Report of ‘Respect National Flag’ campaign of HJS from UP, Maharashtra

Memorandum submitted to City Magistrate at Mathura (Uttar Pradesh) !

How will the governments of all parties in this country be able to protect the nation from terrorism, naxalism, infiltration, outside invasions etc, if they cannot even stop the abuse of the national flag in the 74 years of independence? Think about it !

Mathura (Uttar Pradesh) : The plastic national flags bought on the occasion of 15th August are found lying on the sides of roads, in schools and the trash within some time after hoisting. This hurts the sentiments of patriotic citizens of this country. The government administrations should take appropriate action against the vendors of such flags, is the demand made by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) through a memorandum submitted to the City Magistrate. HJS activists viz. Mr Arvind Gupta, Dr. Bhupesh Sharma, Mr Jeevan Sharma, Mrs Seema Sharma and Kshama Guta etc were present on the occasion.

Prevent abuse of National Flags by filing cases against people who are selling T-shirts with a picture of the national flag which is against the Flag Code!

Memorandum submitted by HJS appealing Ghatkopar police!

Names of 13 shops selling such T-shirts abusing national flags handed over to police !

Mumbai : Many shopkeepers and roadside vendors have kept T-shirts in tri-colour and T-shirts with the picture of national flags for sale. Wearing these T-shirts will lead to a kind of insult because they will have a stink of the sweat of wearers, they will be kept at an inappropriate place while washing etc which would be a breach of the Flag Code. Legal action should be taken by the police against the sellers of such T-shirts for violating the guidelines given under the Flag Code; cases should be filed against them and such T-shirts should be confiscated, are some of the demands made by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) through a memorandum submitted by its activist, Mr Ravindra Nalawade, to the Ghatkopar police station.

Names of 13 shops which are selling such T-shirts were also handed over along with the memorandum. It has been stated in the memorandum that the revolutionaries had faced lathi-charge to prevent the falling of the national flag on the ground and even sacrificed their life on some occasions. Isn’t the abuse of the national flag even after independence, making a mockery of their sacrifices? It is the duty of every Indian to maintain the honour and dignity of the national flag. Stringent legal action should be taken against the vendors who are selling plastic national flags and T-shirts with a picture of the national flag and persons, institutions and groups responsible for the abuse of the national flag as it is a breach of the Government’s orders.

Sale of T-shirts with a picture of the national flag stopped by shopkeepers after HJS’ created awareness in them!

Total indifference of the Govt. administration and police towards abuse of national flags !

Congratulations to Mr Balwant Pathak of HJS for his efforts to prevent the abuse of national flags !

Mumbai : Under Clause 2 and 5 of ‘the Emblems And Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act, 1950’ and clause 2 of the Prevention of Insults to the National Honour Act, 1971 and the Emblems And Names (Prevention Of Improper Use) Ordinance, 1950, insult of the national flag is a punishable crime. Even then, few shops and roadside vendors were selling T-shirts in Ghatkopar market which had a picture of the national flag. On 9th August, Mr Balwant Pathak, the Mumbai District Coordinator of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) explained to those shopkeepers and vendors, the importance of national flags and prevention of their abuse after which the shopkeepers and vendors stopped the sale of such T-shirts.

Mr Balwant Pathak had gone to Ghatkopar for work when he observed that a roadside vendor had kept such T-shirts for sale. Such T-shirts were kept on sale even at a shop, a little away from this vendor. Mr Pathak explained the importance of maintaining honour of national flags even to the shopkeeper but the shopkeeper said that it was not his intention to insult national flags. Mr Pathak then explained to him how even wearing such T-shirts leads to the insult of national flags as a person wearing it can sweat, stink of sweat, the T-shirt can get soiled etc which knowingly or unknowingly causes insult of the national flag. The shopkeeper then promised that he would sell whatever stock he had of such T-shirts but will not order for and keep such T-shirts for sale in the future. Later, Mr Pathak observed that the shopkeeper had removed those T-shirts from the display.

Indifference of police and government administration towards denigration of national flags! 

Every year, the District Administration issues a circular to every police station under its jurisdiction, on the occasions of all national festivals, to take action against persons insulting national flags. The Government also makes such an appeal; therefore, it is expected of police and administration to act on their own and take action to stop the sale of such T-shirts, masks etc; but it has been observed that police and administration both are indifferent towards this issue.

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