expressed their inability to take any action under the law; but called the next day and informed about withdrawal of those 5 indecent paintings from the exhibition. Police also informed about cancellation of exhibition from NCPA but avoided disclosing new venue of the exhibition.  Newspapers like ‘Hindustan Times’ and ‘Mumbai Mirror’ have published news about cancellation of exhibition at PAG due to opposition by radical pro-Hindu organizations as NCPA did not allow the exhibition to be held in their hall. The news also states that the exhibition and sale had to be held at a private unknown shop under police protection. It is understood that 145 paintings by an artist from Kolkata viz. late Mr. Badrivishal Patti were sold by Dadiba Pandole for Rs. 10, 45, 00, 000/- .

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

Appeal to devout Hindus

The Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai has planned to auction 400 paintings drawn by Anti-Hindu painter M. F. Husain on 17th January. The auction will be held in Jamshed Bhabha Theatre, NCPA, Mumbai and public viewing of paintings is going to start on 14 January. Even after HJS activists attempted to create awareness in the organisers, they did not agree to stop the sale. Now it is duty of all devout Hindus and patriots to lodge your protests lawfully with NCPA Authorities and Pundole Art Gallery to stop the auction of paintings by M F Husain, who has drawn nude paintings of Bharat Mata and Hindu Deities.

Link for reference : http://www.pundoles.com/

Pandole Art Gallery to sell anti-Hindu Husain’s art-work under police protection !

January 13, 2013

Strong protests by HJS

Mumbai : Pandole Art Gallery (PAG) has organized an exhibition of art-work of anti-Hindu painter M F Husain at NCPA Hall at Nariman Point in Mumbai. This exhibition will be held from 14th January and sale of his paintings will start from 17th January 2013. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) has decided to strongly oppose the event, in lawful manner; therefore, the organizers of the exhibition have decided to hold this exhibition under police protection.
In view of HJS opposition, police had held a meeting between the office bearers of PAG and HJS at Azad Maidan Police Station. This meeting was attended by Smt. Khurshid Pandole, Smt. Priya Jaikishan on behalf of PAG and Mr. Shivaji Vatkar, Mr. Satish Sonar of HJS; besides, Mr. Indulkar, a senior Police Inspector of MRS police station, Dr. Ravindra Shisave, Dy. Police Commissioner and Upper Police Commissioner of South Mumbai region, Mr. Krushnaprakash.
Smt. Khurshid said, “The 400 paintings to be auctioned in the exhibition don’t contain any indecent and nude paintings of Deities; therefore, we will auction these paintings.” Mr. Vatkar explained to the Dy. Police Commissioner about the lawful movement undertaken by HJS against art-work of Husain and made a demand to cancel this exhibition. Mr. Krushnaprakash said, “Nobody should take law in his hands. We will provide protection to PAG.” (Has Pro-Muslim Krushnaprakash ever shown such promptness in protecting Hindus from Muslims’ attacks? Only because Hindus are tolerant, Krushnaprakash is trying to suppress them. There is no alternative to establishment of Hindu nation for bringing about a change in such situation ! – Editor) Dy. Commissioner Dr. Shisave said, “There is no ban on Husain’s paintings under any law; therefore, nobody can force or threaten PAG.” Smt. Khurshid told the police that people were giving strong reactions on website and over telephone which was causing distress. On this Dr. Shisave said, “People can oppose in democratic manner; but nobody should take law in his hand.” Mr. Vatkar sought permission to hold demonstrations in lawful manner; but Dr. Shisave said that demonstrations could not be held outside the venue of exhibition as there was prohibition in that area. Demonstrations can be held at Azad Maidan.”

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

Exhibition and auction of paintings by M.F. Husain in NCPA hall will be held by Pundole Art Gallery under the police protection !

Mumbai : Auction of 400 paintings drawn by Hindu-hater and anti-national painter M.F. Husain has been organised by Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai from 17th January. These paintings will be exhibited in N.C.P.A. at Nariman Point from 14th January. On behalf of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, Coordinator for Mumbai region, Mr. Shivaji Vatkar and 3 lady-activists had discussed the matter with Ms. Khorshed Pundole and Ms. Mallika Advani and requested them to stop the exhibition. However, the representatives of art gallery rejected the demand by arrogantly replying the delegation of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.

Thereafter, Samiti wrote a letter to the art gallery on 18th December requesting them to cancel the auction. The copy of this letter was endorsed to the Senior Police Inspector of Mata Ramabai Ambedkar Marg Police Station for further necessary action. The art gallery avoided replying this letter even after constant follow-up with them. On the contrary, they have asked for police protection on lodging a complaint against Samiti. The police inspector summoned Mr. Shivaji Vatkar in the police station and recorded his statement. Mr. Vatkar has given in writing that the opposition to the exhibition will be continued by lawful means, and the exhibition should be cancelled taking into account religious sentiments of Hindus and Nation-lovers.

Since the exhibition is proposed to be held in the hall of National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA), Samiti has written a letter to them on 7th January and demanded to cancel the exhibition. The copy of the letter was submitted to the Marine Lines Police Station. On an invitation received from the hall authorities, a delegation of Samiti met the Director of Hall, Mr. Dipak Bajaj.  On that occasion, he sated, “We have only allotted the space for exhibition. Since the exhibition does not show any objectionable paintings, it should not be opposed.” Mr. Vatkar replied, “Painter M.F. Husain has hurt the religious sentiments of crores of Hindus by drawing nude and vulgar paintings of Hindu Deities. He has drawn a scene of Shivratri in which Mata Parvati was shown having intercourse with Nandi and Deity Shiva was watching. In another painting, Husain has depicted Durga mata having intercourse with Her carrier Lion. He has drawn a nude painting of Mother India and sold it for 80 lakhs. Therefore, he is facing strong opposition from the community. To honour such a criminal is an exercise in hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus. On an earlier occasion, Khushi organisation had cancelled the sale of the painting depicting only a horse and a man for the price of rupees 6 crores. Hindus also did not allow exhibition of any paintings by Husain in other exhibitions. Similarly, letting the hall for such an objectionable purpose is like abetting the objectionable act. We do not expect such an act on the part of renowned establishment of Tatas like N.C.P.A.”

Mr. Bajaj, while replying to the appeal by Mr. Vatkar assured to get back to Samiti after the decision in the meeting of trustees. (Note ; Since the Pundole Art Gallery and N.C.P.A. establishment are under the control of Parsees for earning money and for business, it is obvious that they do not care for Hindus, who are opposing with lawful means and their Deities.)

Later on, Mr. Shivaji Vatkar and Mr. Satish Sonar of Samiti met Assistant Police Commissioner Mr. Sadanand Date, Head, Law and Order Department of Mumbai Police. Copies of above correspondence were handed over to him, and he was requested to cancel the exhibition of the disputed paintings. The Commissioner requested Samiti to oppose by lawful means without taking the law in the hands.

Detailed News

Mumbai : The Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai has planned to auction 400 paintings drawn by Anti-Hindu painter M. F. Husain on 17th January as reported by the ‘Economic Times’ in its issue dated 13th December. These paintings belong to Husain-lover Mr. Pitti from Kolkota and are expected to fetch nearly crores of rupees. (It is realised from this incident that, even after the death of Anti-Hindu Husain, his followers sponsor his paintings and spread hatred towards Hindu Dharma while earning money at the same time ! – Editor SP)

On learning about this auction, Mr. Shivaji Vatkar, Coordinator of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti for Mumbai, Thane, and Raigad Districts contacted The Pundole Art Gallery and demanded to stop the sale of paintings glorifying Husain, who was a Anti-Hindu and had hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus. At that time, the manager of Art Gallery Ms. Horshed gave evasive replies. Therefore, to educate her further with legal means and to prevent harm to Hindu Dharma, a delegation of Samiti consisting Mr. Shivaji Vatkar, Mrs. Varsha Thakar, Ms. Anita Balani, and Mrs. Parvin Mehata personally met Ms. Horshed. The activists of Samiti explained her sentiments of Hindus about Husain and told her that the auction planned by the Art Gallery is objectionable. Ms. Mallika and Ms. Horshed of Art Gallery gave evasive answers and arrogantly debated with the activists. (The managers of Art Gallery sponsoring the paintings of Anti-Hindu and anti-national Husain are totally oblivious to the sentiments of Hindus and interest of the nation. They are habituated enough only to earn money by hook or crook. When a painter in Denmark had drawn the cartoons of Mohammad Paigambar, all the Muslims in the world protested against him and effected immediate ban on him. Against this, Anti-Hindu painter Husain, who has drawn a nude painting of Mother India is being still glorified, and business to trade his paintings is still in progress ! – Editor SP) Mr. Vatkar has written a protest letter and demanded that the auction of Husain’s paintings be stopped. Similar complaint has also been lodged with M.R.A. Police Station.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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