Appeal to Hindus to be active for the nation and Dharma in 10th Bharatiya Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshan !

From left, Vishno Patel, Prabal Pratap Singh Judev, Jagadguru Ramrajeshwar Mauli Sarkarji Maharaj, S. Bhaskaran, Ankit Salgaonkar

It will not take long for us to see Hindu Rashtra if one performs Dharmakarya with devotion to nation, language, culture and Hindu Dharma! – Jagadguru Ramrajeshwar Mauli Sarkarji Maharaj, Rukmini Vallabh Peeth, Kaundanyapur, Amravati, Maharashtra

Jagadguru Ramrajeshwar Mauli Sarkarji Maharaj, Rukmini Vallabh Peeth, Kaundanyapur, Amravati, Maharashtra

Ramnathi, June 18 (Corr.) – No matter what crisis befalls Hindus, do not abandon Dharma. Hindus should make a resolve that ‘I will not abandon Hindu Dharma even if any ideology of other religions’. It will not take long for us to see Hindu Rashtra if Hindus do Dharmakarya by remaining loyal to the nation, language, culture and religion. If Hindus nurture the nation and culture (not merely theoretically), then there is no need to wear saffron clothes, said Jagadguru Ramrajeshwar Mauli Sarkarji Maharaj, Rukmini Vallabh Peeth, Kaundanyapur, Amravati, Maharashtra.

Sadguru Dr. Charudatta Pingale, the national guide of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, Shri. Nitin Chowgule,  the founder of ‘Shri Shiv Pratishthan Yuva Hindusthan’, Shri. Vishno Patel, President of Dharmasena Association at Korba (Chhattisgarh), Shri. Ankit Salgaonkar President of Gomantak Hindu Pratishthan in Goa and Shri. S. Bhaskaran were present on the occasion.

Jagadguru Ramrajeshwar Mauli Sarkarji Maharaj further said,

1. Though English language has invaded India, Hindus should speak in Hindi.
2. We have to accept that ‘India is not a golden bird, it is a golden eagle (divine bird)’.
3. We should not feel shy while propagating Hindu Dharma. In today’s society, children with higher education feel ashamed of their poorly educated parents. This situation needs to change.
4. The plight of Hindu society in the country has deteriorated. Our ideology and culture are being encroached upon. As religion changes, so do thoughts. Therefore, Hindus should stop this. For this, such Adhiveshans and conferences are organized.
5. To fight against anti-Hindu issues, HH Ramanandacharya Maharaj has been born.
6. If all the Saints in India unite, we can do anything.
7. India has a large number of Hindus, so why is India not called ‘Hindu Rashtra’? Now there is a need for Hindu Rashtra and it will continue to be there
8. Citizens of America, Africa, Japan are proud of their country, Hindus should be proud of Hindu Rashtra.
9. It is unfortunate that even though Hindus are the majority in the country, they have to fight for their rights. Hindus should make efforts to change this situation.

Just as the sea is the confluence of all the rivers, this Adhiveshan is a confluence of all Hindu organizations ! – Jagadguru Ramrajeshwar Mauli Sarkarji Maharaj

The 10th Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshan has been organized on the land of Gomantak. Thoughts on Hindu ideology are being discussed here. Just as many rivers eventually meet the sea, so too Hindu organizations and sects from all over the country have come together in one place.

We should leave casteism and organizational differences aside and come forward as Hindus! – Nitin Chowgule, Founder, Shri Shiv Pratishthan Yuva Hindusthan

Nitin Chowgule, Founder, Shri Shiv Pratishthan Yuva Hindusthan

Efforts should be made to prevent ‘Land Jihad’, ‘Love Jihad’, cow slaughter, and conversions. While working for Dharma in the society, we are also restricted from entering certain areas by filing lawsuits; On the other hand, cow-slaughterers, rapists, and converts are the ‘peace envoys’ of other sects. The country is falling apart due to such ‘peace envoys’. Secularism, communist ideology are dangerous. It is said that Muslim women in the country are insecure. Anti-religious activities have started from Bollywood. Lies are being spread that “Islam is in danger”, “Muslims are being persecuted”. They are trying to mislead the society by launching campaigns in the country on ‘puraskar vapsi’, ‘killing of Dalits’ and ‘killings of Muslims’. In the Koregaon-Bhima riot case, the founder of ‘Shri Shiv Pratishthan Hindusthan’, H.H. Bhide (Guruji) and devout Hindu Milind Ekbote were deliberately implicated. A riot was hatched. Therefore, Hindus should unite and act against anti-Dharmik incidents. Anti-Hindu activities are being curbed now as Hindu organizations are uniting. We should find good people’s representatives in political parties and involve them in Dharmakarya. Due to the increase in the power of Hindus, Congress leaders like Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi have started going to temples. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is visiting Ayodhya and Kashi. We should leave casteism and organizational differences aside and come forward as ‘Hindus’.

Soon we will make every village in Chhattisgarh a ‘Hindu village’! – Vishno Patel, Chairman, Dharmasena, Korba, Chhattisgarh

Vishno Patel, Chairman, Dharmasena, Korba, Chhattisgarh

If we want to make India a Hindu Rashtra, then we have to work for Dharma with this in mind. Forget day and night for Dharmakarya. Hindu Rashtra will be created only if Hindutva is mentioned wherever we go. There are 97% Hindus in Chhattisgarh, but Hindus are influenced by Christians.

In the last three and a half years, a large number of churches have been built in Chhattisgarh In. Conversion is taking place through orphanages, hospitals etc. If they are converting using service as a means, then can’t we also propagate Hindu Dharma through social service? In the house where there is a problem, we also started reciting ‘Hanuman Chalisa’. Converted Hindus were brought back to Hindu Dharma. Hindu societies come together only during festivals. With this in mind, we contacted 1 thousand 425 Ganeshotsav Mandals. We informed all these circles about Hindu Rashtra. Weekly ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ recitation was started in these circles. We are not alone. Many are doing Dharmakarya. They all need to be connected. The time for an ideological revolution has come. Soon we will make every village in Chhattisgarh a ‘Hindu village’!

Bring back 10 thousand people who have renounced Hindu Dharma to Hindu Dharma!

So far we have written 11,000 letters to the PMO to declare this nation as Hindu Rashtra. We will also write another 11 Lakh letters! Over the next one year, we aim to bring back 10,000 people who have left Hindu Dharma’ Shri. Vishno Patel said.

We will continue to do Dharmakarya till India becomes Hindu Rashtra!

We were also working for Hindu Dharma; But Hindu Janajagruti Samiti gave direction to our work. This Dharmakarya has arisen out of the efforts taken by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti. If Hindu Janajagruti Samiti can do this, why can’t we? We will continue to work till India becomes a Hindu Rashtra.

Hindu unity can stop many anti-Hindu activities including conversion! – Ankit Salgaonkar, Chairman, Gomantak Hindu Pratishthan, Goa

Ankit Salgaonkar, Chairman, Gomantak Hindu Pratishthan, Goa

We have opposed conversion in many parts of Goa and helped many converts to embrace Hinduism. We have lodged complaints with the police against conversion. Teachers and headmasters of some schools in Goa were also found to have converted. We noticed that Hindus were forced to convert. Initially, there was no law against conversion; However, the Chief Minister of Goa has to ban conversions as Hindus have unitedly opposed conversions. I have all the documents related to the conversion cases that have taken place so far. I have handed over those documents to the Chief Minister, I have demanded that action be taken against those who are responsible for conversions. If Goa government tries to stop conversion, it will have the support of all Hindus including me. Hindus should also cooperate to prevent conversion. Preventing conversion is not my victory alone, but the victory of the entire Hindu community. Hindu unity can prevent many anti-Hindu activities including conversion. Only by doing so can Hindu Rashtra be established.

Hindus, reclaim the land of your temples using RTI! – S. Bhaskaran, Chairman, Vishwa Sanatan Parishad, Bengaluru, Karnataka

S. Bhaskaran, Chairman, Vishwa Sanatan Parishad, Bengaluru, Karnataka

‘Jihad’ means war, struggle! This word has come from Muslim scriptures, it is not a word of any Hindu or Christian religion. ‘Jihad’ is a struggle waged by Islam and for Islam. This type of land jihad is not new. The Babri structure was built by demolishing the Ram Temple 500 years ago. Whether it is the demolition of the temple of Shri Krishna in Mathura and the Eidgah Masjid in its place, the demolition of the Shivalinga at the Kashi Vishwanath temple in Varanasi and the construction of the Gyanvapi mosque there or the demolition of the Anjaneya temple at Srirangapatna in Mandya district of Karnataka. These are all forms of ‘land jihad’.

Shri. Bhaskaran further said that,

1. Hindus should resist land jihad using RTI Act, 2005. Land of Hindu temples should be reclaimed. Information is power.
2. Eidgah Maidan was constructed in the year 1891 at Chamarajpet, Bangalore. Later, in the year 1964, the court ordered the demolition of this shrine. Alternative places were also given to Muslims. However, the order was not complied with. As a result, we also obtained the relevant land documents from the Bangalore Municipal Corporation using the Right to Information Act. We showed it to the government officials and demanded that “we should be able to celebrate 75th Independence Day at Eidgah Maidan”. Due to the efforts of Hindutva devotees, we were allowed to celebrate Independence Day there.
3. In Bengaluru itself, fanatics had gained illegal control over Hindu cremation grounds. 5,800 bodies of Hindus buried there were exhumed and plans were made to set up a madrasa there. We strongly opposed it. Due to that, the conspiracy of fanatics failed. Today, a building of Bangalore Municipal Corporation has been erected there.

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