Two-day regional Hindu Adhiveshan held at Bengaluru in the presence of Saints

Every advocate should give fight till laws are passed in Hindus’ interests ! – Advocate Amrutesh N P, High Court

From left : Shri. Umesh Sharma Guruji, advocate Dorairaju, Satguru Satyawan Kadam, Dr. Chidananda Murty and Adv. Amrutesh N. P.

Bengaluru : Mission undertaken by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) for protection of nation and Dharma is commendable. Programs related to ‘Hindutva’ are opposed at many levels in society. Every temple taken over by the Government fetches millions to the Government in the form of revenue. We can obtain information about its utilization under RTI. We are serving Hindu Dharma in small way through the medium of Hindu Vidhidnya Parishada (HVP). Many anti-Hindu events such as entry of Benny Hinn, Dr. Zakir Naik’s speech at Mangaluru, program like ‘Kiss of the Day’ at Bengaluru etc have been stopped through HVP. Every advocate should give fight till laws are passed in favour of Hindus, was the appeal made by advocate Amrutesh N P while addressing a two-day Hindu Convention on 21st and 22nd January held by HJS at Shri Adi Chunchangiri Samudaya Bhavan; for establishment of Hindu Rashtra and protection of nation and Dharma.

On 21st January, Dr. M. Chidananda Murty, the famous historian, Sanatan Sanstha’s Saint Satguru Satyawan Kadam, Shri. Umesh Sharma Guruji, advocates Dorairaju and Amrutesh N P inaugurated the Convention by lighting lamp; followed with recitation of ‘Veda-mantras’. Office bearers of several pro-Hindu organizations participated in this Convention. Shri. Mohan Gauda, Coordinator of HJS from Bengaluru explained the purpose of holding Hindu Convention. He said that politicians unite at the time of elections, for fulfilling their selfish interests; then why shouldn’t we selfless Hindus unite for protection of Dharma ?

Sanatan’s Saint Satguru Satyawan Kadam read out the message sent by Paratpar Guru Dr. Jayant Athavale, who is the Inspiration behind HJS. While releasing a Sanatan book on the subject of which name to chant (Yaav Naamjapavannu Madabeku) published in Kannanda language, Dr. Chidananda Murty expressed his views.

Hindu Dharma is not related to any caste ! – Dr. M. Chidananda Murty

Even today, I recite ‘Veda-mantras’. Bharat means Hindu Dharma and it is not related to any caste. Hindu Dharma is like an ever flowing stream of holy River Ganga. Many people in this country don’t know what is ‘Veda’ ? There is no discrimination related to castes, sex or occupation in ‘Vedas’; but people, as per their inadequate knowledge, accuse ‘Vedas’. There is no ‘untouchability’ in ‘Vedas’. Even today, you will observe that ‘Mathadhishas’ of many mutts have opposed to ‘untouchability’; but foolish people considering themselves as intellectuals, look down upon Hindu Dharma and spread false propaganda about Hindu Dharma in society; hurting religious sentiments of Hindus. We would realize that Tipu Sultan had severely attacked Hindu Dharma if we study history; but it is unfortunate that birth anniversary of such anti-Hindu person is celebrated.

Every bad act should be given up ! – Advocate Dorairaju

We know that few people do bad deeds for their selfish interests, though such acts are immoral, inferior and illegal. All of us should strive together and give up every bad act.

Every Hindu should be fearlessly able to say, ‘he is a Hindu’ ! –  Shri. Umesh Sharma Guruji

This life is given to us by God. It should be dedicated to protect nation and Dharma as we are born in Bharat. An ordinary person prays to God for getting power and fulfilling selfish interests. Every devout Hindu prays to God for protection of Hindu Dharma. Similarly, it is the duty of every person to work in the interest of nation and Dharma. Everyone should propagate Sanatan Hindu Dharma. Fear should be destroyed and everyone should be able to say he is a Hindu. Our first and foremost goal has to be to establish Bharat as a Hindu Rashtra.

Pro-Hindu organizations are working for welfare of Hindutva i.e our welfare – Sou. Shobha, Editor, ‘Stree Jagruti’

Love jihad has become such a huge problem that if it continues, we will lose about 10,000 Hindu girls. Police took no action even after lodging complaint to them about 5 missing Hindu girls at Mysuru. College-going Hindu girls are mostly falling prey to this ploy. We don’t give right kind of education to our children because of emulating western culture. Truth is hidden by deriding pro-Hindu organizations which expose such truth but we should promote ‘Hindutva’ by realizing that every truth might gulp us down one day.

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