Hindus’ joint efforts will only eradicate love jihad ! – Sunil Ghanavat, HJS

Online lecture on ‘love jihad: an anti-Hindu conspiracy’

Jalgaon – ‘World Hijab Day’ was celebrated at Nagpur 4 days ago. Few Muslim young women were training Hindu young women on how to tie ‘hijab’ and explaining its benefits etc. Few alert Hindus opposed to this and even lodged a complaint with the local police station. Why train Hindu young women on ‘hijab’? It is a part of love jihad. The demon of love jihad has been burgeoning and incidents of love jihad are happening in the film industry, sports field, and even in several places all over the country. A very stringent law needs to be passed in India for eradicating love jihad and Hindus’ joint efforts towards the same are required, stated Mr Sunil Ghanavat, the State Coordinator of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) for Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh while addressing an online program on the topic of ‘love jihad: an anti-Hindu conspiracy’ held by HJS on 5th September 2021.

Ms Pratiksha Korgaonkar of HJS from Nagar district addressed the participants on the need for self-defence training for Hindu young women. More than 7000 devout Hindus had joined this online lecture. The program was compeered by Ms Rageshree Deshpande and concluded by her with thanks-giving.

Pro-Hindu organisations and Sects that had spontaneously participated in advertising about this program

The office-bearers of ‘Akhil Bharatiya Warkari Parishad’, ‘Hindu Rashtra Sena’, Bajarang Dal, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, ‘Shivapratishthan Hindustan’, their members, and Warkaris spontaneously participated in the advertising of this program.

Feedback by participating devout Hindus

1. Mr Kartik Naik, Pathri, Parbhani – Liked the program and there is a need to hold these programs. It will help in preventing such incidents to a large extent

2. Ratna Attarde, Jalgaon – I got inspiration from what Mr Sunil Ghanavat said for reaching out to girls and save them from love jihad. For this, I need to be competent first and get trained in self-defence. I have seen many girls so far who are throwing away Gods’ idols from their houses under the influence of fanatic boys. I want to create awareness in them.

3. Mr Ganesh Baburao Aher, Nandgaon, Nashik – Let us get ready to fight against the attacks on our extremely sacred Hindu Dharma and create awareness amongst people.

4. Mr Shriram Antaji Patil, Dabhadi, Malegaon, Nashik – Such awareness needs to be created in the present times and everyone should be alert. We have to forget our castes and creeds if we want to protect God, nation, and Dharma. Only then, will we see good days; else there is danger. Jai Shriram!

5. Ritesh Agrawal, Jalna – Hindus’ system should be made more efficient against love jihad.

6. Sanjay Pachariya, Malegaon, Nashik – For keeping away our girls from love jihad, we have to impart religious and spiritual training to them, family should give them more love and keep them away from anti-Hindu TV serials and Hindi films.

7. Mrs Rupali Wagh, Jalgaon – Girls should be taught at schools and colleges how to save themselves from love jihad. Even the parents need counseling on this. Many people joined this program today; therefore, it will create awareness among the young generation.

8. Mr Manoj Nale, Beli, Jalgaon – I have sent this post on social media to 407 people and personally met a few people and told them.  Most of them joined this program. I felt happy that I could do something for Dharma and will make efforts in the future.

9. Mr Amol Shinde, Nagar –  This lecture opened my eyes. Mr Sunil Ghanavat showed that it was calm before the storm. I shall keep on exposing the anti-Dharma activities.

The Twitter trend against love jihad on 8th No.! 

In the background of this program, HJS activists, devout Hindu activists from North Maharashtra, Marathwada, and Vidarbha jointly started a Twitter trend #save_hindu_girl’ on 5th September 2021 between 4 pm and 7 pm. This trend was 8th at the national level for one hour.


1. The whole program was shown live by ‘Dhyeya News channel’, Pachora and ‘M. H. TV’ from Dhule.

2. This program was watched by more than 8000 people.

3. This lecture resulted in a rise in HJS Jalgaon youtube channel members by 500.

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