Karnataka : Hindus flare-up against celebration of Tipu Jayanti by Congress Govt

‘Hindutvavadis’ flare-up against anti-Hindu Congress Govt. of Karnataka for trying to celebrate cruel king Tipu Sultan’s birth anniversary : Extensive awareness created through RHA in different districts of Karnataka State

Shri. Mohan Gowda (1) addressing participating patriots and devout Hindus during demonstrations staged at Bengaluru

Karnataka : Congress Government of Karnataka has planned to celebrate tyrant king Tipu Sultan’s birth anniversary on 10th November. Demonstrations were staged under aegis of ‘Rashtriya Hindu Andolan (RHA)’ by pro-Hindu organizations at various places such as Bengaluru, Vijaypur, Karrakal, Bhatkal and Kumtha.

Vijaypur : Demonstrations were staged on 1st November and representatives of many organizations participated. Shri. B. Santosh of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) said that despite Tipu Sultan destroying several temples of Hindus and oppressing hundreds of Hindu women; decision taken by the State Government to celebrate Tipu’s birth anniversary, is a kind of treachery against Hindus. Tipu was even against Kannada language and had insulted Kannada language by giving honour of state language to Persian language. He destroyed about 8000 temples and built mosques in their place. Arrest of Shri. Siddhalinga Swami of Sriram Sena at Jevargi, Andol exhibited Congress Government’s extreme Hindu-hatred.

Shri. Neelakanth Kandgalla of Sriram Sena said, “Tipu Sultan didn’t fight for freedom of this country. He was a Hindu-hater and anti-Kannada. Decision of celebrating birth anniversary of such Tipu Sultan only for appeasement of minorities, is improper.”

Shri. Kiran Kale of ‘Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Foundation’, Shri. Anand Kulkarni of Sriram Sena, Shri. Basavraj Patil, Shri. Mallikarjuna Bamareddy of HJS; Shri. Samir Chippalkatti, Shri. Santosh Vishwakarma, Shri. Santosh Benur, Shri. Shriniwas Bhandari, Shri. Basavraj Hiremath of VHP; Shri. Shivu Kambar and Shri. Santosh Ambigare of ‘Dharmasena’ were present on the occasion.

Bengaluru : On 2nd November, similar demonstrations were staged in Vijay nagar area of Bengaluru and attended by Shri. Mohan Gowda, Shri. Navin Gowda of HJS; Shri. Subhash of Sriram Sena; Smt. Shashikala Shetty of ‘Vijay Vivek Pratishthan’; Kum. Bhavya Gowda of ‘Ranaragini’ Division etc were present. Shri. Mohan Gowda explained, in detail, oppression of Hindus by Tipu Sultan.

Karrakal : On 1st November, demonstrations were held near bus-stand. Shri. Vijay Kumar, Coordinator of HJS from Udupi and Shri. Ramesh Pelathur; Shri. Avinash and Ajit Kumar of Sriram Sena participated in demonstrations. Representation was submitted to Tehasildar after demonstrations; for forwarding the same to State Governor.

Bhatkal : Demonstrations were held on 2nd November; followed with submission of representation to assistant Commissioner. Shri. Pandurang Naik, the President of ‘Kannada Sangh’, Shri. Shrikant Naik, Shri. Vyankatesh Moger; BJP’s Shri. Suresh Naik; VHP’s Shri. Sudhir Mahale; Shriram Sena’s Shri. Jayant Naik and other devout Hindus were present on the occasion.

Kumtha : On 2nd November, demonstrations were staged in which Shri. Mahesh Naik, District-President of VHP, Shri. Bhaskar Naik, District-President of ‘Hindu Jagaran Vedika’; Shri. Hemant Gaokar, Taluka-President of BJP, Shri. Arun Nayak, Shri. Raghu Shet, Shri. Narendra Achari, Shri. Prashant Shetty were some of the devout Hindus present on the occasion. These demonstrations were shown live on HJS’ facebook page of North Canara District. Representation was also submitted to Tehasildar after demonstrations.

Increasing opposition by ‘Hindutvavadis’ to Karnataka Government’s decision of celebrating tyrant Tipu Sultan’s birth anniversary !

  • Demonstrations staged at Mangaluru, Puttur and Udupi
  • Representations submitted at 3 places in South Canara District

Congress Government of Karnataka has taken anti-national and anti-Hindu decision of celebrating birth anniversary of tyrant king Tipu Sultan who had killed millions of Hindus. ‘Hindutvavadi’ organizations have taken to streets and exhibiting their fierce sentiments against the same. Demonstrations were recently staged with unity, under aegis of ‘Rashtriya Hindu Andolan (RHA)’ at Bengaluru, Karrakal, Bhatkal and Kumtha, by various pro-Hindu organizations to demand that birth anniversary of tyrant and rapist Tipu should not be celebrated. Later, similar demonstrations were staged at Mangaluru, Puttur and Udupi; besides giving representation to local administration of South Canara District demanding cancellation of such celebrations.

1. Mangaluru 

Office bearers of various pro-Hindu organizations joined the demonstrations held near District Collector’s office. Shri. Vijaykumar of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) said, “We are making demand with the Government through these demonstrations that birth anniversary of anti-national Tipu Sultan, who had destroyed several Hindu temples and raped Hindu women, should not be celebrated.” Shri. Dharmendra of ‘Hindu Mahasabha’ said, “Tipu Sultan was against Hindus and against Kannada language. Decision of celebrating his birth anniversary shows Karnataka Government’s anti-Kannada language stand.” Shri. Veerappa Mudurshadade, District-President of ‘Hindu Yuva Sena’ said that there are restrictions under Islam on celebrating birthdays of any person; however, Karnataka’s Chief Minister (CM) Siddharamayya has decided to celebrate birth anniversary of Tipu Sultan for politics of votes. Such decision taken by the CM is anti-Hindu.”

2. Puttur 

‘Hindutvavadis’ staged demonstrations near ST bus-stand, opposing celebration of birth anniversary of Tipu Sultan. Shri. Janardan Gauda of HJS said that Karnataka Government’s decision to celebrate anti-Hindu Tipu Sultan’s birth anniversary is very sad. Shri. Arunkumar Puttila and Shri. Shrikrushna Upadhyay, leaders of ‘Hindutvavadi’ organizations stated that they would make efforts to dethrone corrupt and anti-Kannada Government; through elections so that Karnataka would be governed by ideal rulers.

3. Udupi

‘Hindutvavadis’ staged demonstrations near BJP’s office, against Karnataka Government’s decision in which Shri. Vijay kumar, District-Coordinator of HJS for Udupi, Shri. Jairam Ambikallu, District-Coordinator of Sriram Sena and his party-activists so also BJP’s office bearers were present. Shri. Vijaykumar said that the only purpose of Karnataka Government to celebrate persecutor Tipu Sultan’s birth anniversary was to appease Muslims and hurt religious sentiments of Hindus. What kind of message is the Government trying to send to future generations by celebrating birth anniversary of rapist oppressor Tipu Sultan ? Shri. Jairam Ambikallu stated, “Karnataka Government has no money to celebrate festival like Dassera; then from where does it get millions of rupees to celebrate birth anniversary of tyrant Tipu Sultan ?” A representation was submitted to the District Collector.

4. South Canara 

Pro-Hindu organizations submitted representations to Tehasildars of Bantawala, Belthangadi and Sulya in South Canara District, demanding that birth anniversary of Tipu Sultan should not be celebrated.

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