Maharashtra: HJS’ drive of ‘Respect the National Flag’ was successful

Shravan Krushna Dashami/Ekadashi, 5111

Mumbai: On Republic Day and Independence Day, National Flags made of plastic and paper are sold on a large scale. These flags are, later, found strewn all over the streets and gutters causing denigration of the National Flag. As usual, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) undertook a drive even this year, to stop the abuse of our National Flags. The drive was quite successful.

Police raid shops and confiscate plastic flags in Malad

Mumbai – Senior Police Inspector of Malad Police Station raided many shops at Malad (West) as per his promise given to HJS members and confiscated plastic national flags. Members of HJS from Malad conducted a survey in the area and submitted the names of the shops selling plastic flags to the Police Inspector Rathod and Jadhav. The members of HJS who carried such a search were Mr. Prakash Karandikar, Mr. Pandurang Oak and Mr. Ramesh Potdar.

The ‘Bit’ Marshals at the Malad Police Station were asked to take immediate action upon receiving information against the shopkeepers from the members. It was brought to notice that the suppliers of plastic flags to these shops had told the shopkeepers that the production of plastic flags was stopped but that some shopkeepers had kept last year’s stock of plastic flags for sale. Mr. Ashok Patel from the Shiv Sena took the initiative and saw to it that nearly 100 housing societies put up on their notice boards, the notification (in A 4 size) signed by the senior police inspector and also enlightened people on the issue.
Encouraging response from people in Dadar, Worli, Parel and Bhoiwada area

Representations were given to Police Stations at Bhoiwada, Dadar and so also Shivaji Park on behalf of HJS. The copies of the circular issued by the Maharashtra Government in connection with prevention of abuse of our National Flag were signed by Mahadev Gudewadi of Dadar Police Station and Durgesh Bhavar of Shivaji Park Police Station by way of acknowledgement. They also promised to extend their cooperation. On behalf of HJS, copies of signed circulars were displayed at various places in Dadar, Shivaji Park and Worli. Kidwainagar Police Station refused to sign the circular as it contained the word ‘Hindu’ whereas at Bhoiwada Police Station, a signature could not be obtained as the senior police inspector was not available. (The Police oppose campaigns undertaken in the interest of the Nation, since they have no love towards the Nation! – Editor SP)

Mr. Rajesh Kusale, the ‘Shakha’-chief of Shiv Sena from Arthur Road and Mr. Sandesh Pawar, the Taluka-president of NCP displayed a copy of the circular on their Board in the party’s office. HJS had displayed the circular appealing to the citizens for preventing the abuse of the National Flags, at 8 places in the Dadar, Worli and Parel areas. At many places, citizens were requested to collect the flags lying on the streets in collection boxes and there was a good response from the citizens to the appeal. At Kala Chowki, infromation on how to maintain the dignity of our National Flag was given in ‘Manav Rahivasi Sangh’ whereas at ‘Seeta Sadan’, a VCD on the topic was shown to people. The residents made a resolve to stop the denigration of the National Flag.  
Citizens and Police extend cooperation at Vardha

Vardha (Maharashtra): The drive to protect the abuse of the National Flag undertaken by HJS received a very good response from the citizens and the police at Vardha. Plastic Flags lying on the roads were collected by HJS members during this drive. At Shivaji Chowk, as the HJS members were collecting the flags, a person selling flags on a bicycle was stopped by the Traffic police and was asked to hand over his flags. Even at Bajaj Chowk, police stopped a vendor from selling plastic flags. A police officer on duty at Gandhi Chowk told HJS members, "Your campaign is very good and such activities should continuously go on. In fact, it is our duty and so now from the next year onwards, we will take the initiative."

At Ambedkar Chowk, a seller handed over his flags on his own. In some places, college students also cooperated in the drive. They even agreed to attend self-defence classes conducted by HJS. On the previous day when HJS members went to the local police station and met the inspector in this connection, he said, "We haven’t yet received notification from the Government. If we had received such information earlier, we could have done something. Next time, we will hold a meeting in advance and take a decision."

Highlights : At the ‘Bus Stand’ as the HJS member were collecting the flags, some journalists present there asked about details of the drive and took photographs.

Two boys selling Flags were handed over to the police at New Panvel

New Panvel (Maharashtra): Two Hindi speaking boys were found selling paper flags near a petrol pump at 11.30 in the morning. The HJS members informed the nearest police station about the same. Two policemen were sent with the members but the onlookers advised the members not to harass poor boys. (Such citizens, who have no love for their Nation, can not do anything in the interest of the Nation! – Editor SP) HJS members, therefore, explained to them about the Government’s ban on the sale of plastic and paper National Flags and how it causes denigration of the Flag.

Sale of National Flags stopped with the help of children

Sambhajinagar (Maharashtra): A person was selling paper Flags outside ‘Shishuvihar’ School; the HJS members stopped him from selling the Flags with the help of students and parents from the school. Source:  Daily Sanatan Prabhat

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