Daily Punyanagari’s unjust stance in the background of Anti-Faith Bill !

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Prof. Shyam Manav given publicity through his articles with vile criticism on Sanatan; but publishing clarification by Sanatan deliberately avoided !

Mumbai :
Dainik Punyanagari published the article written by Prof. Shyam Manav titled ‘Sanatan chya Mukhavatyancha ch Jadutono Vidheyakaa laa Virodh (Sanatan’s masks are opposing the black magic Bill)’ in its issue dated 14th July. In this article, Prof. Manav has stated that ‘Sanatan Sanstha’ is leading all those opposing the ‘Black Magic (anti-superstitions)’ Bill; Hindu Jagaran Samiti to Warakaris are all masks of Sanatan. He has also claimed that there was an accusation made by the Police that few activists of Hindu Jagaran Samiti were involved in bomb blasts in Maharashtra and Goa. Such serious accusations have been made without any proof. By calling Warakaris as Sanatan’s mask, Prof Shyam Manav has exhibited his intellectual bankruptcy.

Another article titled ‘Sanatani Vicharanchyaa Vishaa chi Jaanivpurvak Perani (Deliberate sowing poison of Sanatan’s philosophy)’ was published on 20th July. In this article, Prof. Manav says ‘I have already written in the last article about Gobels, Mathematics and false propaganda of Sanatan. Many straight forward devout persons fall prey to their aggressive propaganda and few trying to prove their politics, dance to their tune. By making such accusation and trying to fabricate story of how warakaris were not against the said Act, Prof. Manav has exhibited his hatred for Hindus.

Mr. Veerendra Marathe, a Trustee of Sanatan Sanstha has sent clarification to ‘dainik Punyanagari’ on 16th July and reminded their editorial Department about the same when they informed that ‘the explanation by Sanatan has been sent forward’; but it has not yet been published. Overall, ‘Dainik Punyanagari’ has published the articles for defamation of Sanatan and has not shown the decency of publishing clarifications given by Sanatan.

As per the rules of journalism, if some matter is published defaming a person or an organisation, it is imperative for the Editorial Department to understand and publish explanation / clarification given, if any, by the concerned person or officials of the organisation,  along with the matter or publish explanation as soon as it is received from the concerned so as to maintain balance; but ‘dainik Punyanagari’ has abandoned the ethics followed in journalism. How will such newspaper be able to unite people and nation ?

The Act is opposed by even Warakaris. On 16th July 2012, a clarification was sent to ‘Daily Punyanagari’ by Warakaris. That too has not been published even after a week. H.B.P. Bapu Maharaj Raokar, the zonal-President of ‘Rashtreeya Warakari Sena’ for Konkan went to the Editorial Department of ‘D.Punyanagari’ on 21st July 2012 and rtequested them to publish clarifications; even then, till 26th July, it has not been published, informed H.B.P. Raokar Maharaj to the representative of ‘Sanatan Prabhat’.

‘Daily Punyanagari’ has thus refused to understand the other side of anti-Dharma Act as also refused to enlighten readers by avoiding to publish clarifications given by Sanatan Sanstha and Warakari brethren. It is necessary to know the arguments of supporters and opponents on any issue from the view point of readers; else knowing only one side of the Act can mislead readers; thus the act of ‘D. Punyanagari’ is an example of the kind of journalism to be avoided.

Source : Daily Sanatan Prabhat

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