‘Mughal Garden’ inaugurated by Gopinath Mundhe dispite opposition of Hindus !

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  • ‘Mughal Garden’ inaugurated by Gopinath Mundhe dispite opposition of Hindus ! (10 Nov 2012)
  • Sushama Swaraj and Gopinath Mundhe to inaugurate ‘Mughal Gardens’ in Pune ? (5 Nov 2012)

‘Mughal Garden’ inaugurated by Gopinath Mundhe dispite opposition of Hindus !

November 10, 2012

In Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s Pune, where Shaiste Khan’s fingers were cut and in Pune of Peshavas, where Hindavi Swarajya (Hindu Kingdom) was spread till Attuck, ‘Mughal Garden’ has been constructed in the memory of cruel Mughal invaders who inordinately oppressed Hindus !

  • Tight police security
  • Action taken against pro-Hindu activists

Hindu activists protesting against inauguration of Mughal Garden

Hindu activists protesting against inauguration of Mughal Garden

Pune (Maharashtra) : ‘In the Punya-nagari’ of Shivaprabhu, we condemn the Government for erecting ‘Mughal Garden !’, ‘We condemn circumcised BJP that has stabbed Hindus in their back !’, ‘Don’t glorify invaders !’, ‘Mughal history of cruelty, Hindus history of bravery !’ …… were some of the slogans raised by pro-Hindu activists with great intensity which did not reach the supporter Government of fanatic Muslims and BJP and finally, on 9th November, disregarding the severe opposition of pro-Hindus, ‘Mughal Garden’ was inaugurated by BJP leader, Gopinath Mundhe under high police security. (Hindus must realize the false ‘Hindutva’ of BJP.. In a city like Pune known for its great Hindus’ history, BJP inaugurates garden built in Mughal style of architecture; will such BJP do anything for protection of Hindus ? Hindus should establish Hindu Rashtra for bringing about a change in this situation ! – Editor SP)

In a land where Shivaraya grew gold crop, strategies to establish ‘Hindavi Swarajya’ were formulated, in such ‘Punyanagari’ today, ‘Mughal Garden’, a symbol of Muslim aggression has been constructed. History of Hindus in independent India will certainly note this day as ‘Black Day’. BJP’s MLAs- Mr. Bheemrao Tapkir, Mrs. Madhuri Misal, Mayor Vaishali Bankar, Municipal councilor Mr. Shrikant Jagatap and BJP’s municipal councilor Manjusha Nagpure were present on the occasion.

Not BJP, it’s second Muslim League ! – Allegation by pro-Hindus 

Pro-Hindu activists opposed this anti-Dharma act till the last moment. They were raising slogans showing their protest, in lawful manner, opposite P L Deshpande Udyan; but a little before the program was to start, all activists were taken into custody by the police as a preventive measure. It was later learnt that they were taken to the main office at Shivaji Nagar. (Police, who bullied activists registering protest in a lawful manner, however, bow before rally taken out by fanatic organisation like Raza Academy ! – Editor SP) The pro-Hindu activists made allegation that it was not BJP but second Muslim League.

‘What have Mughals done except oppressing Hindus, molesting Hindu women and conversion of Hindus that they are being glorified in such manne r? O Hindus, will you find Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Udyan in Pakistan ? And if Hindus make such demand, will Pakistan grant permission for the same ? You only think about it. In Hindu Rashtra, these names will be changed !’

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

Sushama Swaraj and Gopinath Mundhe to inaugurate ‘Mughal Gardens’ in Pune ?

November 5, 2012

Will the seniors in BJP party oppose ‘Mughal Gardens’ and support local pro-Hindu activists or prove that BJP is following the path of Congress ?

Pune (Maharashtra) : Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is developing ‘Mughal Gardens’ in ‘P L Deshpande Udyan’ on Sinhgad Road. It is understood that it was decided in the meeting of party leaders held on Friday to invite senior leaders of BJP viz. Sushama Swaraj and MP Gopinath Mundhe for its inauguration.

Local pro-Hindu organizations are opposing to naming of this garden as ‘Mughal Garden’
and the architectural style in which it is being developed. Recently, pro-Hindu activists took out a march to PMC’s office protesting against constructing monuments of Mughals who inordinately oppressed Hindus. They have also made a demand for erection of monuments based on the life of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj naming the same as ‘Shivashahi’. (Will the local BJP party-men convey this demand made by pro-Hindu activists to Sushama Swaraj and Gopinath Mundhe? And will the senior party leaders honour their demand? – Editor SP)

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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