Lost Coast brewery removes defamatory picture from its Website

Ashadh Shuddha Ekadashi

As per e-mail received from Pravin Bhosale, Lost Coast Brewery has removed picture of Lord Ganesh on its beer bottle from their website.

O Hindus, pay gratitude to God for this success

Online petition by a devout Hindu, Naresh Kadyan against Indica Beer & Lost Coast Brewery for displaying Lord Ganesh on Beer Bottle

Link to petition: thepetitions.com

Lost Coast Brewery, an American Beer Company has produced a brand of beer which displays ‘Lord Ganesha’ on bottle. This is nothing but the blasphemous act of Company. All Hindus should protest against this defamation & Force Lost Coast Brewery to apologise all Hindus and withdraw all bottles of defamatory Bottles of Beer from Market.

Mail sent by Briar Bush to devout Hindu

From: Briar Bush <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 5:57 PM
Subject: Re: Lost Coast Brewery and cafe
To: Pravin Bhosale <>


We understand your situation and are respectful of your culture (Hindu). I assure you that a few years back we made serious changes to the label so as to mitigate this issue. The new art is basically intended to be an elephant and not that of your Hindu god.

We changed the label several years ago. You prodded me to look on our web page and I discovered that our web master when told to put up the new label has put up our old label. I contacted him to make the change but he hasn’t responded to me yet. Thank you for pointing out our error. Now I know why we got so many e-mails. We obviously don’t look too closely to our web site. Again thank you.

Your statement will not fall upon deaf ears my friend.

All The Best,

Briar Bush
GM/Sales Director
Lost Coast Brewery

Mail Sent by devout Hindu – Pravin Bhosale to Lost Coast brewery


My name is Pravin Bhosale and I am Hindu from India and staying in PA.
I saw your product of Indica which has Shri GaneshJi, our God’s drunk picture.
Due to above picture our feelings are really hurt and we are really sad to know if has been done by you.
Why do you need to hurt feelings of other religion? Can you do that for Jesus, if yes please do it and remove Shri Ganeshji picture.
We protest against it and take legal action if you do not remove picture from product. Thanks.


Contact Details:
Lost Coast Brewery & Cafe
617 Fourth St.
Eureka, CA 95501
(707) 445-4480

Lost Coast Brew House
123 West Third St.
Eureka, CA 95501
(707) 445-4484

Lost Coast Brewery Sales
PHONE (707) 445-4484
FAX (707) 445-4487
E-mail : [email protected]
[email protected]

Details of defamation of Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha on beer bottle

Lord Ganesha on beer bottle

A loyal reader of greatandhra.com shared a blasphemous incident with us through mail and we have written and uploaded that news yesterday. And that is about Lord Ganesh’s picture on beer bottles made by one of the US breweries.

Ref: Greatandhra.com

Countless mails have inundated the mail box of greatandhra.com admin with sharing of anguish by hundreds of readers for this blasphemous act of that breweries company. They stated that they have contacted that Lost Coast Brewery with a complaint and also forwarded the response mails from that company. All the forwarded mails have got the same ‘copy-paste’ response from Lost Coast GM/Sales. Here is that:

“Your words, thoughts and beliefs are part of a culture that I personally respect and believe that the owner group of the brewery share with me. Please note that I will act to evaluate this issue and meet directly with the owner group towards mitigating your concerns. You have contacted the correct person for your concerns and they have not fallen upon deaf ears. Best Regards, Harmony and Peace.

Briar Bush
GM/Sales Director
Lost Coast Brewery”

It is good that many are fighting with that company to see the bottles removed from stalls immediately. The follow up on this incident requires continuous force and Hindu community should see that such blasphemy will not repeat again. And also ensure that those beer bottles are not in market with Lord Ganesh or any other divine picture of Hindu religion. Some suggested to make this news reach Shivasena, RSS and VHP as well. And we wish our readers do that as the voice of thousands will be louder than that of one.

Source: HJS Website Visitor

Protest letter by devout Hindus

1)Protest letter by Hemant Khatri

From: Hemant Khatri <>
Date: Jun 29, 2009 8:55 PM
Subject: Condemn
To: [email protected]

Lost Coast Brewery & Cafe
Lost Coast, 617 4th Street,
Eureka, CA 95501


We have come to know that Lost Coast Brewery & Cafe Company has printed lord Ganesha on Beer Bottle. For your kind information Hindu people they worship Lord Ganesha. By this act the religious sentiments of millinions of Hindus wold wide are hurt. How dare you to print our deity on Beer Bottle ?

We condemn your abusing act. We hereby warn you to immediate withdraw Lord Ganesh picture on Beer Bottle. We hope that you are wise enough and do not increase your sins. Awaiting for your early reply and positive action.

A Hindu Devotee

Hemant Khatri
Dhara Irrigation Systems,
Amravati – 444 601
Maharashtra State

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