Displaced Kashmiri Hindus to start movement called ‘Chalo Kashmir’ from 19 Jan 2017

Rahul_Kaul_320New Delhi : Central Government should take decision in connection with displaced Kashmiri Hindus at the earliest, will be the demand made during a movement to be undertaken on 19th January 2017 for rehabilitation of Kashmiri Hindus. The above information has been given in an article by Shri. Rahul Kaul, national Coordinator of ‘Youth for Panun Kashmir’ an organization fighting for lawful rights of Kashmiri Hindus. This article is being posted nowadays on different social websites. 

Shri. Kaul has stated in this article that ‘Chalo Kashmir’ movement was started from Bengaluru on 1st May 2016. Later, a meeting was held on 15th May at Kalimpong in Bengal. All activists of ‘Panun Kashmir’, ‘Youth for Panun Kashmir’ and Kashmira channel should now come forward and work hard for success of this movement. Kashmiri Hindus should now be committed to the cause of regaining self-respect and honour.

Meetings proposed to be held in the background of ‘Chalo Kashmir’ movement as follows !

In the background of ‘Chalo Kashmri’ movement, 80 public meetings will be held to create awareness amongst people towards problems faced by displaced Kashmiri Hindus. Few of the important venues of the meetings are : 

1. On 24th July – Indur, Telangana

2. On 9th August – Bhubaneswar, Odisha

3. On 14th August – Belgaum, Karnataka)

4. On 21st August – Kanyakumari, Kerala)

5. On 14th September- New Delhi

6. On 2nd October – Goa

7. On 9th October – Mangaluru, Karnataka)

8. On 21st October – Mumbai, Maharashtra)

9. On 23rd October – Pune, Maharashtra)

10. On 27th October – Lakshmanpuri (Lucknow), Uttar Pradesh

11. On 27th December – Jammu

On 19th January 2017, devout Hindus from pro-Hindu organizations from all over India will participate in the movement of ‘Chalo Kashmir’. 

Extensive publicity given to ‘Chalo Kashmir’ movement and support of various pro-Hindu organizations and ‘Ganesh Festival Mandals’ to this movement ! 

1. ‘Hindutvavadis’ from various organizations are going to write 10,000 to 15,000 letters in support of demands made by Kashmiri Hindus.

2. During the period of Ganesh Festival, festival committees will distribute handbills on this subject in Maharashtra and Goa.

3. An awareness drive will be undertaken through social websites. ‘Shankhanaad’ an organization with 12, 00,000 members in its group on website will also extensively propagate for this drive.

4. Maharashtra Bar Council, an organization of advocates will pass a resolution to support ‘Panun Kashmir’. An exhibition on atrocities against Kashmiri Hindus titled ‘Foundation against continuing terrorism (FACT)’ will be held in the premises of different Courts to explain miseries of Kashmiri Hindus. Maharashtra Bar Council will write a letter to the Prime Minister requesting him to find solution to problems of displaced Kashmiri Hindus and signatures will be taken on this letter from 3-5 lakh people.

5. For passing resolutions in support of this movement, awareness will be created amongst 365 Gram-Panchayat all over the country towards the issue.

‘Hindutvavadis’ support ‘Chalo Kashmir’ movement during the fifth all-India Hindu Convenrtion organized by HJS ! 

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) had organized its fifth all-India Hindu Convention at Shri Ramnath Devasthan, Ponda, Goa between 19th and 25th June 2016. More than 250 pro-Hindu organizations, small as well as big, participated in this Convention from India and Sri Lanka, Bangla Desh and Nepal. Shri. Rahul Kaul of ‘Youth for Panun Kashmir’ was also present. He has made a reference to this Convention, Sanatan Sanstha and HJS in his article. Points mentioned in the article are as given below. 

1. Drives undertaken by Sanatan Sanstha and HJS get divine power due to ‘Dharmacharan’ and blessings of Saints !

I was overwhelmed with the control exhibited by the organizers of all-India Hindu Convention; their alertness and systematic planning. I got an opportunity to participate only for 2 days in this Convention; but I learnt lot of things. HJS and Sanatan Sanstha are trying to reach every nook and corner of this country. It could be noticed from the participation in this Convention. Owing to ‘Dharmacharan’ and Saints’ blessings, their various campaigns acquire divine power.  

2. Everyone participating in discussions on Kashmir problem

Kashmir problem was also discussed during this Convention; especially activities of ‘Panun Kashmir’ were appreciated. I realized during this Convention that every alert Hindu is conscious towards and worried about Kashmir problem; therefore, we got inspiration in this Convention to work on Kashmir issue. One whole day was reserved for discussions on Kashmir issue and all organizations participated in discussions. They extended support to ‘Chalo Kshmir’ movement.

– Shri. Rahul Kaul, national Coordinator, Youth for Panun Kashmir 

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