Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha held at Vikarabad (Telangana)

Hindus should keep distance from the so-called secular ideology ! – Lalit Kumar, Hindu Janashakti, Andhra Pradesh

Vikarabad (Telangana) : Hindus should remain aloof from the secular ideology, expressed Shri. Lalit Kumar, State President, ‘Hindu Janashakti’ here. He was speaking before the audience gathered to attend the Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha held at Satyabharati auditorium in Vikarabad. Adv. Madhav Reddy, Srilata Reddy Jilhapramukh of ‘Durga’ Channel and Shri. Chetan Janardhan, Coordinator of the States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, HJS.

Shri. Lalit kumar said further, “We are blindly following the Western culture; but States in foreign countries, America in particular, have cultureless foundation. When Hindus try to promote Hindutva in Bharat, the ‘Communist’ and ‘Secular’ oppose them vehemently. These people cry out ‘Democracy in Bharat is in danger’, Bharat is turning towards saffronism’. But from time immemorial, Bharat has remained a land of devout Hindus (Hindutvanishtha). Then what is wrong in propagation of Hindutva in this land ? Currently parents take pride in telling that their wards have friends from other faiths. Hindus should keep away from such secular ideology and realising the greatness of Hindu Dharma, should try to establish a Hindu Rashtra.”

Establishment of Hindu Rashtra should be the goal of Hindus ! – Chetan Janardan

Shri. Chetan Janardan of HJS said, “Presently Hindus have to face many problems. The only answer to solve them is, ‘To establish Hindu Rashtra’. Hindus will establish Hindu Rashtra not only in Bharat nut in the whole universe. People uttering, ‘Vande Mataram’ got killed in Kasganj (Uttar Pradesh). How many Hindus opposed this heinous act ? If Hindus do not develop the emotion of helping one another then tomorrow not a single Hindu would be able to live as a ‘Hindu’. Therefore unity among Hindus is the need of the hour. HJS has brought more than 250 devout Hindus on the same platform of Hindutva. Every Hindu should take it as the goal of his/her life to try on personal basis to establish a Hindu Rashtra.”

Adv. Madhav Reddy gave information to the audience about the attempts of destroying Hindu Dharma systematically. Srilata Reddy said that, Women have a very important role in protecting the Dharma. Every woman must abide by Dharma herself and make her children abide by it. Shri. Nela Tukaram gave the introduction about the Hindu Dharmasabha in the beginning. More than 400 devout Hindus were present on this occasion.

Congratulations to seekers, volunteers and devout Hindus making the Hindu Dharmasabha a grand success despite less in number, by rendering seva with immense yearning !

There are very few seekers and volunteers of HJS in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, yet all of them tried with immense yearning to make the Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha a grand success with the help of devout Hindus. Therefore many people responded to the call given by them. Hence there are no words to congratulate and praise seekers, volunteers and devout Hindus. Seekers, volunteers and devout Hindus from all over should take them as their ideal.’

The sabha was made successful only by 2 volunteers !

Shri. Chetan Janardan and Shri. Nela Tukaram were the only 2 striving for 5 days to make prasar of the sabha in Vikarabad. Despite the prasar was done only by these 2, more than 400 devout Hindu attended the sabha. These 2 had the bhav that it was possible only due to the ‘Grace of the Guru’.

90 devout Hindus attend the meeting after that followed for taking the review of the sabha. Those who attended this review meeting requested to hold Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabhas at another 4 places.

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