Late Binil Somasundaram’s continuous fight against attacks on Nation and Dharma!

Brief background of a staunch devout Hindu activist, late Binil Somasundaram

Binil Somasundaram (A photo from the collection of Rashtriya Hindu Adhiveshan)

Mr Binil Somasundaram, the President of ‘Annapurna Foundation’, Ernakulam (Kerala), and a devout Hindu activist passed away on 23.10.2021. Late Binil Somasundaram came in contact with the activists of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) 4 years ago. He had an immense yearning and a fighting spirit to work for the protection of ‘Hindutva’. He used to be always ready to do anything for the protection of ‘Hindutva’. He was fearlessly working for the protection of ‘Hindutva’ in Kerala; despite a communist government and opposition from other sects. Late Binil suffered from diabetes and had undergone heart transplant surgery a few years back. In such a situation too, he used to work to the best of his ability, with total dedication for Hindu unification and participated in every drive related to the protection of Dharma. Given below is a summary of activities carried on by such a staunch Hindu activist to oppose attacks on the nation and Dharma.

Paratpar Guru Dr Athavale praises Binil Somasundaram

Paratpar Guru Dr Athavale

Binil Somasundaram met ‘Paratpar Guru’ Dr. Athavale during a Hindu Convention. He said, “Binil is always smiling. The activities carried out by him for the protection of ‘Hindutva’ are very good. He is good not only at fieldwork (at action level) but he is even a good orator. He also writes well. He is an example of a good activist.”

1. Active participation by late Binil Somasundaram in all-India Hindu Rashtra Convention held at Goa

The activities of late Binil Somasundaram will always inspire all those who are working for the protection of ‘Hindutva’. He had participated in the all-India Hindu Rashtra Convention held at Goa in 2019. After participating in this Convention, he had said, earlier, he used to think that only a few devout Hindu activists like him were working in Kerala for Hindu Rashtra despite facing opposition, but after coming to Goa for the Convention, he realised there were so many devout Hindu activists and their organisations with him. When he got a chance to narrate his experiences about the campaign of Sabarimala temple in that convention, he finished the preparations in a few hours. He explained everything in Hindi and his presentation was full of ‘Kshatra-Tej’.

2. Demolishing a church in front of the Shiva temple where Adi Shankaracharya’s father used to perform ‘puja’

Adi Shankaracharya’s birthplace is Kalady in Kerala. A church was illegally built in front of the Shiva temple for the shooting of a film, where Adi Shankaracharya’s father used to perform ‘puja’. After the shooting, the church was not demolished. There are many such churches built all over Kerala which have been kept permanently. Late Binil led the fight to legally remove this church; with the help of a few devout Hindu activists, but the government administration didn’t take any action; therefore, he and his co-activists demolished the unauthorised church. Later, he had to face a lot of harassment from his opponents.

3. Fight for Sabarimala Temple

In 2018, Binil led a huge campaign for the protection of traditions observed in Sabarimala Temple along with his co-activists. Despite his physical problems, he staged agitations on the hill where Sabarimala Temple is located. He didn’t give up his fight despite the Police opposition, for the protection of Dharma. Even later, whenever the temple used to be opened, he used to go there for the protection of traditions. Millions of Ayyappa devotees joined this fight from all over the world owing to Binil’s organisation taking initiative in the matter.

4. Activities related to the removal of fanatics’ names involved in Moplah riots, from the list of freedom fighters and for preventing abuse of the national flags

A.One municipal councilor had published a distorted picture of our national flag in her post on social media. Late Binil registered the online FIR on the same due to which the municipal councilor withdrew her objectionable post from social media.

B. In 2019, the Indian Government’s Cultural Ministry had posted some matters on its website under ‘Dictionary of Martyrs of India’s freedom struggle’. It included the names of killers of Hindus during the Mopla riots in the list of freedom fighters in Kerala. On learning about the issue, Binil sent an email to the concerned Ministry lodging a complaint resulting in the Cultural Ministry removing the objectionable part from its website.

5. Participation of late Binil Somasundaram in HJS activities

Late Binil Somasundaram always used to feel grateful for being able to participate in the all-India Hindu Rashtra Convention. He used to say that he was pulled out of depression because of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS). He had good knowledge of history, Hindutva, and spirituality, etc. He had also participated in the online discussions program organised by HJS under ‘Charcha Hindu Rashtra ki….’. He had participated in discussions on topics such as love jihad, discrimination in Hindu-Muslims by secularists in Corona vaccination, Mopla riots in Kerala, etc. He was also a regular reader of Sanatan Prabhat’s Hindi fortnightly. He had a love for the ‘Rashtra-Bhasha’.

6. Late Binil Somasundaram performed spiritual practice and worked for ‘Hindutva’ overcoming his various physical and spiritual distresses

Late Binil used to go regularly to Gurumata’s ashram at Trichy in Tamil Nadu. He used to perform spiritual practice very sincerely as per guidance given by Mataji. He never took liberty in his ‘sadhana’ despite his physical distress. He was once told about remedies in the form of chants on his spiritual distress when he showed a lot of curiosity to know more about this subject. He did ‘vastu-shuddhi’ at his home with ‘gou-mutra’ and he felt a lot of good change in his house. He, therefore, developed faith in spiritual practice and remedial chants. He never gave up his ‘sadhana’ and his ‘Hindutva’ activities.

Late Binil Somasundaram had dedicated his life for ‘Hindutva’. His life is inspiring for all devout Hindu activists. We pray to ShriGuru for his soul to get ‘sadgati’.

-HJS activists, Kerala

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