Chiplun : Meeting with devout Hindus during ‘Hindu Rashtra Samparka Abhiyan’   

Establishing Hindu Rashtra is the goal of devout Hindu organizations and working towards that goal with unity is the need of the hour : Shri. Vinod Chalke, BJP- Khed Taluka-President

From left – Shri. Vinod Chalke being presented Sanatan ‘Panchang’ by Shri. Manoj Khadye

Chiplun : There is need to create awareness amongst Hindus towards their Dharma; therefore, I performed ‘puja’ of Shrikrushna’s picture as per the guidance of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) during ‘Dahi-handi’ festival and started performing ‘aarti’. I even started presenting Shrikrushna’s picture-frames to various festival committees celebrating ‘Shrikrushnashtami’. It was possible due to working with unity. Hindu Rashtra is the only effective solution on stopping all attacks on Hindu Dharma is the conviction of HJS and it is very true. It is also the goal of devout Hindu organizations and working together towards this goal is the need of the hour, stated Shri. Vinod Chalke, taluka-President of BJP for Khed.

Shri. Manoj Khadye, the Coordinator of HJS for western Maharashtra, Konkan region and Gujarat State met Shri. Chalke, under its drive of ‘Hindu Rashtra Samparka Abhiyan’. Shri. Manoj Khadye explained to him various issues such as ill effects of government’s taking over management of temples; cow-slaughtering; conversion; love jihad etc and activities undertaken by HJS towards solving these problems. Shri. Vinod Chalke expressed his views to Shri. Manoj Khadye and said that he would extend cooperation in HJS activities. Shri. Santosh Ghorpade, Shri. Dattaram Ghag and Shri. Suresh Shinde of HJS had joined the discussions.

My knowledge will improve by working with Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad ! – Advocate Shyam Narvekar

Advocate Shyam Narvekar (on right) talking to Shri. Manoj Khadye

Chiplun : Pathetic condition of nation and Dharma is learnt while reading ‘Dainik Sanatan Prabhat’; emphasizing the importance of working for their protection. I can contribute in this task using my field and Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad (HVP) is an effective medium for the same. Working with HVP will also improve my knowledge, stated advocate Shyam Narvekar during meeting with Shri. Manoj Khadye, Coordinator of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) for western Maharashtra, Konkan region and Gujarat State.

Shri. Manoj Khadye met advocate Shyam Narvekar, who is also a reader of Dainik Sanatan Prabhat, under HJS drive of ‘Hindu Rashtra Samparka Abhiyan’. Shri. Khadye explained to him about various activities undertaken by HJS.

Shri. Khadye said, “Under ‘Right to Information (RTI) Act, by obtaining information about ‘Devasthanas’ which are taken over by the Government, HVP exposed different types of scams committed by them and Chief Minister Fadanvis had to issue orders for legal inquiry through CID into these scams. Judicial process is important while working for protection of nation and Dharma. Working for such issues is a kind of service unto God, nation and Dharma in prevailing times which is known as ‘samashti sadhana’. Legal cases are being filed against those who are making false accusations against organizations which are working for nation and Dharma and their members. You can contribute in this type of work for teaching lesson to such people.”

Advocate Narvekar on listening to Shri. Khadye agreed to join convention held by HVP.

Joining the mission of HJS for establishing Hindu Rashtra is important in prevailing times : Shri. Shivajirao Kadam, a devout Hindu

Shri. Manoj Khadye (on left) presenting Sanatan ‘Pnachang’ to Shri. Shivajirao Kadam and Sou. Kadam

Chiplun : Undertaking spiritual practice in personal life, abiding by Dharma and establishing Hindu Rashtra for majority Hindu population of this country are the activities of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) which I agree with and therefore, it is important to take part in the mission of establishing Hindu Rashtra, stated Shri. Shivajirao Kadam, a devout Hindu.

Shri. Manoj Khadye, Coordinator of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) for western Maharashtra, Konkan region and Gujarat State met Shri. Kadam and his family at his residence under HJS drive of ‘Hindu Rashtra Samparka Abhiyan’. Shri. Sandip More, Chief of Shiv Sena’s Ambdas- shakha and Shri. Kashinath Kadam, a devout Hindu from Bhelsai were present on the occasion.

Shri. Manoj Khadye explained various activities undertaken by HJS towards propagation of Dharma. Shri. Shivajirao Kadam and his family showed interest in knowing ‘Dharma-shaastra’ while having discussions on need for establishing Hindu Rashtra. All devout Hindus promised to sincerely take part in activities undertaken in the surrounding areas. Shri. Khadye presented Sanatan ‘Panchang’ to Kadam family.

Shri. Shivajirao Kadam has recently shifted to new house. His family members felt that Shri. Khadye visiting their new house was a good omen. Shri. and Sou. Kadam also felicitated Shri. Khadye. Shri. Suresh Shinde of HJS was present on the occasion.

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