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Do we maintain respect for our festivals by celebrating them in such a way ?

Hindus, remember, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, the only one to take the appropriate role regarding your festivals !

Mumbai : Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) welcomes the verdict given the Mumbai High Court for safeguarding children participating in Dahi handi. This will definitely control the present trend of faulty practices like organising competitions for entertainment playing with lives of participants sidelining the original concept of this religious festival.

In addition to this there is a new trend of forming ladies groups participating in Dahi handi competition wearing short and tight clothes. This has no scientific base and history available. Among the onlookers during ladies’ Dahi handi few have respect for ladies others come to enjoy the sight. Do we maintain respect for our festivals by celebrating them in this way ? In a way it s necessary to control such malpractices destroying holiness and respect of the festival, demanded HJS through publishing a pamphlet.  

1. Dahi handi is Hindu’s religious festival. Such malpractices started when this festival was looked upon as merely a game and the festival got stained. Finally the court had to intervene.

2. Some ‘Govinda mandals’ are instrumental in taking the festival to business level, whereby incidents like drinking alcohol, ridiculing girls while driving by, are on the rise.

3. Dahi handi has not remained limited to vulgar dancing but it has been defamed by peoples’ representative like Jitendra Awhad by inviting an actress Sunny Leone Who acts in obscene films.

4. In such a situation, now it is time for Hindus to prescribe acharsamhita (Compilation of a text on Āchār – Conduct conforming to Shruti and Smruti, general conduct. (Also, custom, tradition)). All expect that any festival should be meant to share happiness and enthusiasm in the society.

5. The festival is being denigrated by giving in to politicians who are selfish and hungry for publicity by trying to win the prizes comprising lakhs of rupees at the cost of their life, involving minors in the act, organising competitions based on height of Dahi handi, participation of  ladies groups etc. 

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat 

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