‘Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha’ held by HJS at Nyamati (Karnataka)

Protection of history and culture of Hindu Dharma is possible only in righteous Hindu Rashtra ! – Shri. Vijay Revankar, HJS 

From left – Kum. Revati Moger, Sou. Kaveri Raikar and Shri. Vijay Revankar

Nyamati (Karnataka) : Only righteous Hindu Rashtra is capable of protection glorifying history and culture of Hindu Dharma. All Hindus should take active part in the mission of establishment of Hindu Rashtra so as to enable them to lead their life honorably. The above appeal was made by Shri. Vijay Revankar of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) while addressing ‘Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha (sabha)’ held at Sri Mahanteshwar Veerashiva Kalyan Mandir in Nyamati. Sanatan Sanstha’s Sou. Kaveri Raikar and Kum. Revati Moger of ‘Ranaragini’ Division also addressed the ‘sabha’ attended by about 400 devout Hindus.

Sou. Kaveri Raikar of Sanatan Sanstha said, “The society is becoming secular and people are blindly imitating western culture; going away from ‘Dharmacharan’. It is necessary for every person to abide by Dharma and practise spirituality to bring changes in the condition of society.” Kum. Revati Moger of ‘Ranaragini’ Division said that in the present increasingly insecure atmosphere, it was necessary for everyone to get trained in self-defence.


Former MLA M. P. Renukacharyaji was present for the ‘sabha’. Devout Hindus attended the ‘sabha’ despite cricket match between Bharat and Pakistan on that day.


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