Advocates’ Convention : Spiritual practice for a blissful life and sharing experiences

Adv Sharadchandraji, Adv. Bibhutibhushan Palai, H.H. Neelesh Singbal and Shri. Shambhu Gaware

During the second session of the 8th All India Convention for the Hindu Rashtra, H.H. Neelesh Singbal (HJS Guide for East and North-East India) guided the assembled advocates on ‘Spiritual practice for a blissful life’. This was followed by a session where some advocates shared their experiences after starting their spiritual practice.

To do extraordinary work, one needs to practice spirituality like Arjuna – H.H. Neelesh Singbal

It is a sign of ego to claim that we will bring about a Dharmik revolution solely with the mind and intellect. Arya Chanakya used his spiritual prowess to make Chandragupta Maurya competent enough to end Nanda’s reign. Arjuna was an excellent archer, but above all he was a great devotee of ShriKrishna. If one has to achieve extraordinary results in a short time, then one has to practice spirituality like Arjuna. To fight against the base qualities of Raja and Tama, one needs to harbour the superior quality of Sattva. The devout Hindus should practice spirituality to fight against the antiHindus. While addressing the assembled advocates on ‘Spiritual practice for a blissful life’ HH Neelesh Singbal (Sanatan’s Saint and HJS Guide for East and North-East India) said that in Kaliyuga the foremost spiritual practice according the need of the time is chanting the name of Bhagwan ShriKrishna and one’s Kuldevta (family deity). He also guided the attendees on the law of Karma, how the mind and intellect work, importance of inculcating divine values in self.

One needs to approach Dharmakarya as one’s spiritual practice ! – Shambhu Gaware, HJS Convenor for North-East India

It is true that God does not need us to protect Dharma, but just as the cowherd folk assisted Krishna in holding up the Govardhan mountain, we have to serve Dharma as our spiritual practice. By practicing spirituality a person becomes Dharmanisht. Shri. Shambhu Gaware (HJS Convenor for North-East India) said that a person practicing spirituality harbors the thought that God is getting the task done, so he does not get disheartened, as a result his output is better.

Chanting reduced my stress ! – Adv. Bibhutibhushan Palai, District Secretary, Prajnan Kriyayog Mission, Odisha

I practice meditation as taught by Prajnan Kriyayog Mission. In 2019 I came in contact with the HJS when I met Shri. Prakash Malondkar of the Samiti. I perform service to Dharma as and when I am asked to, along with that i also practice meditation; but I also experience stress. I once met Paratpar Guru Dr Athavale and He asked me to start chanting and accordingly I started chanting. Gradually my stress started reducing and subsequently went away. We can chant while doing any work.

Spiritual practice helped reduce my negative thoughts ! – Adv Sharadchandraji, District Secretary, Prajnan Kriyayog Mission, Telangana

Adv Sharadchandra

I am associated with the HJS since the last 5 years. Spiritual practice helped me learn how to communicate with my advocate colleagues. Spiritual practice helped to reduce my negative thoughts.

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