More than 17,000 Hindus attend Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha at Malegaon

Establish Hindu Rashtra to avoid declaration of Bharat as ‘Islamic State’ ! – MLA T. Rajasingh, BJP

Dharmabhimani in Malegaon having Hindus in minority came together ! Majority witnessed for the first time such a huge gathering of Hindus ! Valorous speeches of speakers kindled the spirit of Hindutva ! Dharmapremi in Malegaon are ready to establish Hindu Rashtra !

Malegaon (Nashik) : Hindu population is decreasing day by day. Hindu Dharma is in danger; but younger generation is busy on ‘Whats app’. If this continues this way then the oncoming period will be hard to face. Hindus will be in minority and fanatics will gain majority. At that time there will be demand for an Islamic State. To avoid all this, O, Hindu youth establish Hindu Rashtra. If you give 1 hour per day for establishing a Hindu Rashtra as told by Saints then by 2023 Hindu Rashtra is bound to rise. Once the undivided Hindu Rashtra is established no one will dare to trouble Hindus, said, BJP MLA Shri. T. Rajasingh from Bhagyanagar. He was speaking in the Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha held on 7th April.

MLA T. Rajasingh felicitated by Central Defence Minister for State Dr. Subhash Bhamre !

Central Defence Minister Dr. Subhash Bhamre felicitated MLA T. Rajasingh in the Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha in Malegaon. When HJS volunteers went to invite him for the sabha, He said, ‘This is a sabha of Hindutva; hence I will attend the sabha just as a Hindu. (Others should take Dr. Bhamre as an ideal for attending the sabha as a Hindu ! – Editor DSP) (He attended the sabha in Dhule too.)

48 youth from Dharmashikshan class in Bhusaval, Dhule and Srirampur giving protection to Dharmajagruti Sabha !

Looking to increasing attacks on Hindus currently, Hindus need to unite like this.

Considering the sensitivity of Malegaon city, 48 youth from Dharmashikshan class of the samiti were at the venue to protect the sabha. (Ideal of such youth giving time for Dharmashikshan should be taken by youth all over. – Editor)

Congratulations to volunteers of HJS and SS for making the sabha in Malegaon a great success by rendering seva with yearning

Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale

Attendance of 17 thousand Hindus is a sign of increasing peoples’ faith in HJS. Present period is conducive for awakening Hindus. Shri. Sandeep Wagh is the only volunteer of HJS in Malegaon. He took the help from HJS volunteers and SS’s seekers from other places for making the sabha a great success. Therefore such a large number of people were present at the venue. They are worthy of praise. Volunteers and seekers from all over should take this as an ideal.’ – (Paratpar Guru) Dr. Athavale

HJS mission deserves a salute ! – Manmohan Shewale, President of Yuvak Congress Gramin Vibhag, Malegaon

  1. Normally volunteers are eager to take picture with office bearers of other political parties, organisations or chiefs; but samiti’s volunteers have no such interest. Every volunteer does seva honestly.
  2. In political parties all work for showing others; but Samiti’s volunteers render service with great dedication.
  3. It is not an easy task to have so many people when there is no volunteer of HJS in Malegaon. So many people never assembled for the sabha of any local political party. Many villagers had come for the sabha from all over.
  4. In other places everyone tries to teach others; that is the reason people get hurt. Samiti’s volunteers are in learning mode.
  5. By watching Samiti’s work, an atheist like me also commenced offering obeisance to God. This is the effect of your mission.

Samiti’s mission was praised by office bearers of other party and Dharmapremi !

Up till now we have attended many sabhas, we used to listen to speeches and go home. There were very few who would act the next day; but after listening to HJS speakers we got direction for establishing Hindu Rashtra. No one appeared on the stage other than speakers and no one seemed to be running from the entrance to the stage. We could witness very disciplined planning. Each one was alert about his seva. Teach us such planning.

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