Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha held at Thane

Magh Krushna Panchami, Kaliyug Varsha 5112

Hindus must resolve to establish a Hindu Nation ! – Bharatacharya S. G. Shevade

Inauguration of Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha by lighting a Samai (an oil lamp)
Inauguration of Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha by lighting a Samai (an oil lamp)


Thane (Maharashtra): Today the Muslims and Christians have joined hands to rule this country. Christian missionaries’ ploy is like a case of ‘slow poisoning’ that will eventually convert everyone. Hatching conspiracy to defame Hindu Saints,  is one of such acts. Hindus should, therefore, unite and resolve to establish a Hindu nation. The above appeal was made by Bharatacharya S. G. Shevade in his address during the Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha organized by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) on the ground of Municipal School No. 44 on Sunday, 20th February 2011. The ‘sabha’ was attended by more than 1350 devout Hindus. Mr. Abhay Vartak, the spokesperson of Sanatan Sanstha and Mr. Ramesh Shinde, the spokesperson of HJS also addressed the ‘sabha’.

Prof. Shevade lighted the lamp. Vedamurti Shri. Shripad Joshi and his group recited ‘veda-mantras’. Mr. Sudhanshu Joshi, a representative of ‘Dainik Sanatan Prabhat’ was felicitated on the occasion. The ‘sabha’ was compeered by Mrs. Rhutuja Nate and Mr. Mahesh Mulik and was concluded with singing of ‘Vande Mataram’ by Mrs. Savita Lele.

Be prepared for establishment of Hindu Nation ! – Mr. Abhay Vartak

Hindus tolerate every injustice; therefore, incidents like defamation of Hindu Saints, inquiry of pro-Hindu organizations, demand to impose ban on them etc. are taking place. Abu Azmi, who helps terrorists, is called as humanitarian and those, who insist to say ‘Vande Mataram’, are branded as terrorists. Hindus, if you remain secular, you will be eliminated; therefore, be united and commit yourself for establishment of Hindu Nation !

Hindu Nation is necessary for Hindus to live with self-respect ! – Mr. Ramesh Shinde

When Hindu Deities are denigrated, Hindus oppose it in lawful manner by lodging complaints and cases against the concerned; but no action is taken against the culprits. On the other hand, when religious sentiments of non-Hindus are hurt, immediate action is taken on the concerned. Are the religious sentiments of Hindus and non-Hindus different ? Problems like ‘love jihad’, ‘cow-slaughtering’, ‘conversions’ are increasing day by day. Creation of a Hindu Nation is necessary to prevent the above and for Hindus to live with self-respect.


1. Mr. Rocky Hindustani, the city-coordinator of Bajarang Dal was so much inspired with the resplendent speech of Mr. Abhay Vartak that he presented flowers and felicitated Mr. Vartak.

2. VCD showing recording of the program held on IBN Lokmat in which the Editor, Mr. Nikhil Wagle of the channel had tried to bully Mr. Vartak and the brave reply given by Mr. Vartak was shown during the ‘sabha’.

Prof. Shevade’s statements

Bharatacharya S. G. Shevade praising Mr. Abhay Vartak, Sanatan Sanstha
Bharatacharya S. G. Shevade praising Mr. Abhay Vartak, Sanatan Sanstha
Reg. other speakers …..

Bomb shells were fired through the speakers who spoke before me. Two valiant warriors spoke before me so fearlessly. Many speakers like them have been prepared by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti and Sanatan Sanstha.

Reg. Sanatan Prabhat ….

People spend thousands of rupees on unwanted things; but they should subscribe to ‘Sanatan Prabhat’. Read this daily newspaper throughout the year only for Rs. 900/-. Those who deliver Sanatan’s issues do not take any salary or commission. The news published in ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ is not published in any other daily newspaper.

Reg. Sanatan Sanstha….

Sanatan Sanstha’s mission is expansive. Dr. Jayant Athavale is carrying on the mission just like our Guru. There are highly educated people in this ‘Sanstha’. Its seekers are holding high posts wherever they are working. Hundreds of youth with their families stay in the ‘sanstha’ as seekers.They do not expect any material gains from the ‘sanstha’ nor the ‘sanstha’ expects anything from them in return. I have visited both the ‘ashrams’ of Sanatan at Devad, Panvel and at Ramnathi (Goa). The discipline observed there is commendable. You will always notice modesty among Sanatan seekers.

Other Dignitaries attending the program

Mr. Eknath Shinde, Shiv Sena’s Thane district PR-chief and MLA, Mr. Ravindra Prabhudesai, Vice-President of VHP for Konkan zone and Managaing Director of Pitambari group of industries, Mr. Rajendra, a trustee of Ayappa Temple, Mr. Baban Sakpal, the branch-chief of Shiv Sena for Savarkarnagar, Mr. Vishnu Sawant, its Branch in-charge, Mr. Babu Ghude, dy. chief of the ‘shakha’, Mr. Sambhaji Suryarao, another ‘shakha’-chief, Mr. Dilip Bartakke, Shiv Sena municipal councilor, Mr. Madhur Rao, Shiv Sena’s dy-chief of Vartaknagar branch, Mr. Sandesh Vichare, the President of Hindu Mahasabha, Thane, Mr. Lakshman Murdeshwar, Mr. Rocky Hindustani, coordinator of Thane city for Bajarang Dal, Mr. Anil More, Thane zonal PR of VHP and Mr. Umesh Shetty, its city-president, Mrs. Vidya Shinde, a socialist and acticvist for cause of women and Mrs. Shubhangi Khandekar of BJP etc.

Review meeting

A meeting has been arranged for those who have got inspired with the ‘sabha’ and are interested in joining the activities of HJS on 26th February at 5.00 p.m. in Ayyappa Temple.

Source: Daily sanatan Prabhat

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