Justice needs to be given to Hindus through ‘Goa Files’ ! – Ramesh Shinde, HJS

‘Goa Files’ released for the public by ‘Hindu Raksha Maha Aghadi’!

Mr Ramesh Shinde

Panaji, 3rd May – After the press conference held to give information about today’s scheduled program of ‘Hindu Raksha Maha Aghadi’, there was opposition to the program in some quarters. In a country where Hindus are in majority, the Supreme Court’s order can be disobeyed and noise pollution is created through loudspeakers in mosques, but a procession cannot be taken out for Prabhu Shriramachandra. Is it the duty of only’ Hindus to maintain communal harmony? The making of ‘Goa Files’ is underway, on the persecution of Goans during the Goa inquisition.  The ‘Kashmir Files’ exposed the oppression of Kashmiri Hindus. The justice done to Kashmiri Hindus should be available even to Hindus from Goa. There are several hundred years old temples near Goa in Karwar, Gokarna, etc, but it is not so in Goa since the Portuguese destroyed temples in Goa, stated Mr Ramesh Shinde, the national spokesperson of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS).   ‘Goa Files, the files giving information on inordinate persecution and genocide of the ancestors of Hindus and Christians were released for the public on behalf of ‘Hindu Raksha Maha Aghadi’ on the 3rd of May 2022 in a program held on the occasion of Bhagavan Sri Parashuram Jayanti at Gomantak Maratha Samaj Hall, Panaji, in the evening. Mr Ramesh Shinde was the Chief Guest of the program. A drive to create awareness has also been declared to be undertaken during this program from 3rd to 22nd of May 2022 i.e., for 20 days.

Prof Subhash Velingkar, the convener of ‘Hindu Raksha Maha Aghadi’ was opposed by a few Christian leaders for his statement that ‘Francis Xavier cannot become a ‘Saheb’ of Goa. Complaints were lodged against Prof Subhash Velingkar at 2 police stations in Goa. Despite such opposition, Prof Velingkar, the convener of ‘Hindu Raksha Maha Aghadi’ was determined to hold the program on the 3rd of May 2022.

Later, representatives of all pro-Hindu organisations and devout Hindu activists in Goa had declared support for ‘Hindu Raksha Maha Aghadi’ and Prof Subhash Velingkar, by holding a press conference and through a video on social media. Mr Ramesh Shinde was the main speaker of the program. Prof Subhash Velingkar, Dr. Suraj Kanekar, ‘Hindu Raksha Maha Aghadi’s joint-convener Mr Sandip Palani, its State Coordinator and ‘Sukanu Samiti’s member Porf. Pravin Nesavankar, Mr Nitin Phaldesai, Sanatan Sanstha’s Mrs Shubha Sawant, and Mr Govind Chodankar of HJS shared the dais with him.

The program started with the lighting of a lamp by Mr Ramesh Shinde, the national spokesperson of HJS, and other dignitaries. The program was concluded with Prof. Pravin Nesavankar, the State convener of ‘Hindu Raksha Maha Aghadi (HRMA)’ and a member of ‘Sukanu Samiti’ presenting various resolutions which were passed unanimously. Dr Suraj Kanekar gave information on the forthcoming programs. The introductory speech was by Prof Subhash Velingkar; the program was compeered by Mr Nitin Phaldesai; the participating dignitaries were introduced by Mr Govind Chodankar, and thanksgiving was done by Sanatan Sanstha’s Mrs Shubha Sawant.

It is a subject close to Hindus’ hearts! – Prof Subhash Velingkar

Prof Subhash Velingkar

The subject of releasing ‘Goa Files’ by HRMA is being discussed at the international level. It has become a subject close to Hindus’ hearts. Complaints were lodged with the Police against me opposing this ‘HRMA’s program; still, it could be held with God’s grace. The people, who are opposing, don’t talk about ‘Goa Files’. Moreover, it is demanded that I should be taken into custody under the National Security Act. We are not against Christians and Hindus never resort to riots. Goanese Christians and our DNA are the same. Francis Xavier can be a Saint for Christians and we have no objection to it, but how can we call a person, our ‘Sayab’ when he had inordinately persecuted our ancestors through ‘Inquisition’ and worked for the protection of the Portuguese? Patriotism is the most important factor. Few people oppose the unity of Christians and Hindus in Goa. They have been called by Dr T B. Cunha, ‘the Father of Goan Nationalism’, as ‘the Denationalisation of Goans’. These days, there seems to be a competition among a few people in Goa to prove that the Portuguese were so nice people.

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