Stop the Gang Rapes in Bangladesh: GHRD

GHRD Press Release

On Monday 10 December 2007, GHRD will celebrate the Human Rights Day with a demonstration to the Tweede Kamer/Plein. The initiative starts at 12h in the Vredespaleis and will continue via Zeestraat-Noordeinde-Lange Vijverberg-Korte Vijverberg and finally Plein.

At the Tweede Kamer, GHRD representatives will meet with the Human Rights Commission of the Dutch Parliament at 13.00. GHRD’s Annual Report on human rights in Bangladesh will be handed in together with GHRD’s petition to Stop the Gang Rapes in Bangladesh, and a book with a collection of poems and drawings made by school children from the Hague about human rights.

About 20 people will walk the streets of the Hague tied up with ropes and with their mouth covered with a gag. This is a silent protest against human rights violations and a way for GHRD to express its support for the victims of gang rapes in Bangladesh.

Next to the chained and gagged participants there will be some GHRD’s volunteers informing passers-by about human rights and explaining the initiative.

The objective of this demonstration is to mark in a symbolic way the Human Rights Day. It intends to call people’s attention to the violations of human rights taking place throughout the world, particularly the situation of women in Bangladesh. The initiative also aims at requesting politicians to have a more active role in fighting these violations.



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