HJS creates awareness about ‘Halal certification’ in Solapur, Dharashiv, Latur, Beed districts through ‘Sampark Abhiyan’!

Spontaneous response from businessmen and traders besides other eminent personalities

Earning profits through ‘Halal’ certified products; using that profit for increasing their production through Islamic Bank; extending financial aid to manufacturers of ‘Halal’ products through Islamic Bank, and trying to gain control over the world market through Halal certification is a huge international conspiracy. Mr Manoj Khadye, the Coordinator of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) for Gujarat, west Maharashtra, and the Konkan region created awareness towards the above issues under its ‘Sampark Abhiyan’ in Solapur, Dharashiv, Latur, and Beed districts. Many businessmen, traders pro-Hindu activists, and devout Hindus from all strata of the society joined this drive. They also showed readiness in taking an active part in the drive against ‘Halal’ certification. Given below are its details.


1. Advocate Gajanan Chougule, and 2. Advocate Ajit Kulkarni, 3. Mr Manoj Khadye and 4. Mr Rajan Bunage  

1. In a meeting of advocates held at Dharashiv, advocate (and keertankar) Gajanan Chougule and advocate Ajit Kulkarni promised to send a memorandum opposing ‘Halal’ economy to the Central Home Minister, Prime Minister, and Commerce Minister. While ‘Keertankar’ Gajanan Chougule promised to create awareness towards this issue through his ‘Keertans’.

2. Meeting was held with Mahant Mavajinath Maharaj and Mr Nagnath Bhanji at Tuljapur (Dist. Dharashiv). Mr Nagnath Bhanji said that he would go to every trader and plan to send back all ‘Halal’ certified products. He wouldn’t keep them on sale in the future. Thus, Mr Nagnath Bhanji has already started taking action as promised.

HJS’s efforts to create awareness towards Halal certification are commendable! – MLA Sujitsingh Thakur

1.MLA Sujitsingh Thakur receiving Sanatan calendar from 2. Mr Manoj Khadye, 3. Mr Rajan Bunage, 4. Mr Vikram Ghodke

Paranda (Dist Dharashiv) : BJP’s MLA and general secretary Sujitsingh Thakur met HJS activists for an hour despite his busy schedule. He was given a Sanatan calendar for 2022 on the occasion. He promised to send letters to the Prime Minister’s Office and Home Minister about the ‘Halal’ certification issue.

Mr Sujitsingh Thakur said that HJS’ decision of creating awareness about Halal certification was right and he would extend support to this drive.

When explained about the drive undertaken for distribution of books published by Sanatan Sanstha, he recommended the purchase of books for 25 libraries worth Rs.12,595/- writing a letter on his letterhead and sending it to the District Collector.

Awareness created by a businessman against the purchase of ‘Halal’ products!

Mr Ganesh Kadam, a businessman from Dharashiv showed the products with ‘Halal’ certification to people and appealed to them not to buy such products.


1. There was a meeting with advocates Purushottam Navandar, Ishwar Navandar, and Pavan Navandar from Latur. Adv Purushottam Navandar said that he would collect signatures of all advocates from his Bar and send a letter against ‘Halal’ certification to the Central Home Minister and the Supreme Court judges. Advocate Ishwar Navandar said that he was happy to meet HJS activists and he would join their activities in the future.

2. A meeting was held at the residence of advocate Sachin Ranakhamb from Bhamari (Dist Latur) with traders and businessmen. Mr. Milind Kulkarni, a mechanical engineer said after the meeting that he would organise such meetings even at his village for similar guidance.

3. A meeting was held at the restaurant owned by Mr Ajay Dhumal of Sukhsagar Hotel. After listening to the information given in the meeting, he realised its seriousness and prepared a group of all attendees on ‘What’s App’ and decided to be in touch with them for taking action.

4. Mr Anand Agarwal, a hotelier from Latur promised to work for quashing this Halal economy.


Traders and businessmen attending the meeting at Barshi

1. H.B.P. Sudhakar Ingale Maharaj, the President of ‘Akhil Bhavik Warakari Mandal’ from Solapur explained the issue of ‘Halal’ certification to the other participants. He had gone to buy a biscuit packet but as he noticed the ‘Halal’ stamp on it, he avoided buying it.

2. Mr. Shivaraj Padshetty from Solapur had organised the meeting in the office of Mr Narendra Dara, a businessman. Mr Dara purchased 28 Sanatan books. Mr Dara also performs ‘Agnihotra’ every day. During the meeting, at the scheduled time, he performed ‘Agnihotra’ in his office due to the meeting; offering oblations in the fire through Mr Manoj Khadye and Mr Rajan Bunage.

3. Mr Sai Kshirsagar from Solapur had organised the meeting at the cloth shop of Mr Ravi Valle. Mr Valle purchased nine Sanatan’s books. He said that on the occasion of Diwali, some gift is given to customers on behalf of the shop; so, in the future, he would give Sanatan’s books as a gift. A meeting was also held with grocers and they were told about the issue of ‘Halal’ certification, in detail.

4. In the meeting held at Barshi (Dist Solapur) with traders and businessmen, Mr Lakshman Ramgude was impressed with the explanation given on the issue and donated some funds for this drive. He also promised to help HJS in its activities and explain it to even others.

5. Shiv Sena’s municipal councilor from Solapur Mr Devendra Kothe said that he would tell the other municipal councilors who are in his contact not to buy products with ‘Halal’ certification and boycott such products.

6. Advocate Santosh Nhavkar from Solapur said that he would collect signatures from other advocates from the Bar and send the letter to the offices of the Central Home Ministry and Prime Minister for squashing the anti-national ‘Halal’ economy.

7. In a meeting held at Pandharpur (Dist Solapur), all traders promised that they would not buy any product with a ‘Halal’ stamp, in the future; nor would they sell such products. They said that they would not buy anything with the ‘Halal’ logo when they go to malls and will call the toll-free number printed on the products and register their protest with such companies.


1. After the meeting held at Parali (Dist Beed), the traders were impressed and decided to meet once a month to discuss common issues. Four Sanatan books were purchased by some of the participants.

2. Advocate Shrikant Dahiphale from Ambajogai (Dist Beed) promised to do his best to stop ‘Halal jihad’ after learning of the issue. Some of the participants purchased 7 Sanatan books on the occasion.

3. Mr. Manoj Khadye met advocate Jayant Rakh and advocate Ravindra Deshmukh in Beed. Advocate Rakh promised to get signatures of 250 advocates from the Bar Association at Beed and send that memorandum to the Central Home Minister and Prime Minister. He also promised to send the memorandum on behalf of traders.

The President of Traders’ Association returned the products with ‘Halal’ certification to the supplier!

Traders and businessmen attending the meeting at Gevarai (Dist. Beed)

The meeting held at Gevarai (Dist Beed) was attended by 33 people including devout Hindu activists, traders’ associations, activists from the Jain community and businessmen, etc. The participants were shown the stamp of ‘Halal’ certification on one product. It was then observed that Mr Surendra Rukar, the President of Traders’ Association had a similar product for sale. Mr Ruker immediately packed the product in a bag and sent it back to the dealer as the product had a ‘Halal’ stamp.


1. Mr. Surendra Rukar left his shop with others to manage as he attended the meeting. He normally has dinner at 7.00 p.m. but he gave priority to the meeting instead of having dinner at his usual time.

2. Mr. Keshav Pandit had closed down his shop early for attending the meeting. After the meeting, he requested his whats-app group of all traders to find out how many of them had ‘Halal’ products. All his group members accordingly, checked their stock and posted details on the group, and decided to return the products to their suppliers.

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