HJS strongly condemns the State Energy Minister Nitin Raut for demeaning Swa. Savarkar !

Value of patriots is not decided by the value of postal stamps ! – Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) condemns the State Energy Minister Nitin Raut of Congress, the party which has constantly demeaned Swatantryaveer (Swa.) Savarkar. The then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had published a postal stamp on the occasion of memorial day of Swa. Savarkar; but a minister from the same party is commenting on Swa. Savarkar and insulting his own leader. If the minister wants to say that Indira Gandhi had kept the cost of a postal stamp with a picture of a monkey more than the cost of a postal stamp with the picture of Swa. Savarkar, it explains the importance given under Congress culture to the persons who can jump like monkeys than to the patriots. HJS has advised the honorable Minister to keep in mind that the value of a patriot is not decided by the value of a postal stamp.

If the value of a patriot was to be decided on the value of a postal stamp, the value of the postal stamp with Gandhiji’s photo was 1-1/2 anna at that time i.e. 9 paise while the value of the postal stamps with pictures of Motilal Nehru, Jawaharlal Nehru, and Kasturba Gandhi is 20 paise; so, the value of the postal stamp with Swa. Savarkar’s picture is still more than the then Congress leaders. Does the Energy Minister realise that by comparing a postal stamp of Savarkar with a monkey, he has compared even the postal stamps with pictures of Gandhi- Nehru with a monkey? If the Congress leaders are unable to do much for the country, they should at least have the civility to pay due respect to our great revolutionaries who fought for the freedom of this country. Swa. Savarkar firmly fought against the British rule and faced imprisonment at Andaman, but here, the Minister has no guts to even be firm about the matter posted by him on Facebook; therefore, he immediately deleted the post, making a quick exit. Who is then a coward, is a question asked by HJS.

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