Hindus started uniting after giving Dharma education in 21 temples in WB : Bikarna Naskar

While sharing his experiences of uniting Hindus in Bengal through the medium of temples, Mr. Naskar said that,

  1. Hindus remain cool when Hindus in any state are tortured or made to suffer injustice.
  2. Secularism is given priority in school curriculum instead of giving it to Hindutva and sanskars. Intellectual community has turned secularists.
  3. None of the media give publicity to the injustice caused to more than 100 Hindus every day in Bengal.
  4. The management of the temple of Goddess there which has been taken over by the Government will be in the hand of a Muslim officer. So Hindus will have to obey him and his orders. Government has not utilised the donations collected in the Goddess temple in Tarapith in Bengal for giving education on Dharma after it was taken over by the Government.
  5. Chants are put on every morning in 21 temples in Bengal, education on Dharma is also given there every month to Hindus. In these classes Hindus are given information about Ekadashi, festival, Holy festival etc. whichever occurs in that month.

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