Court quashes police order issued, out of spite, illegally banishing HJS’ Dr. Narendra Patil

  • Issue of asking police during ‘Peace Committee’ about action taken against illegal loudspeakers
  • Court admonishes Dy. Zonal Magistrate !
  • Dr. Patil demands action against police involved in issuing banishment order

One cannot imagine how police must be persecuting ordinary citizens if they can issue banishment order, out of spite, against ‘Hindutvavadis’ ! Lodge complaint against such police with their senior officers for they are a blot on Police Department !

Nandurbar : During a meeting of ‘Peace Committee’ held here, Dr. Narendra Patil had asked police, “You are warning Ganesh festival committees of taking action as per Court’s order but are you going to take action against illegal hooters sounded before 6.00 a.m.?” Keeping this in mind, out of malice, police got one-sided banishment order issued through Dy. Zonal Magistrate against Dr. Patil. Such banishment order was issued to 77 people along with Dr. Patil and Shri. Mayur Chaudhari, another staunch ‘Hindutvavadi’. Dr. Patil along with two persons filed petition with District Sessions Court for justice. The Court admonished the Magistrate for issuing such order while quashing the same. Advocate Anil Lodha and advocate Devendra Marathe pleaded for Dr. Patil and others. Dr. Narendra Patil has released a press note demanding stringent action against the concerned police.

Dr. Patil has stated in the press note that

1. Police banished me through a notice dated 15th September, prohibiting me from entering Nandurbar between 16th and 23rd September. The Dy. Zonal Magistrate did not allow me to present my side before taking such action.

2. Police gave all false excuses while taking action stating that ‘several verbal complaints were received against Narendra Patil and Mayur Chaudhari. Earlier banishment order was issued against you two. Even then, there is no change in your behavior. You have not exhibited good behavior so far. You create terror amongst people but people do not lodge complaint against you, out of fear.’ (Will Police, who try to implicate ‘Hindutvavadis’ giving such false excuses, be able to maintain law and order in society ? – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)   

3. Police administration has crossed limits and defamed us by including my name and name of Mayur Chaudhari in the list of criminals, that too during Ganesh festival.

4. The Court issued order on 21st September, quashing the order passed by Dy. zonal Magistrate wherein it was stated, “All reasons given by administration were also given in notice issued last year. If they were banished for these reasons once, how can they be banished again for the same reasons ?”

5. Last time, the Dy. Zonal City Magistrate cancelled the notice on his own. I had then told that I had not committed any crime which would disturb communal harmony and I was given no chance to present my side. Police took such action only out of malice.

6. The Court has also stated that ‘there was no case filed against these persons in which they were accused of creating terror in society. Dy. zonal Magistrate is expected to think independently and without any expectations. Dr. Patil has not done anything that would require his banishment.’ Thus the Court passed order in our favour.

7. This incident proves how police hatch plot against ‘Hindutvavadis’ when they only question police about implementation of laws. I (Narendra Patil) therefore, demand that stringent action should be taken against those who tried to impose banishment on me, Mayur Chaudhari and other ‘Hindutvavadis’ in this context.

Thanks to advocates who helped in cancelling banishment of ‘Hindutvavadis’ !    

Advocate Anil Lodha
Advocate Devendra Marathe

Advocates Anil Lodha and Devendra Marathe effectively presented side of Dr. Patil and other ‘Hindutvavadis’; therefore, order illegally issued by police for expulsion of ‘Hindutvavadis’ had to be cancelled. Dr. Narendra Patil thanked the advocates for their help.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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