Lodge complains against those insulting Hinduism and be ready for a legal fight ! – Prashanth Sambargi

Special online program held on ‘Is insulting Hindu Dharma ‘Freedom of Expression’ of Munawar Faruqui ?’

‘We must raise objection whenever Hindu Dharma is insulted or made fun of through any program or performance. Until and unless the common public is made aware of this insult of Hindu Dharma and until alert Hindus raise their voice against it, such insult of Hindu Dharma will continue in the name of ‘Freedom of Expression’. Hindus should come forward, lodge complaints and give a legal fight against such insulting programs, its organisers and performers,’ said Prashanth Sambargi, prominent film producer and businessman of Karnataka. Sambargi was talking in the online program held by Hindu Janjagruti Samiti on the topic – ‘Is insulting Hindu Dharma ‘Freedom of Expression’ of Munawar Faruqui ?’

‘The constitutional right to ‘Freedom of Expression’ is different for Hindus than that of Muslims in this country. The radical Muslims believe that ‘Islam is the only religion in the world’. If anyone speaks anything about Islam or Prophet Muhammad, they are brutally murdered, their houses and shops are set fire. On the other hand, huge funds are pumped into ‘Bollywood’ for insulting Hindu Dharma through movies. And they continue picturising Hindus and Hinduism in wrong ways. Hence it is necessary to be aware about this conspiracy and oppose it strongly.’

Mani Mittal, Senior Advocate, The Supreme Court of India, said, ‘Munawar Faruqui is a part of that chain which has started from Maqbool Fida Hussain. Faruqui is a stigma in the name of an ‘artist’. Through the stand-up comedy platform, they are openly making fun of Hindu Dharma, insulting our Gods and Goddesses. All this is wrong and needs to be stopped. We should be alert and protest against this. It is a sensitive subject and we should fight against it to win. Its very pitiable to say, but the stance of the Supreme Court about insult of Hindu Dharma is not clear cut and strong.’

Advocate of Delhi High Court, Yudhvir Singh Chouhan said, ‘The religion which we believe in, is made fun of. Hindu Deities are insulted and Hindus silently bear it. They are testing the patience of Hindus ! It is necessary to lodge complaints at several places against those who are insulting Hindu Dharma. Only then, can we teach a lesson to those who repeatedly insult Hindu Dharma. There are many laws for the protection of minorities in this country, but no laws to protect the majority Hindus of this Nation?’

Shri. Mohan Gowda, spokesperson of Hindu Janjagruti Samiti said, ‘Whenever Hindu Dharma was insulted, Hindus opposed it through legal means. Munawar Faruqui, Kunal Kamra have repeatedly insulted Hindu Dharma through various programs till now. Is insulting Hindu Deities an art ? If anyone insults Islam, what would have been the state of this Nation ? It is necessary to take strong action against those who insult Hindu Dharma and so, we are demanding for a law against ‘Blasphemy’ in the country.’

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