Hindus fostering the belief ‘All Religions Are Equal’ are betraying themselves!

H.H. Gurudev Dr. Kate Swamiji

H.H. Gurudev Dr. Kate Swamiji

The psyche of Hindus that ‘All Religions Are Equal’ is a centuries old misbelief. The reason for this being ignorance in the minds of Hindus about the principles and history of the Sanatan Hindu Dharma. A Hindu, brought up in the Sanatan Hindu tradition, cannot even imagine in his dreams that ‘In order to attain heaven any religion can advise the ritual of serial killing’.

For thousands of years, these religious persons (Islam, Christians) have carried out demonic killings of Hindus in a manner that can be described as ‘Neither in the Past nor in the Future’. (Means an event that has neither occurred in the past nor will occur in the future). In spite of this, the Hindu mind (psyche) asserts ‘there must be some mistake somewhere. Would religions like Christianity, Islam that have been advocated by Prophets advise committing of sins?’ The founders of those religions must have themselves not understood them properly, else how will religion advise killing? In such a disillusioned state of mind, he started painting a completely different picture of those religions (Islam and Christian) to himself and to those who believed in him. His concepts about such religion are different, rather, totally opposite from what those following and practicing it perceive it as. This picture, which was painted by the Hindu mind, must be wiped off. This picture was dangerous and self-deceiving, but he satisfied himself with it and refused to accept anything against his perception or the actually occurring events. He totally neglected it. Hence, he had no desire left to seek the truth about those religious concepts and thus, our noble Hindu souls prescribe that ‘there should be no objection to those Christians and Muslims desirous of reciting the Vishnusahastranaam or the Bhagavadgeeta whilst following their own religion!’

– His Holiness Gurudev Dr. Kateswamiji (Article from 'Ghanagarjit' April 2005)

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