‘Shriram Naam-Sankeertan Abhiyan’ at Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Palghar

Mumbai : ‘Shriram-naam Sankeertan’ drive was undertaken at Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Palghar. 17 persons joined the chanting sessions held at 2 places in Dadar. Sou. Sangita Bashirbad, a devout Hindu attending ‘Dharmashikshan’ classes conducted by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) sponsored 50 strips of Shri Ganesh’s chant. Chanting sessions were held at 18 places in Parel and were attended by 182 persons in all.

‘Jidnyasus’ get their doubts clarified after chanting session

Devotees chanting at Shri Vitthal Mandir, Achole at Nalasopara (E)

Chanting was done at Kapareshwar Mandir and Siddheshwar Mandir at Ghodapdev. Participants said that they felt happy after chanting. Sou. Rashmi Bhingarde, Manager of Siddheshwar Mandir extended valuable cooperation for this drive. Chanting session was held at residence of Sou. Vijay Manjarekar, a Sanatan seeker where participants got their doubts clarified by asking questions. After chanting session held at Balaji Society, participating Kannada women showed interest in having regular satsang for them by HJS.

Experiences of participants while chanting !

Chanting session was held at 3 places in Worli and attended by 44 people in all. One aged woman, who cannot otherwise sit in one place for more time, could sit for 15 minutes at a stretch at the residence of Smt. Manisha Kadam, a reader of ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ and chanted Shriram’s name. Another woman, who participated in this session, organized chanting session at her place. Many participants could smell good fragrance while chanting at the residence of Smt. Reshma Devrukhkar from BDD Chawl.

Chanting session held at the residence of ‘jidnyasu’ Sou. Reshma Sawant

Chanting was done at Umela Banavn Dev Mandir at Mira Road where participants could feel divine energy after the session. Women from ‘Bhajani Mandal’ decided to have chanting once in a week at Dahanu (East) even after Shravan month. One woman felt light after chanting.

Chanting was held at 8 places in Palghar district in which 205 people participated. Participants experienced peace and stability of mind while chanting held at Vitthal Mandir, Achole Gaon in Nalasopara (East).

Spontaneous response to chanting sessions held in western suburbs of Mumbai !

Chanting sessions were held at 5 places in Mumbai (west) in which in all, 77 people participated. Chanting was held at ShivMandir in Ashokvan area of Dahisar where participants liked chanting and decided to sit and chant there for 10 minutes every day. The owner of Girnar Datta Mandir said, “Drive of ‘Ram-naam-chanting’ should be held for as many days as possible. Chanting was held at coaching classes run by Puja Padhye in Vazira area of Borivali. The participants were happy that such chanting was held in their class.

‘Bhav’ was invoked due to chanting in a devout woman !

Sanjyoti Kate, a devout Hindu who made all preparations for chanting session, was overwhelmed with ‘bhav’ after chanting. Few children from that lane also joined chanting after it was started. During chanting session held at Dahisar (East), a two-year old boy was chanting with lot of devotion.  A woman with mental distress said after chanting that she felt very satisfied with chanting.

Guidance to students

Sanatan seeker, Sou. Sulabha Sonawane explained about importance of collective chanting; how a robber like ‘Valya’ became Sage Valmiki; why should we address our parents as ‘Aai-baba’ instead of ‘mummy-pappa’ to students who go to her house for coaching. They listened to her with full attention.

Good response received for drives even at Navi Mumbai and Central Mumbai !  

Chanting sessions were held at 7 places at Navi Mumbai and in all, 106 people attended the same. 50 people chanted together at Devadiga Bhavan, Nerul. It has been decided to hold chanting sessions at the residence of Sanatan seeker Smt. Rohini Salian on every second Saturday of month besides Devadiga Bhavan. Kalpana Gole, who participated in chanting session held at VaradVinayak Mandir at Sector 4 in Koparkhairane, said that she would bring ten persons for chanting next time.

In chanting sessions held at 28 places in central Mumbai, total 311 people participated. Chanting session was held at the residence of Smt. Matkar, who is a devotee of Kalavati-aai, where two persons liked the picture of Shriram and display-boards kept during chanting session at Smt. Matkar’s house.

Women attending chanting session at Nahur said that they felt very happy. Chanting done collectively was in the same rhythm. Chanting was held at the residence of Sou. Shakuntala Karad, a devout Hindu from Mulund where women participating in chanting asked about performing ‘manas-puja’ of Shri Ganesh.

25 persons attending chanting session held at the residence of Sou. Prabha Vangari at Vikhroli, were explained about spiritual practice after the session. Chanting session was held at the residence of Sanatan seeker Asha Hande at Ghatkopar.  One ‘jidnyasu’ who had come for the session, organized similar session at own house on the following day.

Some of the participants showed interest in starting ‘Dharmashikshan’ classes; so they had discussions about the same. Kum. Kushal Hegade, a 5-6 years old boy attending chanting session held at Shriram Mandir, Gandhinagar in Mulund (East), did chanting loudly and with full concentration.

A young man who was under lot of stress and attended the chanting session, could overcome his thoughts of committing suicide !

A young man, about 26 year- old, had joined chanting session at Naigaon. After chanting, he told that he was under lot of tension since last two days and was thinking of committing suicide. After chanting, however, his negative thoughts about suicide were gone and his mind became quite stable and peaceful. He said he would not be able to express the satisfaction his inner mind felt due to chanting. On listening to the chant in Sadguru (Sou.) Anjali Gadgil’s voice, he said that he had never heard such voice earlier. Another person attending chanting session said that he recited ‘Ramaraksha Stotra and Hanuman-stotra’ every day but he was unable to close his eyes during chanting with devotion but after listening to that day’s chanting, he could close his eyes with concentration and  he could chant with lot of spiritual emotion.

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