Proofs supporting Devil’s possession of Hitler

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1. "Mother’s War"

Sri Aurobindo called WW II the " Mother’s War", in that the ‘Asuric’ [dark, evil] forces working though the Nazis were trying to block the further progress of the spiritual force on Earth, which the Mother, was the instrument of.

2. Niroddas Twelve Years

The first thing that we perhaps notice, in the evening conversations with the disciples, is the extent to which Sri Aurobindo, though confined to his cave of tapasya, was alert to the happenings in the world. Not only did he follow the significant developments during the Second World War, but also applied his yogic force in definitively reorienting their course. His public announcement recommending the acceptance of Cripps’s Mission in 1942 vis-�-vis the independence of India bears ample testimony of his active interest. It is a pity that it was rejected by the country’s wise men of those days. Apropos (With regard to) of that the Mother said: "Now calamity will befall India.� Sri Aurobindo, however, never ceased to be up-to-date regarding the world affairs. Apropos of these two events Nirodbaran writes: "We shared with Sri Aurobindo his hopes and fears, his anticipations, prognostications and prophecies. He allowed us some glimpses into his action and gave a calm assurance of the victory for the Divine cause." During the early phase of the war, Hitler was marching triumphantly with his panzer divisions destroying Paris. "Having won the Battle of France decisively, reports Nirodbaran, Hitler now turned his attention to winning the Battle of Britain.� He fixed 15 August 1940 as the day on which he would complete his conquest of Western Europe and broadcast from Buckingham Palace. When Sri Aurobindo heard of this he remarked, ‘that is the sign that he is the enemy of our work�’ But 15 August turned out to be a turning point for Britain. On that day, 180 German planes were shot down in British skies� A month later, on the same date, 15 September 1940, Sri Aurobindo said smiling: ‘ England has destroyed 175 German planes, a very big number. Now invasion will be difficult. Hitler lost his chance after the fall of France. He has really missed the bus!’ Another force was set up against him. In the Mother’s War, Sri Aurobindo took full charge of the situation. Behind Hitler’s success, Sri Aurobindo saw the working of a powerful ‘Asura’ in the task of "enslavement of mankind to the tyranny of evil." This would have been a setback for the course of spiritual evolution for which Sri Aurobindo was working.

Not only did he apply his yogic force when such catastrophic events were taking place; he and the Mother also made a monetary contribution to the War fund. In their letter to the Governor of Madras, dated 19 September 1940, they declared: "We feel that, not only is this a battle waged in just self-defence and in defence of the nations threatened with the world-domination of Germany and the Nazi system of life, but that it is a defence of civilisation and its highest attained social, cultural and spiritual values and of the whole future of humanity. To this cause our support and sympathy will be unswerving, whatever may happen; we look forward to the victory of Britain and, as the eventual result, an era of peace and union among the nations and a better and more secure world-order." Who in this land of ours had the idea of the disaster that was waiting for mankind in the victory of the Nazi way of life, of Hitler’s running over nations and countries? None! It seems that we had lost our heads and our souls. If at all there was the charismatic appeal to the gullible, to side with the devil in his doings, the one who had proclaimed himself as the Lord of the Nations. The Asuric power of falsehood, had found in Hitler, his perfect instrument in the gruesome task of annihilation of the world!
Reference: Nirodbaran’s Twelve Years

3. Hitler and His God – Georges Van Vrekhem

All this brings Georges Van Vrekhem to a central theme: Hitler’s possession by the "god" who inspired him, guided him, brought him to power and dropped him, when no longer needed. This leads the author, in the hind part of the book, to the unexpected but well-documented role of the Indian philosopher and Sage Sri Aurobindo in action against Hitler before and during the Second World War. While Hitler wanted to bring humanity back to a state of barbarism, Sri Aurobindo stood for the progress of humanity and a future in which, a new evolutionary being, beyond humanity, might at last create the world, humanity has never ceased to long for. In this view of history, many worlds interact and all facts fit into the big picture.

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