Tumkur, Karnataka : Police forcibly stop preparations of Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha

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Tumkur (Karnataka): Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha was organised here by HJS on 13 February 2010, but Police denied permission for Dharmasabha and HJS members were forced to stop preparation of Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha. Police also warned The Hall Management to face the consequences if they allow HJS to hold ‘Sabha’ in their Hall.

The Incident is given here in the words of one HJS Activist

On February 12, 2010 i.e. the day of ‘Mahashivaratri’, HJS members were busy making arrangements at the venue for the ‘Sabha’ scheduled on February 13, 2010 when a call was received from Tilak Park Police Station to check whether permission for the ‘Sabha’ was obtained and the HJS members were asked to go to the Police Station.  

The HJS members were, however, busy in attending to different work at various places and they could not go to the Police Station immediately. An officer from the Police Station, therefore, went to the venue where the ‘Sabha’ was to be held i.e. at ‘Sri Siddhivinayaka Bhavan’ and asked the members to report to the Police Station immediately. Mr.  Guruprasad, Mr. Mutthuraj, Mr. Mohan Babu, Mrs. Savitha and Mrs. Anasuya of HJS, therefore, went to the police station to meet the in-charge. The conversation that took place between them is given below.    

The Police Officer Mr. Gautam (harshly) [G] : How can you organize the program without taking prior permission?  Who is the officer who has granted necessary permission?

HJS member [M] (calmly): We have informed the Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) and he has agreed.

G : Have you obtained any acknowledgment of letter granting permission? If so, show it to me.

M (politely) : No !  

G: But the DSP has said that he has no knowledge about the program. How can you hold a program without obtaining prior permission? Still if you do not stop the preparations, we will have to arrest all of you as a precautionary measure. If you try to shift the venue, we will come there in the morning and take everyone into custody. (He collected our names, addresses and contact numbers)      

[He also told us, mainly to scare us, about a case registered against HJS spokesperson October 2009 for his using wrong words in a press conference.] I will not grant any permission. If you want, you can meet higher authority.     

All of us then went to meet Mr. Patil, the Superintendent of Police (SP).

Mr. Patil (P) : In case you try to hold the ‘Sabha’ tomorrow, we will take you into custody. Dharma was created by Brahmins. They twist it as they want. Indian Constitution has given everyone freedom to do what they want like one can wear clothes what one likes etc. (He talked against the ‘Dharma’ and he too took down our names, addresses and contact numbers.)    

[In the meanwhile, the hall management asked us to make some room in the hall as they wanted to hold a program on ‘Shivaratri’ between 7.00 p.m. and 11.00 p.m. but we informed that the arrangements were going on for the ‘Sabha’ scheduled on the following day.]

The SP called up the manager of the hall and warned him that he would be responsible for the consequences if he allowed the program.  

The management of the hall immediately stopped us and asked us to remove all banners and hoardings etc. put up in front of the hall. Thus all the efforts and time put in by the HJS members were wasted.

When we tried to meet the Deputy Superintendent of Police who had agreed for the sabha, he gave an appointment at 10:00 AM on Saturday that is next day. When we went to the station at given time the DSP wasn’t there and kept us waiting. Even efforts reaching him on his mobile several times were in vain. His mobile was ringing but he didn’t pick up. Other police at the station made us shuttle between two police stations and just kept on giving different times for appointment. Later, they suggested postponing the sabha to next week. When we went to the sabha venue to inform the attendees about the cancellation of the program Police objected even that. They called up the hall management and ordered them to stop all the activities.

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