Sanskrit Day: Experience the treasure trove of Sanatan’s Books on preserving and protecting Indian languages !

1. Specialities of ‘Sanskrit’ language : 26th August 2018 is going to be celebrated as ‘Sanskrit Din’. Sanskrit means sacred and glorifying legacy of Hindu culture ! Sanskrit language and Sanskriti have close connection. Subhashitas and shloka are specialty of Sanskrit language. They have minimum words but deep meanings on any subject.

2. Learning ‘Sanskrit’ language is given priority in other countries but it is being throttled in Bharat : Many colleges in the world have started teaching ‘Sanskrit’ language when it was realised that all languages originated from ‘Sanskrit’. Students in other countries are showing interest in learning Sanskrit. Many thinkers from other countries are also studying benefits of speaking in Sanskrit.

Unfortunately, Sanskrit language has not been given due importance in the land of its birth. Education Department in this country is also not interested in teaching Sanskrit language to students; as such, students feel learning English is more important than learning Sanskrit.

3. Books published by Sanatan are a treasure which create love and respect towards own language : After ‘Deva-bhasha’ Sanskrit, Marathi is the most ‘sattvik’ language but it is stifled in Maharashtra. Sanatan Sanstha has published books which will eliminate disinterest in people and create love and respect towards these languages. Specialities of Sanskrit and Marathi have been illustrated in these books.

4. Books published by Sanatan

Name of the book Cost (Rs.)
1. देववाणी संस्कृतची वैशिष्ट्ये आणि संस्कृतला वाचवण्यासाठीचे उपाय 75
2. भाषाशुद्धीचे व्रत 45
3. मराठीवरील आक्रमणे आणि तिची दुर्दशा 40
4. मराठीचे मारेकरी ! 35
5. मराठीला जिवंत ठेवा ! 60
6. तामसिक इंग्रजीच्या तुलनेत सात्त्विक मराठी भाषा श्रेष्ठ ! 40
7. मराठी भाषेची सात्त्विकता स्पष्ट करणारे ज्ञान आणि सूक्ष्म चित्रे 60

Seekers can plan for distribution of the above books to ‘jidnyasus’ to maximum extent and try to create love and respect towards own language. Also you can buy the books online on

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