Hillary and Obama depicted as Radha-Krishna by TOI

Falgun Shuddha Ashtami

indiatimes.com is defaming Lord Krishna and his devotee Radha. This serious denigration must not be tolerated and Hindus must protest against this. Can Indiatimes.com dare to publish cartoons of Prophet or Jesus Christ? – Editor.

Contact Details for Protest :

Phone No. : 91- 124 – 418 7000

Head Office : Indiatimes, Times Internet Ltd.,
                         I World Tower, DLF City Phase V
                         (Opp DLF Golf Course)
                         Gurgaon, Haryana – 122002

Those who have indiatimes ID protest on the following Link



Denigrating picture of Radha-Krishna


Hillary and Obama depicted as Radha-Krushna

Hillary and Obama depicted as Radha-Krushna

The race for the Presidentship of U.S. has hotted up ! There is a neck-and-neck race going on between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. To depict this the TOI has published a picture on its site Indiatimes.com under the News section showing them in the form of Radha-Krishna where Obama is dressed as Lord Krishna holding the flute in his hand and Hillary Clinton dressed up as Radha is posing with him in one of the forms of Radha-Krishna which is are very commonly worshipped by the Hindus. (This is a serious denigration of Hindu Deities and will not be tolerated by the Hindus ! Only because inert Hindus do not take any firm action such kind of denigration continues ! Its time that inert Hindus wake up and take some active stand against it ! – Editor) 

Source: indiatimes.com


Denigration of Lord Krishna and Radha Through Paintings


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