HJS organises an online discussions program on the occasion of the ‘Telugu Bhasha Din’

Personality development in children can happen by educating them through their mother tongue! – Ranjit Vadiyala, a historian

Bhagyanagar (Andhra Pradesh) : Most people feel that knowledge of English is essential due to globalisation. In 80 countries of the world, the medium of education is their mother tongue. As per the ‘KOF Globalisation Index’ (2018), in the 50 countries listed on top in this chart, 48 countries use their mother tongues for routine transactions. The Government should pay attention to the fact that education imparted through mother tongue would help in personality development. It will bring good results even in their academic life. Even if teachers teaching in the English medium are good, it wouldn’t help if students don’t understand English, stated historian Mr Ranjit Vadiyala. He participated in the online discussions program held by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) on the topic of ‘Preservation of culture through the medium of language’. The program was organised by HJS on the occasion of ‘Telugu Bhasha-din Mahotsav’. The other participants in the program were Mr B K S R Iyengar, a social worker; Mr Lakkaval Venkat Gangadhar Shastri, the founder of ‘Bhagavatgeeta Foundation’, and Mr Chetan Gadi, the HJS State-coordinator for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Mr Iyengar gave information about the history of the Telugu language and its splendor.

Telugu is a dying language! – Lakkaval Venkata Gangadhar Shastri, the founder of ‘Bhagavatgeeta Foundation’

Telugu is a dying language. We have failed in protecting the Telugu language. We use 2-3 English words when we say one sentence in Telugu. This is our condition.

Protection of the mother tongue is possible only in Hindu Rashtra! – Chetan Gadi, State Coordinator- HJS for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana  

Our love and respect towards our mother tongue help in increasing our love and respect towards our nation. Today, people lack love and respect for their language, therefore, they have no love and respect even towards their own country. Our native languages don’t get support from the governments because we are a secular country. Owing to the excessive use of the English language, we are slaves of the British even today. Western culture is followed more in India due to the use of the English language. Protection of mother tongues is possible only in Hindu Rashtra; therefore, it is necessary to declare India as a Hindu Rashtra.

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