Miracle : Kedarnath temple was saved from disaster !

Jyeshtha Pournima, Kaliyug Varsha 5115

In the deluge, all area surrounding Kedarnath Temple has been destroyed; but surprisingly, Kedarnath Temple has been saved. When one news channel tried to investigate the matter; it was found that huge stones came floating with water and got positioned at a distance of few feet on the backside of temple. They prevented flood water from entering the temple and it started flowing from both the sides of the temple. It was found that no damage has been caused to the temple. 

Heaps of dead bodies lying in the area of Kedarnath Temple

Many dead bodies are lying in the area of Kedarnath temple; spreading stink in the area as last rites could not be performed on many dead bodies even after 5 days. The condition is becoming serious day by day. The above information was given by Agriculture Minister Harak Singh Ravat of Uttarakhand. Ravat had gone to Kedarnath for performing ‘puja’. He also said that other than ‘Nandi’, nothing is remaining in the temple premises.

Rationalization behind deluge at Kedarnath from the perspective of ‘Dharma-shastra’ !

Pujya Shri. Rajendra Shinde

‘In June 2013, Kedarnath was hit with deluge which resulted in huge loss of human life. The heretics, who have no knowledge of ‘Dharma-shastra’, will misconstrue this happening and make false propaganda that ‘So many people died in disaster that struck a place of pilgrimage; but God could not save them.’

As per Dharma-shastra, when a person commits mistake, nature of punishment given to such person is related to the place where it is committed. Committing mistake/ sin (doing unrighteous thing) at a place of pilgrimage / ‘Deva-sthan’ is considered as a very grave sin compared to a sin committed at some other place. Such persons are severely punished by God. In Kali-Yuga, people are treating places of pilgrimage like Kedarnath as tourists’ places destroying their sacredness and ‘Sattvikata’. Priests at such ‘Deva-sthans’ are also looting devotees in the name of having ‘darshan’ of God. All these people are punished by God for their sins by creating deluge.’

– Pujya Rajendra Shinde, Sanatan Sanstha's Saint

Uttarakhand flood issue : Nobody is left who is worth taking ‘darshan’ of Deity !

Intellectuals who are always against Hindu Deities, should remember that a temple when gets washed away in floods, it means that Deities are leaving that place as there is no able person left who is worth of having Deity’s ‘darshan’ !

It was shown in one news item on TV that a small temple was washed away in the floods of River Ganga and the news reporter was saying that the nature has not spared even God. This reporter probably does not know (or may be he knows but has conveniently forgotten) that it is God’s wrath through the medium of nature. Everything happens as per God’s wish. An idol of Deity made by a human getting washed away in water does not mean that the existence of God is destroyed; but it should be remembered that the Deity is immersing self in water. As nobody is left who is worth taking ‘darshan’ of Deity, the Deity has no wish to remain there and vanishes from there. Immorality and promiscuity is leading to disgrace of Deities and all are facing its consequences. Deities are most subtle principles. These principles are consecrated in idols so that it becomes easy for us to worship them; but in this ‘Kali-Yuga’, people don’t care about such things. Gods are used for commercial purpose in selfish interests. People are behaving as if they want to sell God. The deeds of people have stooped to such low level that even an animal will feel ashamed.

(In such period of crisis, people having faith in God, start praying to Him and God comes to their rescue; but with such comments made by media-persons, people’s faith in God reduces. If people cannot be asked to worship God; then it should at least, be seen that people’s faith is not diminished due to media. – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

Source : Daily Sanatan Prabhat

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