Welcome to Akhadas with grand processions; Kumbh Mela area bustling with devotees !

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Prayagaraj (UP) : Most of the 13 Akhadas have arrived accompanied by the grand processions in the city of Kumbha Mela. Similarly, the devotees have also presented themselves in a large number. Decoration of residential quarters of Saints, Sages, and heads of Akhadas in most of the locations has been completed, and Kumbh Mela will begin with the first Holy bath being held on Makar Sankranti. The administration has ensured strict security arrangements for the event, and traffic structure has been suitably modified.

Worship of Shaastra (Scriptures) and also Shastra (Arms) !

Since last 3 days, various Akhadas are arriving accompanied by grand processions.

Elephants, horses, various musical instruments, and chariots of the heads of Akhadas decorated with garlands of various flowers participated in these processions. The processions of Dash Nam Akhada and Nirmal Akhada were the main attractions of the event.

Welcome to Akhadas with grand processions; Kumbh Mela area bustling with devotees !

Scriptures placed in the palanquins were worshipped, and the devotees were sort of worshipping traditional arms by displaying their practice. According to the traditional practice, these processions were accorded traditional welcome by the Government. The Police officers offered garlands to Saints, and two police vehicles along with a police squad formed by 9 mounted policemen welcomed the Saints and processions with due respects by accompanying them for some distance.

Kumbh Mela environment is full of enthusiasm !

While Kumbh Mela is set to begin, the event is accompanied by the start of religious rites and rituals such as, Hom-Havan (Fire-sacrifice performed to appease Deities), worship and Kirtans (Devotional songs), religious discourses etc. The bed of river Ganga has turned more sattvik and full of Chaitanya due to this religious Kumbh Mela .

Due to unification of Saints coming from the nook and corner of the country, this place is displaying the show of strength of unity in Hindus. On this occasion, crores of devotees are performing seva (Service unto Absolute Truth) of Saints, sagun (Materialised) forms of God, with the sense of devotion. The devotees are busy in performing sevas such as cooking Holy sacrament, cleaning temporarily erected Ashram-like structures, preparations connected with Hom-havan etc.; as a result, the entire Kumbh Mela city is appearing like a vast Ashram.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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