Joint drive by Warkari Sampradaya and HJS for protection of Sanatan Dharma

Warkari Sampradaya is an inseparable part of Hindu Dharma. Warkari Sampradaya followed the path of devotion carrying flag of Sanatan Dharma and as per the Saints’ teachings of punishing those with perverted mentality, they fought against heretics, striving for protection of Dharma and maintained people’s faith in Dharma. Owing to lack of ‘Dharmashikshan’, influence of wrong customs and traditions followed under western culture, forgetting our glorious history and unprincipled governments in last few decades, a kind of black covering has collected over people’s religious faiths. Warkari Sampradaya has been continuously working for removal of such black covering. As said by Saint Dnyaneshwar, ‘Vishwa Swadharma Surye Paho’ needs to be brought in reality; for creating society that would have faith in Saints’ teachings and would follow principles prescribed in Dharma i.e. make efforts towards establishment of Hindu Rashtra which is the need of the hour. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) has therefore, along with Warkari Sampradaya, successfully undertaken many drives, for protection of Dharma. Given below is a quick account of such joint drives undertaken by Warkari Sampradaya and HJS for protection of Sanatan Dharma !

Convention held at Paithan for ban on sale of meat-liquor at places of pilgrimage

During the Convention held at Paithan on the occasion of ‘Nath Shashthi’, unanimous demand was made for imposing ban on sale of meat-liquor at places of pilgrimage and conducting immediate inquiry into corrupt temple committees managed by the Government.

Passing of Act banning cow-slaughter

Act banning cow-slaughter was passed and implemented in the State that too was due to intense agitations staged by Warkari Sampradaya and pro-Hindu organizations. After the temple at Pandharpur was taken over by the Government and corrupt practices of temple committee were exposed, Warkari Sampradaya and HJS raised voice against the scam through agitations.

Strong support extended to Sanatan Sanstha during its difficult period

Innocent Sanatan Sanstha was being defamed some time back owing to pressurization tactics used by progressive factions. During such difficult times, Warkari Sampradaya strongly supported Sanatan. Many ‘Maharaj’ from Warkari Sampradaya held press conferences to declare faith in Sanatan Sanstha. The Sampradaya demanded impartial inquiry, firmly advising that it was wrong to question activities of Sanatan and if ban was imposed on Sanatan owing to progressive factions’ intimidation, that would not be tolerated. Agitations were also staged to protest against maligning names of Saints, attacks on Warkaris and bullying by police.

It is a prayer to God and all Saints that let this mission of protection of Dharma be carried on constantly; let there be unification of devout Hindus and let the Sanatan Sun rise with dawn of Hindu Rashtra !

– Shri. Sunil Ghanavat, Maharashtra Coordinator, HJS

Annual Warakari Mega-Convention at Alandi

Warkari Mega-Convention held at Alandi on ‘Kartiki Dwadashi’ to decide action-plan for protection of Dharma and future course of action against attacks on Hindu Dharma ! : Strong opposition was registered against anti-superstitions Act proposed to be brought in by atheist ‘Andha-shraddha Nirmulan Samiti (ANiS)’. It staged movement against passing of anti-superstitions Act that was aimed at attacking religious faiths, under the guise of eradication of superstitions, which even hindered Pandharpur-waari. As a result, many clauses were removed from the existing anti-superstitions Act which were against Hindu Dharma. Similar mega-convention was held also at Pandharpur on the day of Ashadhi Ekadashi.

Activities are going on with the grace of Jog Maharaj ! – Guruvarya Maruti Maharaj Kurhekar

‘Warkari Shikshan Sanstha’ was founded by Swanand Sukhanivasi Satguru Jog Maharaj. Its present Chief Guruvarya Maruti Maharaj Kurhekar expressed feelings that all activities were going on with the grace of Jog Maharaj and the next generation is also carrying on Sanstha’s work.

‘Warkari Shikshan Sanstha’ is committed to creation of refined and virtuous society ! – H.B.P. Nana Maharaj Chandile

It is our aim to create a refined and virtuous society. ‘Warkari Shikshan Sanstha (WSS)’ is committed to this goal. The Government should make available funds for such good work, was expectation voiced by its Secretary H.B.P. Nana Maharaj Chandile while giving information on 4 year-course of WSS.

1. Students taking admission in the first year in WSS are taught Marathi grammar, Sanskrut grammar by Bhandarkar part 1 (complete) and part 2 (11 lessons). Along with the above, students have to learn by heart 3 ‘Owee’ of ‘Dnyaneshwari’, 1 ‘Abhang’ and shlokas from ‘Vishnu-Sahastranaam’ every day. Besides these things, 12th chapter of ‘Dnyaneshwari’ and 150 ‘Owee’ from 9th chapter are also required to be memorized.

2.In the second year of this course, ‘Vedanta’ books, Geeta ‘Anvayaarth’ are studied by students and every day 3 ‘Owee’ and 1 ‘Abhang’ is learnt by heart. Students can take admission for the next year only after passing 4 examinations conducted every year.

3. In the third year, ‘Panchadashi Vedanta’ scripture, ‘Dnyaneshwari -3 ‘Owee’ and one ‘Abhang’ is taught. The portion includes ‘Dnyaneshwari’ till 12th chapter along with the meanings.

4. In the last i.e. 4th year, ‘Dnyaneshwari’, from 13th to 18th chapters, is taught. ‘Keertan’ is also taught in this year.

5. There is semester system with two semesters, from Karitki to Gudhi Padava and ‘Gudhi Padava to Kartiki’. There are different teachers for every subject and semesters.

6. Condition of temples has deteriorated after the Government taking over their management; therefore, temples should be handed over to devotees for management.

Foil attempts of false propaganda against Dharma ! – H.B.P. Prakash Maharaj Javanjal, President, Maharashtra State Warkari Mahamandal

God, nation, Dharma, Saints and Saints’ literature should be nurtured and preserved. Any wrong statements made against them anywhere, will not be tolerated and society should also not tolerate these things. Anti-national forces have to be shown their place. Terrorists are trying to divide this country. They are trying to create terror through their activities. Few foreign as well as Indian forces are trying, like terrorists, to destroy even our culture. If culture is destroyed, this country will become weak. ‘Hindutva’ is the soul of this country. Presently, division is created between education, living style etc so as to keep Hindus away from their culture. In this background, Hindus should get ready to fight for protection of God, nation and Dharma. They need to be awakened for this purpose. The pride in ‘Hindutva’ needs to be kept alive.

Few years ago, Anand Yadav derided Saint Tukaram Maharaj through his novel. Then, Warkari Sampradaya staged extensive movement against the same. Owing to the movement, Yadav could not become the President of ‘all-India Marathi Sahitya Sammelan’ held at Mahabaleshwar. It happened for the first time in history due to united strength of Warkari Sampradaya. Warkari Sampradaya has tradition of revolution. Attempts to spread false propaganda against Dharma and misleading people on Dharma matters should be foiled. There is, in fact, no difference between the country and Dharma. This country is a Hindu nation. There are several Muslim and Christian nations in the world but there is not a single Hindu Rashtra in the world. Hindu Rashtra means ‘Ramarajya’ and for its re-establishment, attitude to serve and selflessness needs to be created amongst people.

Act banning cow-slaughter should be stringently implemented !

Act banning cow-slaughter was passed in this country due to agitations staged by Warkari Sampradaya and pro-Hindu organizations. If there are any shortcomings in this law, it has to be stringently implemented. Not a single cow should be slaughtered. If necessary, the Government should make the law more severe and the Union Government should also impose ban on cow-slaughter throughout the country.

Inquiry should be conducted into corrupt management by Devasthan Committees !

Few temples were managed as if they are private properties and therefore, the Government took them over but cases of corruption by these committees are being exposed. The Government should investigate these cases within specific time limit.

Movement will be staged for ban on sale of meat-liquor at pilgrimage places !

Movement is going to be staged soon to demand for imposition of ban on sale of meat-liquor at places of pilgrimage and in the open spaces. Lawful ways like taking out protest march, hunger-strike etc will be adopted for the same; but we will force the Government to keep away meat-liquor from pilgrimage places.

Other points

1. Holy Scriptures like ‘Dnyaneshwari’, ‘Gatha’ should be read in every house. WSS has been set up for creating ‘Pracharaks’ of Saints’ teachings. Similarly, ‘keertankars’ should also protect God, nation and Dharma.

2. There is no need to talk about politics on platform of spiritual programs; but there is need to speak on spirituality in political programs.

WSS was set up to disseminate philosophy explained in Dharma to all – H.B.P. Dnyaneshwar Mauli Shinde, Teacher, WSS, Alandi

‘Swanand Sukhanivasi’ Satguru Jog Maharaj had worked with Lokmanya Tilak during pre-independence era. He used to feel that Hindu culture should be protected and there should be good governance, along with independence. Out of this yearning, he established WSS and its activities were started for creation of a cultured young generation, imparting spiritual education to students and to disseminate philosophy as explained in Dharma to all so that the nation regained its past glory.

Selfless and free service offered by WSS

No fees are charged for admission in WSS. Teachers do not take any salary but teach selflessly. This tradition has been going on continuously. 4 years course is taught in WSS. Presently, there are 300 students studying in this institution. Our students are our branches. In this manner, WSS has spread everywhere. Dignitaries like Byankatswami, Lakshman Maharaj Igatpuri, Mamasaheb Dandekar etc tried to explain principles of Dharma and spiritual science on the basis of science and propagated Dharma.

WSS following ‘Gurukul’ pattern of imparting education

There is no pre-requisite for taking admission in WSS. The only expectation is student should be able to read and write. Admission is taken generally after passing tenth standard. The day starts with a prayer at 7.00 a.m. Study of Geeta, ‘Dnyaneshwari’, ‘Vicharsagar’ etc, Sanskrut grammar , ‘Owee-Abhang’, ‘Panchadashi’ goes on till 11.00 a.m. Then students go for ‘madhukari (food)’ in surrounding areas and distribute it amongst them. Second session starts at 3.00 p.m. followed with ‘bhajan’, ‘keertan’ at 6.00 p.m. It is the goal of WSS to create a dedicated generation for Dharma and nation. WSS is run on ‘Gurukul’ pattern of education.

‘Dharma comes first’ should be the principle 

Students passing from WSS create awareness amongst people through ‘keertan’, ‘pravachan’ etc. Efforts are made to motivate people to work for protection of cows and Dharma; for making people free of all vices. Message of cleanliness is also given and all activities are carried with the principle of ‘Dharma should come first’.

Experience of power of Dnyaneshwar Mauli and Jog Maharaj being active

One feels presence of God while working. Organizing the function on such large scale, its proper planning, making arrangements for ‘prasad’ for all etc is taking place with the grace of God. WSS is trying to create a good student. Only the power of Maharaj is helping in this difficult task of creating a good human being.

Faith in God influences mind    

Presently, anti-Hindu Dharma factions are taking disadvantage of lack of knowledge in Hindus related to their Dharma and they trying to mislead Hindus. They are propagating that instead of offering milk over ‘Shiva-pindi’, it should be given to orphans. Hindu Dharma, in fact, teaches, helping others but it cannot be compared with faith in offering milk over ‘Shiva-pindi’. Faith influences the mind and that is more important. Recently, it has been found that chanting the name of Lord ‘Vitthal’ has positive effect on heart. If even ‘waari’, ‘bhajan’, ‘keertan’ etc are examined from scientific angle, positive effect would be found with the use of these things.

Serving Dharma, nation and society is like serving God !

Few religions are pro- non-violence; few teach mercy to all; few thrust upon prayers and some give importance to bowing. Hindu Dharma, however, has benevolence. It believes in welfare of all and not only of self. If an action is helpful and beneficial to society, that is considered as good under Hindu Dharma. Principles followed by other religions are one-sided but Hindu Dharma is all encompassing. A prayer like ‘Ata Vishwatmake…’ is found only in Hindu Dharma. Serving Dharma, God and society is like serving God.

Hundreds of Warkari drowned in devotion

The ‘dnyan-yadnya’ organized on the occasion of centenary year of WSS set up by ‘Swanand Sukhnivasi’ Jagatguru Jog Maharaj, has been attended by Warkaris from all over Maharashtra, including interior small places. A huge marquee has been erected at the venue of the program and thousands of Warkaris are listening to ‘Haripath’, ‘keertan’, ‘Pravachan’, ‘Ramakatha’ etc with so much of concentration every day and responding to the call of ‘Bola Pundalik Vara De…’ that one realizes the power of ‘Satvichar (righteous thinking)’, taking people on right path.

Experiencing discipline

More than 15000 Warkaris are attending the centenary program of WSS. Despite attendance in such large number, one experiences discipline at the venue of the program as is observed from following examples.

1. Warkaris used to be seated in their seats whenever announcement about everyone following discipline used to be made, before end of the program or if incident of indiscipline was observed at some place.

2. Instructions given by the organizers were being followed in toto. Volunteers of WSS (WSS students) were posted at various places to see that discipline was maintained.

3. The same discipline was observed even at the place of ‘prasad-distrbution’. Thousands of Warkaris used to have ‘prasad’ in the afternoon but there was no noise or chaos anywhere or no one went without food. Students (volunteers) off WSS were guiding devotees to make proper seating arrangement. Food was served after all devotees took their seats. After serving food, they used to recite shloka and only then food was consumed.

4. One person was controlling all arrangements over loudspeaker. After meals, all ‘patravali (plates made from leaves)’ used to be collected in big bags. Instructions used to be given for keeping cleanliness and maintaining discipline.

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