Need for establishing a Council of scholars from entire Bharat and its nature



1. Significance of scholars in a society and how they are being ignored in today’s democracy

        As far as continuing with the mission of Hindutva is concerned, all its constituents have vast importance. Among these, scholars are an important lot. In any mass movement, guidance of scholars is essential to make the movement constructive. Contribution of scholars has been important in every ideological movement such as those for Communism, Socialism etc. except dictatorships. Scholars play an important role in building a society. All said and done, the fact cannot be denied that the society at large has ignored them. There was a time when scholars held important positions in the courts of kings and emperors of the past. Kings would seek their advice in governance of their kingdom. However, with the passage of time as the Dharma-based form of governance began to go into oblivion, the importance of scholars reduced.

        Today, in the democratic form of governance, the constituent of society in the form of scholars has vanished; whatever remains (of this constituent) is restricted to just individual benefit. Hence, today’s politicians have begun to believe that “Whatever we do is the law, and whatever we say is the truth”. An important factor in extinction of the importance of scholars is the prevalent democratic form of governance.  


2. Glorious history of Bharat, which shows that rebuilding a Nation is possible through intellectual capabilities

        Speaking of scholars revives the memory of the names of a few great personalities from history. Among them, two names that are ideal in all respects are Arya Chanakya and Vidur (who, during Mahabharat, reminded Yudishthir of moral values) ! These two exemplary men show us the (intellectual) height from which the scholars must function. In the recent past, even though Nana Phadnawis, who belonged to the Court of the Peshwas and unfurled the flag of the Peshwa rule beyond the borders of Attock, was known as a diplomat, the role he played then was no less than that of a scholar. These are the examples of how rebuilding a Nation is possible through intellectual capabilities.

3. Supreme importance of scholars in establishment of the Hindu Nation 

3A. Educating people on the Hindu Nation

        If we give a thought to the duty of the scholars in the establishment of the Hindu Nation, we will understand the role they have to play in the times ahead. It is important to generate mass support for the establishment of the Hindu Nation. This will happen only when the thoughts of the establishment of the Hindu Nation are spread among the people. To spread these thoughts, educating the society is very important.

3A 1. Credibility of the society is still dependent on scholars 

         Every time the need arises to educate the society, invariably it is for education against the establishment and one that instils the thought of revolt. Hence, the rulers are always against it. As a result, the onus of such education lies on the teachers, newspapers and scholars. Since teachers and journalists are considered as professionals in the prevalent system, it is not possible to pin our hopes on them to impart this education. Fortunately, being a scholar is not yet considered a profession, or rather, scholars have not fallen prey to allurement of any kind and thus, the trust of the society in them is still intact. This by itself is a big gain.

        Generally, everyone strives to draw a conclusion on every aspect at the intellectual level. Trust is an important factor in this process. Since this is an inherent quality of the scholars, on its strength they can guide the society on the indispensability of the Hindu Nation.

3A 2. Playing an important role by guiding the society that is united on the strength of the ability to comprehend 

        Scholars have the ability to view every incident with foresight and an analytical attitude. Further, they can analyse it from the perspective of the benefit to the society, Nation and Dharma. Hence, even though scholars may not be able to bring about unity among themselves, they can still assist in guiding an already united society in the right direction. Scholars must now make use of this inherent ability that is so essential in many aspects of establishing the Hindu Nation.

4. What can the scholars do to impart strength to the cause of Hindutva ?

4A. Impressing upon people the superiority of Hindu Dharma

        People feel that the concept of Hindutva is old fashioned. One important reason for this opinion is their ignorance about Hindu Dharma. Scholars on their part must attempt to educate the society about the superiority of Hindu Dharma. They must write in various publications and must consistently raise objections to the events that are detrimental to Hindutva. It is a requirement today that they make a detailed study of the pervert criticism of the traditions in Hindu Dharma, that is being made out of hatred, and studiously refute it through their writings.

4B. Effectively putting across the Hindutva perspective during Hindutva related debates on Television

        Our experience in this regard is that the TV channels are always on the lookout for orators who can put across the Hindutva perspective. Upon realising that Hindu Janajagruti Samiti and Sanatan Sanstha express their views from the Hindutva and Dharmashastra perspective of an aspect, TV channels began to call their representatives to put forth their views on diverse topics such as religious (for example, Science underlying worship of Shri Ganapati, period of eclipse), philosophy (for example, malicious acts during religious festivals, anti-Hindu laws, spiritual as well as social implications of live-in relationships, sex-change) etc. Scholars must also come forward in this regard. We can forward to you the names of scholars who show interest in talking to the television channels we are associated with.

4C. Using the internet to guide youngsters towards Hindutva

        The present era is an era of Information and Technology. Due to easy access to computers, youngsters remain glued to the internet for hours at a stretch. Facebook, Blogs, Twitter etc. can be utilised to contact these youngsters everyday and guide them towards Hindutva.

4D. Making use of other mediums of information 

         Hindu publications, websites etc. can be used effectively to guide the society.

5. Which way should the thought process for the establishment of the Hindu Nation be directed ?

         We have a simple expectation that scholars represent the Hindu society. This representation is expected to be from religious, cultural and social perspective. The role played by a scholar as a representative of the Hindu society should be as given ahead.

5A. Should be able to respect religious faith

         The individual should believe in Hindu Deities, Holy texts, various practices and traditions, festivals, religious celebrations, vowed religious observations etc. Faith of Hindus is spread in all the above mentioned aspects and hence, while uniting Hindus, we have to respect their seats of faith.

5B. Should be able to think expansively, beyond caste-creed

        The individual should be able to think beyond caste-creed of Hindu national figures, Saints and identify them simply as Hindu individuals. So also, their there should be no dispute over their teachings.

5C. Should be able to strongly condemn the ideas which are malicious towards Hindus

         Today, most Hindus say ‘Hindu-Muslim bhai-bhai (we are brothers)’, but no Muslims reciprocates the feeling. Hence, Hindus cannot afford to have unilateral love for Muslims and Christians. Simply said, scholars should strongly condemn ideas such as ‘equality of all religions’. 

5D. Should be forceful in accepting Dharma as the deciding authority

        While putting forward the concepts of Dharma, the individual should be able to put aside personal opinions and insist on agreement of rules as propounded by Dharma.

6. Why is it important that there be coordination and exchange of thoughts between scholars ?

6A. Coordination increases effectiveness of the end result

        Irrespective of the field, coordination is necessary for smooth functioning. If the tasks are divided and various departments are handled by experts in the respective fields, the effectiveness of the task increases. Hence, all scholars should be in touch with each other, know who is working in which field so as to bring better end results.

6B. Increasing the horizons of knowledge and experience

         It is common knowledge that exchange of ideas is a sign of growth. It is not necessary that one person has knowledge of every field. By speaking to and discussing with people from other fields, we can increase our knowledge. Hence, not only scholars, but every other constituent working for Hindutva should consistently exchange thoughts, experiences and mistakes so as to avoid them in future.

7. When so many constituents of the society unite, why are scholars not united ?

        It is imperative that from time to time we have a common platform to discuss the direction of the mission of Hindutva, to exchange ideas and coordinate with each other. Today, we find that people from all fields are united, meaning, they have a common platform; but scholars do not have one of their own. When different constituents from the society come together for their personal benefit, selfish ends, why are the scholars, who work selflessly for the society, Nation and Dharma working in seclusion ? I have this question as a common devout Hindu.

8. Should the scholars unite, how will Hindutva benefit ?

         Today, if the scholars who work in seclusion come together, and on the strength of their unity, commence working for Hindutva, the concept of the ‘Hindu Nation’ will take a different dimension from the society’s perspective. Putting the concept of the Hindu Nation across to people should not be restricted just to the national level, but should be done at the international level too, and scholars can play an important role here. Hindu organisations can concentrate on the lowest strata of the society and inspire people to rebel for the establishment of the Hindu Nation, while the scholars on their part should create a stir by stressing the need for the establishment of the Hindu Nation first at the national level and then at the international level. 

9. What should be the medium for unity among scholars ?

         To accelerate the mission of the establishment of the Hindu Nation, we expect that all Hindu scholars will come together and form a National Council, which should be governed by the scholars themselves. All Hindu organisations are ready, as their duty unto Dharma, to help scholars operate such a Council.

9A. How should the Council of scholars function at the national level ?

1. After establishing the Council, names of scholars working through the medium of this Council should be registered.

2. List out the tasks that will be taken up by these scholars. 

3. Scholars should have 1-2 meetings via the internet every month. Review of the tasks undertaken should be taken in the meeting. On behalf of the Hindu society, I request all scholars of the Hindu society that they continue the work of the Council in this direction.

        I request the scholars present here today, that they commence further discussions towards establishment of ‘Hindu Scholars Council’. The idea for this council was first put forth by Mr. _____. I request Mr. _____ that he be the coordinator for this discussion.


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