“Dharma-satsang is the foundation of establishment of Hindu Rashtra” – H.H. Dr. Athavale

Ashwin Krushnapaksha Panchami, Kaliyug Varsha 5116

|| Jayatu Jayatu Hindu Rashtram ||

The Honorable Chiefs,
Pro-Hindu Organizations

Sir/ Mahodaya,

Imparting ‘Dharma-shiksha’ to Hindus is an important step in the mission of establishment of Hindu Rashtra. Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) have been imparting ‘Dharma-shiksha’ for many years now. HJS’ Source of inspiration, ‘Paratpar Guru’, H.H. Dr. Jayant Athavale has written a message for all of you, conveying His thoughts; with the aim of accelerating this mission and getting it accomplished through use of all languages and medium of TV channels.

You can write to us on email-id – [email protected] informing about the way in which you can contribute to, participate in this mission.

Yours Sincerely,
Shri. Rupesh Redkar,
Sanatan Ashram,
Ramnathi, Ponda, Goa.

“Devout Hindus! Spiritual practice is the foundation of establishment of Hindu Rashtra; so let us work together for making available VCDs on ‘Dharma-satsangs’ in all languages !

H.H. Dr. Jayant Athavale, Source of Inspiration for HJS

1. Importance of Dharma-shiksha : Philosophies advocated in Hindu Dharma; knowledge on how to behave, what kind of clothes to be worn, right hair-style, good food habits, morals etc. is ‘Dharma-shiksha’. When such knowledge is acquired, one as an individual or as society, starts abiding by Dharma. As they abide by Dharma, they learn importance and significance of (Hindu) Dharma over other religions and they become devout / ‘Dharmabhimani’. Devout individuals and society are alert towards happenings tending to damage Dharma. As such, only they can effectively work for protection and propagation of Dharma.

2. Lack of ‘Dharma-shiksha’ is one of the reasons of decline of Hindus ! : Today, Hindus have no knowledge of matters related to Dharma; which leads to causing harm to Hindu Dharma; besides, aggression of western culture is also increasing. Muslims get strength due to their loyalty towards their religion. Hindus, however, lack such loyalty, and so they lack spiritual strength. One of the main reasons of decline of Hindus is that they do not get ‘Dharma-shiksha’ anywhere; neither at home; nor in temples. The so-called modern intellectuals are creating confusion on issues related to Dharma, amongst these Hindus who lack knowledge of Dharma and are destroying whatever little faith Hindus have in their Dharma.


 3. Efforts of Sanatan Sanstha and HJS : Muslims are taught matters related to Dharma in madarasas and Christians get such knowledge in churches; but in this secular country, Hindus do not get ‘Dharma-shiksha’ anywhere. Sanatan Sanstha and HJS organize ‘Dharma-satsangs’ at different places so as to impart ‘Dharma-shiksha’. Hindus attending ‘Dharma-satsangs’ learn about the importance of Hindu Dharma. They get spiritual benefits as they start spiritual practice as advised in ‘Dharma-satsangs’ and they get connected to collective activities related to Dharma. Thousands of Sanatan seekers have got connected with Sanatan in this manner.

In this background, it is very essential to start ‘Dharma-satsangs’; but it will take lot of time to start such ‘Dharma-satsangs’ in different parts; therefore, Sanatan Sanstha and HJS have prepared two series of ‘Dharma-satsangs’, in Hindi, comprising 367 parts, titled ‘Ishwar-prapti ke liye Sadhana (spiritual practice for God realization)’ and ‘Dharmik Krutyonka shastra (Science underlying religious rituals)’. These parts were telecasted on 3 satellite TV channels – Shri Shankara, Sudarshan and Magic throughout the year. Now, this series of ‘Dharma-satsangs’ has been made available for local cable TV channels all over India. In Hindi -speaking States, several local cable TV channels have shown this Dharma-satsang series and is still being shown.  

4. Let us work together for making these ‘Dharma-satsang’ VCDs in all languages ! :  The ‘Dharma-satsang’ series, although is telecast in other non-Hindi speaking States, it becomes easier for local people  to understand it in their own regional languages rather than in Hindi. Many local cable TV channels have demanded ‘Dharma-satsang’ series in regional languages. If we can fulfill their demand by working together, devout Hindus can soon get associated with our ‘Dharma-karya’.

In this background, there is need for persons who can translate matter of Dharma-satsangs in different languages and who can speak in those languages. With their help, these ‘Dharma-satsangs’ can be recorded in regional languages in Video-recording Cell of Sanatan Sanstha at Goa.   

Later, loyalty will be generated amongst Hindus due to these ‘Dharma-satsangs’ which will help them to acquire strength and blessings of God; for getting victory in the fight of establishment of Hindu Rashtra. In short, ‘Dharma-satsang’ is the foundation of establishment of Hindu Rashtra.

– (H.H.) Dr. Jayant Athavale (HJS’ source of Inspiration) (4.10.2014)

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