Anti-Hindu Dr. Yadav resigns from the Chairmanship

Falgun Krushna Saptami


Anti-Hindu Dr Anand Yadav resigns from the Chairmanship of ‘Literary-Conference’ 

Let the Warkaris lead all Hindus to stop denigration of Dharma!

O, Hindus learn from Warkaris how to fight till the end against any insult to religious faith!

Literary Conference would be held as per the schedule!

Meeting to Select the Chairman of the Literary Conference would take place soon!

Pune:  Anti-Hindu Dr. Anand Yadav submitted his resignation to Maharashtra Literary Convention for insulting Sant Tukaram in his novel ‘Santsurya Tukaram’ as per the demand by Warkaris; though it is not yet announced publicly. Dr. Yadav gave this information in a 5 minute’s press conference held by him in Pune. He refused to comment anymore.

No need to have a mediocre writer as Chairman! – Shri. Bapusaheb More-Dehukar, President Sant Tukaram Devasthan 

It is of no use to have a writer writing inferior quality literature as a Chairman. Even after Dr. Yadav’s resignation the Conference would be held. It is like having a President’s Rule to govern the country in times of chaos in the Government. We have forgiven Dr. Yadav long ago; but the one who commits a crime has to be punished even though he apologizes. We are bent upon Dr. Yadav’s resignation.

Get the approval from the Warkaris before publishing any writing on the literature about any Sant! – Haribhaktaparayan Rameshwar Maharaj Shastri, Vice-President Warkari Maharashtra Mahamandal

If the news about the resignation is official then Warkari Sect would welcome it. The said sect has been successful in every campaign organized to stop attack on Dharma. Taking a lesson from Dr.Yadav’s case the one who initiates to write on Sant Literature would have to get it approved by Warkari Sect in advance. Government should appoint an Examining Body exclusively involving Warkaris in it for examining the Sant Literature.

Victory of Warkaris’ unity! – Ramash Shinde, Spokesperson of Hindu Janjagruti Samiti       

This is a victory of Warkari Sect’s united strength. ‘Warkaris’ are the only hope for Hindus; hence they only should lead Hindus to get united for protecting Dharma. Sant Tukaram had said, ‘Demolish hypocrisy for (saving) Dharma.’ What we learn from Warkari’s agitation is that if Hindus unite to fight against every attack on Dharma them the anti-Dharmis could be dealt with easily!

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat


Farce of apology by Dr. Anand Yadav

March 17, 2009

Falgun Krushna Shashthi

Pune: Dr. Anand Yadav rendered an apology on 15th March at Dehu for writing insulting matter about Saint Tukaram Maharaj in the book ‘Santsurya Tukaram’ authored by him. His way of rendering apology was quite dramatic as he rubbed his nose before the shrine of Tukaramj Maharaj. Any devout Hindu will, however, realize the futility in his apology from the following comments he passed.

1. I have come here among the gathering of my warakari friends to seek blessings of Tukaram Maharaj only because of my utmost faith in great saint Tukaram Maharaj (Had Dr. Yadav really had faith in Tukaram Maharaj, he would not have written such derogatory matter about Maharaj – Editor)

2. I would be very happy to seek pardon at the holy feet of Tukaram Maharaj if I have committed any mistake (This shows that Dr. Yadav does not really feel that he has committed wrong, then why this drama of rendering apology? Or is it to secure his presidential post in the literary meet? – Editor)

3. I bow at his (Maharaj’s) feet with humility.

4. Tukaram Maharaj will bless me for carrying out the work taken up by me without any obstacles. 

5. I am sure that even my warakari brethren will lend helping hand (When this warakari brethren had taken objection to the writings of Dr. Yadav, he had very arrogantly said that warakaris did not know how to read the book and should go to him for coaching. Now warakaris have shown their strength against him jeopardizing his presidential post and therefore, Dr. Yadav is now showing regret – Editor)    

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat


Anti-Hindu Dr. Yadav go to Dehu to render apology

Is it for keeping president’s post or for realization of his mistake?

March 16, 2009

Falgun Krushna Panchami

Dehu (Maharashtra): Dr. Anand Yadav, a senior Marathi litterateur, author of a controversial novel titled ‘Santsurya Tukaram’ and 82nd President of Marathi Literary Meet to be held at Mahabaleshwar went to Dehu and paid obeisance at the holy feet of Saint Tukaram seeking pardon. The Warakari Sect is, however, not happy with his rendering apology and they are firm on their demand of Dr. Yadav’s resignation from the President’s post of the Literary Meet. It is learnt that Dr. Yadav was caught in a scuffle in Dehu.

82nd Marathi Literary Meet is starting from 20th March at Mahabaleshwar. Warakaris had threatened to hold ‘keertan Saptah’ in place of literary meet in case Dr. Yadav did not give resignation of the president ship. In this background, Dr. Yadav went to Dehu and rendered apology. He was in Dehu for about 1-1/2 hours when he called on Santveer Bandatatya Karadkar and rendered apology in writing. But the trustees conveyed their displeasure and demanded that just apology would not do and Dr. Yadav must resign from the post of president. Dr. Yadav left Dehu without passing any comment on the demand of his resignation.

Dr. Yadav’s stance is not clear – Sadanand More, a scholar of ‘Sant’ literature

The apology earlier rendered by Dr. Yadav after his controversial writings, was not satisfactory. He was not very clear on the issue. In fact, he kept on passing ambiguous statements from the beginning and has hurt religious sentiments of Warakaris.

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat


Warakaris to plan for removal of Dr. Anand Yadav, President, Library convention

March 8, 2009

Falgun Shuddha Dwadashi

Mumbai: 82nd All India Marathi Literary Convention will be held at Mahabaleshwar from 20th March this year. There is no change in the appointment of anti-Hindu Dr. Anand Yadav as the president of the convention even though he had insulted Saint Tukaram Maharaj. An important meeting to oppose the appointment will be held at Dehu by Fadakari – Warakari on 12th March which happens to be the birth anniversary of Saint Tukaram Maharaj. The meeting is specially called to plan the strategy on how to teach a lesson to the president.

Warakari Sect from Maharashtra is very unhappy with the writing of Dr. Anand Yadav casting aspersions on the character of Saint Tukaram Maharaj. Warakaris have, therefore, planned to start agitation. Warakaris have already warned that the convention will be foiled if Yadav is not removed from the post of president. Many eminent leaders like Santveer HBP. Bandatatya Karadkar, HBP. Shri. Rameshwar Maharaj Shastri, HBP. Javanjal Maharaj, HBP. Ghule Maharaj, HBP. Sandipan Maharaj etc. representing fadakari-warakaris will be attending the meeting.

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat


 Shivsena burns Dr. Anand Yadav’s anti-dharma book ‘Santsurya Tukaram’

February 10, 2009

Magh Krrushna Pratipada

Pune: ‘Santsurya Tukaram’ the anti-Dharma book written by the President of Bharatiya Sahitya Sammelan, Shri. Anand Yadav, was burnt by the proud Shivsainiks for ridiculing Supreme Saint Tukaram in that book and demanded that the Government should ban the said book immediately. (Congratulations to Shivsainiks for their immediate action against ridiculing Supreme Sant Tukaram Maharaj! – Editor)

The activists also shouted slogans protesting against Anand Yadav that time. This agitation took place on Furguson Road, Sant Tukaram Maharaj ‘Paduka’ (wooden sandals) Chowk. Shri. Nana Wadekar, City President of Shivsena said while giving information regarding the incident, “In the book ‘Santsurya’ written by Anand Yadav Supreme Sant Tukaram has been ridiculed at a very mean level by giving objectionable information. We shall never tolerate this. Painful emotions prompted the sudden agitation by us along with Shivasainiks. The book ‘Santsurya’ should be banned by the government immediately. Deputy Mayor of Pune Municipal Corporation, Shri. Chandrakant Mokate, Shri. Shyam Deshpande President of the standing Committee, Shri. Prashant Baghe and many heads of the branches and Municipality Nagarsevaks were present at this time along with Shri. Nana Wadekar

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat


 Arrest Dr. Yadav or else wakaris would revolt again!

February 7, 2009

Mumbai: When Supreme Being Saint Tukaram Maharaj’s 400th anniversary is being celebrated all over the one whose conduct is not pure passing ridiculous remarks against Saint Tukaram Maharaj has hurt the feelings of all Warkaris. The one ascertaining the greatness of Saints should also be as great as them. If people like Dr. Yadav try to do this then they would be given a slap.

This is an unpardonable mistake. The said writer is going to preside over ‘Akil Bharatiya Marathi Sammelan’ to be held at Mahabaleshwar and it should be cancelled or else Warkaris would teach Dr. Yadav a good lesson by entering the Gathering. Government should immediately arrest the writer by taking cognizance of the offence and register a complaint against him, or else Warkari Sect would again march towards revolution. Then Government should not blame the Sect for their unexpected behaviour. Hence it should take immediate action against the writer, said Vice President of Warkari Mahamandal, H.B.P. Rameshwar Shastri Maharaj. 

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat 


 Saint Tukaram mischievous and playful, says  Dr. Anand Yadav!

6 February 2009

Pune: Dr. Anand Yadav, the president of the Literary Conference has written abusive matter related to Saint Tukaram in his novel, ‘Santsurya Tukaram’ describing him as roaming, mischievous and playful. (Shame on Dr. Anand Yadav for dishonouring Saint Tukaram Maharaj who is addressed as Supreme Being (Jagadguru)! – Editor)

While giving his views regarding this to ‘Dainik Samana’ he said, “There is no objectionable matter in the novel written by me. Warkari Mandal has simply exaggerated the matter and run to the news papers for publicity. (What is need for warkaris to seek for such publicity? Dr. Yadav should be more cautious while accusing somebody! – Editor) Silly people should discern the novel first. Let them contact me, I shall explain to them haw to comprehend the novel.” (What is the sense in that when, ‘One writes whatever comes to the mind and calls the society silly!’ Dr. Yadav should remember one thing that he has published the novel in the society; hence it should be sociable. If the society does not understand it and if it hurts their religious feelings then such views are bound to be expressed by it.! – Editor) It is mentioned on the website of ‘Maharashtra Times’ that Dr. Yadav has said that he wrote all that out of ignorance. (It is unfortunate for Maharashtra to have such writers making serious mistakes under the name of ignorance. – Editor)    

Rediculous speech by the newly elected (Navnirvachit) president of Literary Conference

The following objectionable sentences in the novel referred to have said by Saint Tukaram  

‘I was accompanying the singers engaged in singing religious songs (‘Bhajan-Kirtan’) in temple in my childhood, just for fun. When I got married, I became more responsible and left such habits. I was careless in my behaviour. I liked to listen to irrelevant alk of drunkards. I used to get fun in instigating them to fight—I used to go to the gambling places to look at the gamblers while playing. I enjoyed the company of the young men. I was interested in listening to their stories about their affair. Whoever was having an affair wit a woman I used to listen to him about the same—I should stop all this nonsense, though they are my childhood friends I should leave their company—they are like the pigs enjoying to be in filth. My heritage is different.

Strong reactions from Warkari Mahamandal!   

‘Akil Bharatiya Warkari Mahamandal’ (All India Warari Organisation) has protested against Dr. Yadav. ‘Dr. Yadav should resign from the president’s seat of the Literary Conference’ is the demand made by the Warkari Mahamandal. (We Congratulate Warkari Mahamandal for protesting against Dr. Yadav who has ridiculed Saint Tukaram in who is revered with great honour. Every Marathi speaking person should support the ‘Akil Bharatiya’ Warkari Mahamandal’! – Editor)

Sambhaji Maharaj More-Dehukar, Provincial President of ‘Akil Bharatiya Warkari Mahamandal’ and Ex-Trustee of  Dehu Devasthan has handed over copies of the representation demanding the said resiganation to the Chief Minister, Shri. Ashok Chavan and Minister, Shri. Harshvardhan Patil, looking after Cultural Activies.

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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