Mumbai : Awareness by HJS regarding Dharmashastra behind Ganesh murti immersion

Devotees immerse idols in flowing water due to awareness created by HJS !

Tank prepared at Mulund by moving aside garbage

Mumbai : Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) undertook a drive for creating awareness amongst people towards immersion of Shri Ganesh idols as per ‘Dharma-shaastra’ on the last day of Ganesh festival. The drive was undertaken at Dadar chowpaty and Mulund near artificial water tanks. Devotees responded positively towards HJS drive and preferred to immerse idols in flowing water. At Mulund, while HJS activists were holding placards and distributing handbills explaining immersion of idols in scientific manner, police hampered them from doing so, giving excuse of maintaining law and order.

Dadar Chowpaty

Mumbai Municipal Corporation (MMC) had erected artificial water tank even though sea was available for immersion of idols. MMC had made an appeal to people for immersion of idols made with clay and with two feet height, in the artificial water tank. HJS, Sanatan Sanstha and other like-minded organizations undertook the drive for creating awareness amongst devotees and making appeal to immerse Ganesh idols in flowing water as per traditions under Hindu Dharma. There were about 25 people including HJS activists, Sanatan seekers etc who joined this drive.

Ganesh idols immersion in flowing water as per Sanatan Sanstha’s appeal

Sou. Nayana Bhagat creating awareness amongst devotees

Sanatan Sanstha’s spokesperson, Sou. Nayana Bhagat appealed to people for immersion of idols in flowing water and abide by Dharma. Devotees gave positive response to the appeal and most of them preferred to immerse idols in flowing water. Police extended support to the drive. Few police officers video-recorded the drive.


Sou. Manisha Kulkarni, a social activist made an appeal to all Ganesh-devotees for bringing idols made of clay next year for celebrating this festival; utilize the money saved on engaging DJ and preventing other malpractices, to help needy people.

Feedback by devotees at Dadar chowpaty on learning about science related to immersion of idols

1. You are carrying on this drive with so much of determination. Your activities are good. Your and our activities should also get support from people. Festival should be celebrated while conserving environment. – Sou. Swati Sonalkar, ‘Art of Living’ Sect

2. Attempts to mislead people should be stopped and festival should be celebrated as per tradition. – Shri. Sayaji More, ‘Rayat Kranti Sanghatana’

3. Idol made of clay is a symbol of Hindu Dharma as per our customs and traditions. Restrictions are imposed only during Hindus’ festivals which is improper. Immersion should be done in flowing water. – Shri. Pramod Munagekar

4. We knew about immersion of idols in flowing water; but out of fear of causing pollution, we immersed idols in water tank. We knew our mistake because of your explaining the science. Using idols made of clay is true ‘Dharma-shaastra’. Henceforth, we shall immerse idols in flowing water. – Sou. Chitra Kadam


1. Devotees immersed two idols in flowing water instead of artificial water tank owing to explanation given by HJS activists.

2. Municipal Corporation had just moved garbage a little and erected artificial water tank near a school in Mulund (East).

3. HJS activists explained how MMC releases sewage water in sea, throughout the year and remembers preservation of environment only at the time of immersion of Shri Ganesh idols. The idols worshipped with so much of faith are immersed in water tanks and later, these idols are thrown in quarries; leading to desecration of Shri Ganesh. People passing by the road also stopped to listen to the explanation.

Police create obstruction in undertaking the drive at Mulund !

Police do not stop Muslims from ringing bells loudly, cow-slaughter and reading of ‘namaz’ at public places collectively; however, police stopped ‘Hindutvavadis’ who were peacefully  creating awareness among people towards immersion of idols !  

HJS activists were peacefully and in lawful manner, explaining and appealing devotees not to immerse idols in artificial water tank. Assistant Police Commissioner Pandurang Shinde from Mulund told activists that few people might not agree with the views and it could lead to law and order problem. He stopped HJS activists from explaining about immersion of idols. Sardar Tarasingh, MLA elected from Mulund was contacted and told about police obstruction. He said that it was not right of police to stop activists from creating awareness and expressed his displeasure over the same. Police then allowed HJS to carry on for some time but later asked them to stop the drive.

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