Every Hindu should study HJS’ book on ‘Love Jihad’ – Charudatta Aphale

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Nasik (Maharashtra): Mr. Aphale provided information about Hindu Janajagruti Samiti’s book on ‘Love Jihad’. He said, “Hindustan is being attacked a number of times by external forces, this is known to us. Without the use of any weapons Hindu Dharma is being subjected to attacks without the use of any weapon – ‘Love Jihad’ is another example of such an attack. To understand the meaning of ‘Love Jihad’ and what it represents, everyone should purchase Hindu Janajagruti Samiti’s book on ‘Love Jihad’ and study it.” He made this appeal to all those present on this occasion.

He was speaking on the topic ‘Arya Chanakya’s Biography and Work’ as part of a lecture series in memory of Prof. Mr. Yeshwantrao Kelkar  organised by Ashwamedh Prabhodini. On this occasion he also released the ‘Sanatan Almanac 2012’. This lecture series is being held in recreation hall of Purushottam English School, Bitco Girls High School between 15 to 20 November. Mr. Sharad Morekar – Head of the lecture series, Mr. Namdev Adhav – Director of Ashwamedh Prabhodini and his associates provided invaluable help in the release of Sanatan Almanac and Sanatan’s books.

Applaudable effort of providing proper information about Hindu Dharma through the medium of Sanatan Almanac ! – Renowned Kirtankar Mr. Charudutt Aphale

After releasing Sanatan Almanac 2012, Kirtankar Mr. Charudutt Aphale said, "Today we have no knowledge about our festivals,  which day of the week,  Tithi and month as per Hindu calendar. Other sects never forget information provided in their sects. But we have forgotten our almanac and have stated following the English calendar. Sanatan, through the medium of Sanatan Almanac, have made an applaudable effort to provide correct information about Hindu Dharma. Everyone should purchase this almanac and derive benefit from the almanac"

Righteous Hindu writer Mr. Sameer Darekar felicitated

Mr. Sameer Darekar has thrown light on the true colours and facts about Sachchar Committee through his book ‘Sachchar Committee’s Report alias a Landmine of Secular Ideas’. Mr. Charudutt Aphale felicitated Mr. Sameer Darekar on this occasion. Praising Mr Sameer, Mr Aphale said, “By devoting himself for the cause of our country and righteousness at such a young age, no amount of praise is enough for Mr Sameer Darekar. All Hindu youths should take his example and be ready to work for righteousness and our country.”

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat


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