Ploy to shift Dadoji Konddev’s statue out of Pune ?

Margashirsha Amawasya, Kaliyug Varsha 5112

Read Here : Statue of Dadoji Konddev should be re-established with due respect ! – HJS


Ploy to shift Dadoji Konddev’s statue out of Pune ?

November 2, 2012

Hindus should now teach a lesson to PMC as  it is always engaged in anti-Hindu activities

Pune (Maharashtra) : A proposal is going to be presented in the general body meeting of Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) for shifting the statue of Dadoji Konddev, that was earlier shifted from Lal Mahal, to his native place. (PMC is controlled by NCP. In its regime only, earlier the statue was once shifted betraying Hindus. Hindus need to decide once for all that how long they are going to tolerate regime of such betraying rulers ! – Editor SP)

The statue of Dadoji Konddev was sculpted in the same sculpture of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj installed at Lal Mahal. After Sambhaji Brigade’s demand to remove it, the statue was cut in the night and sent to ‘P. L. Deshpande Udyan’ and has been lying in the same premises since then. Now a proposal has been presented to the party leaders for sending it to the native place of Dadoji Konddev.

Shiv Sena will oppose ! – Mr. Ashok Haranaval

Shiv Sena’s leader in PMC, Mr. Ashok Harnaval said that ‘PMC should, with due honour, re-install the statue of Dadoji Konddev in Lal Mahal as earlier. PMC should not try to cover up its sin. What right these people have to change history? If they have so much love for Dadoji Konddev, another statue can be installed at his native place. In the meeting of party leaders to be held on Friday, we shall oppose this proposal’.    

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

Issue of Dadoji Konddev statue removal : Ajit Pawar keeps mum

January 4, 2011

Margashirsha Amawasya, Kaliyug Varsha 5112

Pune (Maharashtra): Mr. Ajit Pawar, Deputy Chief Minister of the State kept mum about the issue of the removal of the statue of Dadoji Konddev which was removed from Lal Mahal by the councillors of the Nationalist Congress and the Congress in the middle of the night. (Insensitive Deputy Minister having tight lips despite the serious rift between the two groups regarding the issue of the removal  of the statue of Dadoji Konddev. They had almost come to blows ! – Editor SP)

This question was asked by Journalists when Mr. Pawar came here for one program. He said, "The decision was taken by PMC. Neither I have any relation with it nor I had any information about the decision. ‘Star Maza’ news channel, while broadcasting news regarding this has said that, Even though Ajit Pawar is keeping mum now, no one is going to keep faith on him regarding this issue.

Take action against the one using Milind Narvekar as his mouth piece ! – Rane

Jaitapur – Shivsainiks went out of control after the removal of the statue of Dadoji Konddev. Conversation between Mr. Milind Narvekar and MLA Dr. Neelam Gorhe was recorded. Who was behind the talk of Milind Narvekar? Who instructed him? I demand action against the one using Milind Narvekar as his mouth piece, said Mr. Rane, Minister for Industries, to the journalists. (Not a single word is being uttered by Mr. Rane regarding the incident of removing the statue of Dadoji Konddev; but demands action against the Shivsainiks.  One can see how the pride for History and the National Leaders is forgotten as soon as one joins the secular Congress ! – Editor SP)
Shiv Sena will never tolerate any distortion of History ! – Mr. Sanjay Raut, MP
Mumbai – Shivsena will never tolerate any distortion in the historical account of Chhatrapati Shivaj Maharaj. Even if we are made to retaliate hundred times we are ready for it! Those opposing us have the backing of unlimited power and money. Sanjay Raut MP, Shivsena has said if the government can take action if has the courage to do so.

The issue reg. Dadoji Konddev’s statue is not important : Sharad Pawar

December 3, 2010

Margashirsha Krushna Chaturdashi, Kaliyug Varsha 5112

‘The issue reg. Dadoji Konddev’s statue is not important !’ – says Sharad Pawar of NCP, degrading national hero out of his hatred towards Brahmins

Phalatan (Dist. Satara, Maharashtra): The statue of Dadoji Konddev was shifted by Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC). The decision has been taken by PMC within the parameters of law. Decisions about local matters can be taken by local independent bodies on the basis of majority votes. We do not interfere in these things. What we learnt, was from the newspapers. The matter related to the statue is not of so much importance. The above views were expressed by national President of NCP and the Central Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar. (Would Sharad Pawar give similar opinion in case of objects of worship of Muslims? Politicians like Sharad Pawar dare to insult Dadoji and Hindus because they know that they can suppress Hindus on the strength of power. When are Hindus going to try to change their shameful condition? – Editor SP) He had come to attend a program when he talked to the reporters.

Central Govt. not responsible for increase in the cost of onions !

Pawar said further, “The Central Government is not responsible for the rise in the price of onion as it was the untimely rain that increased these rates. The rates will, however, be under control by last week of January.” (It has been observed from various instances that the cost of onion has increased due to the hoarders and middlemen; but the Agriculture Minister says nothing against them and saves his skin ! – Editor SP)

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

Issue of Dadoji Konddev statue removal : ‘Conspiracy by Sharad Pawar to create rift in Hindus’, says Mr. Shashikant

January 1, 2011

Margashirsha Krushna Dwadashi, Kaliyug Varsha 5112

Nagar (Maharashtra): There were severe altercations between the activists of Shivsena-BJP and Congress-Nationalist Congress on the issue of the removal of the statue of Dadoji Konddev in Pune. Both the groups belong to Maratha Samaj. Hence there was a serious allegation on President of Nationalist Congress Sharad Pawar that he has conspired to split the Maratha samaj politicising the issue of the statue by National President of Akhil Bharatiy Maratha Mahasangh, advocate Mr. Shashikant Pawar.  (Congrtulations! Advocate Mr. Shashikant Pawar for reprimanding the leaders of Nationalist Congress. What justification is Sharad Pawar going to give to Mr. Shashikant Pawar’s allegations? – Editor SP)

Advocate Pawar said, “What have you gained by removing the statue of Dadoji? Are you going to rule the State on the basis of ‘caste’ organisations ?  The friction caused on account of the statue is not befitting Marathi culture. The State is destroyed because on one side there is a talk about unity and on the other creat a rift between Maratha Samaj. Maratha Samaj is allof from all this. Shivaji Maharaj never belonged to only Maratha Samaj. He belonged to all the casts. This kind of split politics in the name of castes will not be beneficial to our State. There are so many serious problems like rising prices, corruption due to which the public is already suffering a lot!

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

Chief Minister sidelining the questions asked by journalists

December 31, 2010

Margashirsha Krushna Ekadashi, Kaliyug Varsha 5112

Mumbai: Is it appropriate to remove the statue of Dadoji Konddev? Is it appropriate to record the talk of elected representative on mobile? Chief Minister Pruthviraj Chavan just sidelined the questions asked by the journalists. He was addressing the press conference regarding the distribution of water from river Krushna. Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister who normally call press conferences jointly, have not appeared before media together since the issue of removal of the statue. Although the Chief Minister has a right to control all departments, he does neither intend to do anything nor ready to talk about the inappropriate incident of the removal of the statue of Dadoji Konddev at night. This has created a commotion in the political field that the Chief Minister is allowing this knavery of Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar or he is trying to save him. While commenting unofficially about it Mr. Chavan said, “Phone taping is a question of Law and Order and that department is capable enough to take any decision on it.”

Nationalist Congress demands inquiry of Shivsena leaders

Spokesperson of Nationalist Congress, Madan Bafana said in a press conference, “We have demanded from police an inquiry and a strong action against the Shivsena leaders. It is a different question whether to tap the conversation on a mobile phone or not; but Vigilance Commissioner, said that the phone taping of Dr. Neelam Gorhe and Mr. Milind Narvekar was done by authorised police. Ours is constructive politics and Shivsena is playing destructive politics.” (Does Bafna mean that to cut off the statue of Dadoji Konddev in the night itself is ‘constructive politics’? The attitude of admiring the action of the party men at any cost proves that the Nationalist Congress has nothing to do with public interest. What right the Nationalist Congress has to remain in power? – Editor SP)

Alliance Delegation to meet the Governor! – Mr. Gopinath Munde, BJP

In democracy it is an insult to constitutional liberty to tap the mobile phones of teh leaders of the opposition. It was decided after the emergency to tap the phones of the expert criminals, persons involved in scams and gundas; but the present government is misusing the power. If at all the police wished to tap the conversation then they should have tapped the conversation of the Vigilance Commissioner before the removal of the statue. Mr. Gopinath Munde, MP, BJP has informed that the Alliance Delegation would be meeting the Governer.

Mayor’s assurance to install the statue of Dadoji Konddev in Jalgao

Jalgaon (Maharashtra): Mr. Pradip Rasyoni, Mayor has given permission to install the statue of Dadoji Konddev on behalf of the Municipal Corporation. Resolution to this effect is shortly going to be presented in the General Assembly. An agitation was held in front of the District Collector’s Office by the Brahman Mahasangh to protest against the forceful removal of the statue at night. Thereafter when a memorandum stating that ‘Let the statue of Dadoji Konddev be installed in the city’ was submitted, Mr. Rasyoni gave the assurance. He said, “You decide the square and the place, corporation would install the statue there.” The memorandum was also forwarded to the district Collector, Mr. Niranjan Sudanshu.

Effigies were set aflame in Jalgaon

The activists of ‘Parshuram Sena’ participating in the agitation  set aflame the effigy of Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar. The activists of various Organisations like Brahman community as a whole, Brahman Sangh speaking different languages, Matang Samaj, Gurjar Sangharsha Parishad, Shivsena, BJP, Manse and political parties had participated in the agitation. In protest to this agitation the activists of Nationalist Congress set the effigy of Shivsena’s Mr. Uddhav Thakre.

Hearing of the appeal by Balkavde on 3rd January

Pune (Maharashtra): The appeal made by Historian DR. Pandurang Balkavde was heard in the Civil Court. The advocate for Corporation appealed to grant some time to get more information regarding the removal of the statue. Hearing this advocate for DR. Balkavde, Mr. Devidas Shinde said, “When the corporation has filed ‘caveat’ shows that it is ready to place its case before the court. Hence to ask for more time is wrong.” Hearing both sides the Judge fixed the date of next hearing on 3rd January stating that the corporation should give the information about, ‘Why was the statue removed’.

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

Issue of the removal of Dadoji Konddev statue : Sangli ‘bandh’ successful

December 30, 2010

Margashirsha Krushna Dashami, Kaliyug Varsha 5112

Sangli (Maharashtra): People of Sangli responded to the ‘Band’ called by Shivsena, BJP and Shivpratishthan very well. There was mixed response for it in Miraj. Schools, colleges and very important services were excluded from Band. There was no untoward incidence anywhere due to the restraining policy of the activists. There was no movement on otherwise busy areas like Maruti road, cloth market, station chowk, jewelery market. The businessmen gave full support to the Band. Sangli-Miraj Buses were plying as per the schedule. Even rickshaws were moving freely. Assuming that that Band would be peaceful, police force was also minimal. Citizens, business community, Hindutvawadi Organisations have demanded that Pune Municipal Corporation must install the statue of Dadoji Kondadev again.

Pune in the clutches of rude governance ! – Akhil Bharatiy Brahman Mahasangh

Pune – The incident of removing the statue of Dadoji Konddev from Lal Mahal is a very shameful act based on caste politics targeting the Brahman community. The act of removing the statue in the  middle of the night shows that Pune is in the clutches of rude governance. We protest this vehemently. President of Akhil Bharatiy Brahman Mahasangh, Mr. Govind Kulkarni issued a warning by way of a press note saying that, the message ‘Time is crucial and you have to be awake’ has reached the Brahman society. The repercussions would be experienced in near future!

It says further that Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the founder of Hindavi Swarajya,  called himself ‘Gobrahman Pratipalak (Protector of cows and Brahmans). He stuck to that faithfully; but in his name trying to change the History by acting rudely is very shameful. Brahmans have been working in the interest of the Nation from even before independence and will continue to do so. The intention is to crush the Brahman community and it represents more than 30% and it will show its power in the coming Municipal election to those who are ruling arrogantly. 

Other happening : Hindutvawadi Organisations in Kolhapur have condemned the Pune Municipal Corporation governance by a press note.   

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

Issue of the removal of Dadoji Kondadev statue: Pune  ‘Band’ successful

December 29, 2010

Margashirsha Krushna Navami, Kaliyug Varsha 5112

Pune (Maharashtra): Pune Municipal Corporation ruled by Nationalist Congress and Congress has removed the statue of Dadoji Kondedev, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaja’s teacher from Lal Mahal. There was strong opposition to this anti-Shivaji attitude.  Although the Front Government tried to suppress them, the supporters of Shivaji Maharaj (Shivpremi) expressed their opposition in various ways. A’call for Band’ was given by Pune District. 100% response was given to ‘Band’ by Pune city, Yeravada, Naregao, Ambegao, Madhavnagar, Sukhsagar Nagar, Kothrud, Gangapeth. All shops were closed except the shops of provisions. Criminal case has been registered against 23 of Shivsena, BJP and MNS and 11 councilors of Nationalist Congress regarding the furious disposition in the Corporation. 

It is like saying ‘Denigrating the Deities with full majority’ – MLA Dr. Neelam Gorhe

MLA Dr. Neelam Gorhe, leader of Shivsena said, “The Alliance Government has reacted appropriately to the anarchical acts of the Front Government. Very good response was given by Pune District to the ‘Band’. We are ready to pay for the damages incurred in the ‘Band’. Home Minister R.R. Patil calls ‘the action by Pune Municipal Corporation as authorised in Lokrajya.

This is nothing but humiliation of the democracy. This is like Aurangjeb, Afzalkhan saying that we are destroying the idols, denigrate them, collect Zizia tax with the consent of the majority. If R.R. Patil understands that kind of thing then Shivsena will pay them in the same coin by way of agitation.” 

Nationalist Congress is responsible for this uproar ! – Mr. Gopinath Munde, BJP

BJP’s Chief Secretary, MP Mr. Gopinath Munde said, “Nationalist Congress is responsible for this uproar. In between Pune Municipal Corporation and the government, Nationalist Congress is misusing its power and is engaged in knavery. They destroyed our offices and on the top have registered cases against our supporters only. Cases should be registered against the gundas of Nationalist Congress. We shall continue our movement without paying  any heed to any sort of pressure.

Mayor advocating Gandhiji’s principles /’Gandhigiri’ supporting gundaism  while agitating

Councillors of Nationlist Congress causing uproar, agitated at the Statue of Gandhiji near Pune Railway Station with black ribbons. While supporting these goons, Mayor Mohansing Rajpal Said, “The destruction by the councillors of Nationlist Congress was the spontaneous reaction. We are here to protest the uproar in the Municipal Corporation. We are agitating to show to the public that as prescribed by the leaders, ‘We promote peace and follow Gandhiji’s path’. (Mayor supporting gundaism and ‘Gandhigiri’ at the same time! People in the whole world has witnessed on telecast, what happened in the Corporation and who did it. O, Hindus remember these kind of Mayors who play with emotions of proud Hindus, in the coming election! – Editor SP)  Those councilors of the Alliance who misbehaved would be dealt with on 7th of January.

Happenings in Pune District

  • Along with Shivsena leader, MLA Dr. Neelam Gorhe, MLA Mr. Chandrakant Mokate, MLA Mr. Mahadev Babar, MP Mr. Gajanan Babar, Councillors Mr. Ravindra Dangekar, Mr. Vasant More, Mr. Bhimrao Tapkir, Mrs. Varsha Tapkir, hundreds of activists arrested
  • The agitators obstructed ‘Sinhgad Express’ and ‘PUne-Indore Express’.
  • Shivesainiks stopped the traffic on new Mumbai-Pune Highway and old  Mumbai-Pune Highway at Karla junction for 30 minutes.
  • Demonstrations by the activists of Manase near Lal Mahal.
  • Stopped trains proceeding towards Kokan, Baramati,  Purandar.
  • 6000 police were engaged to guard Pune city alone.
  • Stone pelting at 58 buses.
  • Stone pelting at BJP office

Happenings in other Districts

  • Grand rally in Sangli by Hindutvawadi Organisations. They demanded installation of Dadoji’s statue and resignation of R.R. Patil. A ‘Call for Band’ on Wednesday given to Sangali-Miraj
  • In Sambhajinagar (Aurangabad) activists of the Alliance demonstrated in Naik Chowk at Sidko Bus Terminus. Police objected to set aflame the effigy of Deputy Chief Minister and Pune Municipal corporation. There was lathi charge on the activists by the police
  • ‘Rasta Band’ agitation by Shivsainik in Parbhani.
  • Effigy of the Front government was set aflame at Shalimar Chowk in Nasik  

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

PMC removed Dadoji Konddev statue in midnight, Pro-Hindus erupt

December 28, 2010

Margashirsha Krushna Ashtami, Kaliyug Varsha 5112

  • Anti-Hindu Congress-NCP ruled Pune Municipal Corporation removed Dadoji Konddev Statue in Midnight of 27th december
  • Pro-Hindus erupted and have called for ‘Pune Bandh’ on 28th December 2010
  • Police arrested thousands of Shiv Sena and BJP activists along with many Pro-Hindus participated in the protest agitation
  • Pune Municipal Corporation office ransacked by Shiv Sena and BJP corporators
  • Office of Anti-Hindu Sambhaji Brigade ransacked by Hindus

The highlighted statue of Dadoji Konddev which was removed by Anti-Hindu PMC

The highlighted statue of Dadoji Konddev which was removed by Anti-Hindu PMC
Thousands of Pro-Hindus participated in the agitation - 1

Thousands of Pro-Hindus participated in the agitation – 1
Police opposing Pro-Hindus

Police opposing Pro-Hindus
Pro-Hindus ransacked Pune Municipal Corporation office

Pro-Hindus ransacked Pune Municipal Corporation office
Shiv Sena leader Dr. Neelam Gorhe participated in the agitation

Shiv Sena leader Dr. Neelam Gorhe participated in the agitation


    Pune (Maharashtra): Anti-Hindu Congress and NCP ruled Pune Municipal Corporation removed statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s guru Dadoji Konddev in the midnight, despite the pending case against PMC’s decision to remove the statue. The statue was removed in very bad manner and it was defamed by carrying it in the Garbage tin. Also a leg of the statue was broken while PMC was removing the statue. PMC has attacked glorious History of Hindus by such coward act. (O Hindus, this is nothing but the outcome of lack of unity in Hindus. PMC dared to do such Anti-Hindu act as there is lack of unity in Hindus. Now there is no other option to oust Congress and NCP and handover this country to Nationalist and righteous rulers ! – Editor SP)

    The bill to remove Dadoji Konddev’s statue on demand of Anti-Hindu organisations like Sambhaji Brigade was passed by Congress-NCP corporators. Many Pro-Hindus resisted against this Anti-Hindu bill and the case was registered in the court challenging the bill. Its result was scheduled to be announced on 27th December; but due to pressure exerted on PMC by NCP’s higher command leader, statue was removed in the midnight of 27th December.

    Thousands of Pro-Hindus participated in the agitation - 2

    Thousands of Pro-Hindus participated in the agitation – 2
    Anti-Hindu Sambhaji Brigade activists were celebrating removal of the statue

    Anti-Hindu Sambhaji Brigade activists were celebrating removal of the statue

    Thousands of Pro-Hindus were present at the time of removal of statue, but thousands of Police were already deployed at the Lal Mahal to stop Pro-Hindus. Many Pro-Hindus were arrested at this time and then PMC workers removed the statue. (Shame on Anti-Hindu police who take strong action only against Hindus and fear to take any action against Muslims ! – Editor SP)

    Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

Reactions of eminent personalities

December 28, 2010

Margashirsha Krushna Ashtami, Kaliyug Varsha 5112

Statue of Dadoji Kondadev Should re-installed with due respect ! – Mr. Ramesh Shinde, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

This is very unfortunate incident. Why Govt. acted so quickly although they haven’t removed illegal tomb of Afzal Khan even after 4 years on the verdict of Mumbai High court to remove it? On the contrary, Govt itself has requested the Court to issue stay order for the judicial action on the tomb of ‘Afzal Khal’ who was enemy of ‘Hindavi Swarajya’, saying that Afzal Khan’s tomb is sacred and it is worshiped. Why the same quickness is not shown in taking action against illegal structure of ‘Adambaug Mosque’ in Pune? Surprisingly Mayor of Pune informs that he is unaware of removal of statue. Is he sleeping all the time? Govt is simply appeasing Minorities and acting with Double Standard spreading communalism. Govt has forcefully removed the  statue without taking citizens interest or waiting for court when dispute was taken to court by veteran Historian Mr. Pandurang Balakawade immediately, after resolution by PMC to remove the statue was passed. This activity of Govt shows its mistrust on the Judiciary system. ‘Sambhaji Brigade’ has been doing  unsocial activities giving birth to new disputes. Its unfortunate that Govt is acting in such a way under pressure from them. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti would like to demand to re-instate statue with due respect, condemning  such attitude & action.

Pune-ites will not forgive those passing improper resolutions – Eknath Shinde, Chief Coordinator, Shiv Sena, Thane District

It is wrong to carry on activity in the dark. Pune-ites will not forgive those passing wrong resolutions. When the matter is sub judice, taking such action is improper. This is uncultured way of doing things. Whatever you want to do, do it openly; why you want to hide things?

NCP has taken out funeral of ‘Guru-Shishya’ tradition ! – Dr. Neelam Gorhe

Today, whole Maharashtra is mourning. Ajit Pawar has taken out a funeral of ‘Guru-Shishya’ tradition by shifting the statue of Dadoji Konddev. This action was taken like in an emergency without letting anybody know. This is a mean gift by Ajit Pawar to Pune-ites.

This is commending James Laine in a way – Milind Ekbote

Mr. Milind Ekbote of ‘Samasta Hindu Aghadi’ said in this context, “This is a sign of the rulers nearing their destruction (Vinaash kaale, vipareet buddhi).

    The sins committed by the Congress have now crossed all limits. People will show them their place in the elections. Shifting of the statue is commending James Laine, in a way.

 Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

    Removal of Dadoji Konddev statue : Shiv Sena protests

    December 26, 2010

    Margashirsha Krushna Shashthi, Kaliyug Varsha 5112

    Who are you to change the history? – roars Uddhav Thackeray

    Issue regarding removal of Dadoji Konddev’s statue from Lal Mahal

    Mumbai: Statue of Dadoji Konddev in Lal Mahal is a historical fact. Who are you to shift that statue or change the history? If you have so much of daring, get the name of ‘Aurangabad’ changed to ‘Sambhajinagar’. If you really respect Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, force the Congress to re-include the lesson on Afzal Khan’s slaying in History text book that was earlier removed by the Congress Government. The people of Maharashtra revere Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and they will never allow such audacity of the rulers. The above warning was given by Mr. Uddhav Thackeray, the Chief Executive of Shiv Sena. (This once again proves that only Shiv Sena is concerned about the interests of Hindus. Hindus feel more close to Shiv Sainiks because of Shiv Sena’s such strong stand. Other pro-Hindu parties and organizations should learn from the above and back Hindus, increasing their strength ! – Editor SP)    

    Resolution to shift Dadoji Konddev’s statue is illegal

    Resolution was passed by Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) on 9th June 1998 that ‘A statue of Dadoji Konddev should be installed in Lal Mahal’ and ‘the statue should be inaugurated on 25th September 2000’. When both the resolutions are still in force, the resolution passed by the Congress and NCP to shift the said statue is illegal. The process of implementing the resolution regarding shifting of the statue should be stopped. The above demand has been made by a delegation comprising of members of BJP and Shiv Sena through a representation submitted to Municipal Commissioner Mahesh Zagade. Mr. Shyam Deshpande, group leader of Shiv Sena and Mrs. Mukta Tilak, the group leader of BJP were present with other municipal councilors on the occasion. 

    The State Govt. supports those who correct history ! – Mr. Madhukarrao Pichad

    Madhukarrao Pichad, the spokesperson of NCP said that wrong history is being taught for a number of years now and if somebody tries to correct it, the State Government will back such people; therefore, the decision taken by PMC is proper. (Hindus must realize the Hindu-hatred of the State Government. Only because Hindus are not united, the rulers do not bother about the religious sentiments of Hindus and nurture such destructive mentality. There is no alternative but to oust the Congress Government and elect patriotic and devout representatives to change this situation ! – Editor SP)   

    Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

    Decision to shift the statue of Dadoji Konddev from Lal Mahal

    December 24, 2010

    Margashirsha Krushna Trutiya/Chaturthi, Kaliyug Varsha 5112

    Hindu-hatred of NCP and Congress exhibited in Pune Municipal Corporation

    Pune (Maharashtra) : A resolution was passed with majority of NCP and Congress municipal councilors in the general body meeting of Pune Municipal Corporation for shifting of the statue of Dadoji Konddev from Lal Mahal; installing a statue of Shahaji Maharaj in its place  and re-install, with due respect, the statue of Dadoji Konddev at some other place. The resolution was opposed by municipal councilors of BJP, Shiv Sena and MNS parties but it was of no effect.

    Few months back, former Judge B. G. Kolase-Patil had ‘gheraoed’ the municipal corporation demanding removal of Dadoji Konddev’s statue when NCP Mayor Mohan Singh Rajpal had promised him that the statue would be shifted in one night leading furor among Hindus. Mayor had to take back his word as his decision was not in conformity with the law.  It was then decided that a committee with historians as members would be formed to look into the matter and decision regarding the statue would be taken with consensus; however, the resolution was suddenly brought before the House paying no heed to the opposition parties or forming of a committee. It seemed that the workers of Sambhaji Brigade were aware of the resolution as they had already come to the visitors’ hall. (When workers of Sambhaji Brigade can be aware of such resolution; why pro-Hindu municipal councilors or workers are not informed beforehand about the matter? This shows that Congress and NCP have taken such deliberate anti-Hindu decision. Such ‘Raza’ style Congress has no right to remain in power. – Editor SP)      

    Devilish decision ! – Dr. Neelam Gorhe, Shiv Sena MLA

    The deputy leader of Shiv Sena, Dr. Neelam Gorhe said, “Sambhaji Brigade’s move is to create communal rift among society and distort history. This is a decision taken by Congress and NCP only as political vendetta. Such conspiracy can be hatched only by persons with rotten intellect and it is a devilish decision. We will register protest as per the instructions received from the Shiv Sena Chief. 

    Congress Govt. should declare its policy ! – Girish Bapat, BJP MLA

    BJP MLA Mr. Girish Bapat said, “Nobody is against installation of statue of Shahaji Maharaj; but decision taken today will create communal rift. Formation of a committee of experts on the subject has been avoided. The manner in which the decision has been taken is betraying and odious. Not only in case of the statue but the Congress Government is following this policy in every issue which is against the interest of the people. Congress should declare its policy once for all.”

    Treachery with people with the strength of majority ! – Ravindra Ghanagekar, municipal councilor, MNS

    Ravindra Ghanagekar, municipal councilor of MNS said, “It is very unfortunate that we could not prevent such decision. The subject was given in the agenda; but we were not informed that there would be discussions on the subject. The Congress had betrayed people on the strength of majority.”

    Ajit Pawar behind removal of statue of Dadoji Konddev !

    Shantaram Kunjir, the chief executive of Sambhaji Brigade said, “We had discussions with the Dy. Chief Minister of NCP Ajit Pawar and leaders of the Congress after which the above decision was taken.”
    Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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हिन्दू जनजागृति समिति को
दिया गया धर्मदान ‘सत्पात्र दान’ होगा !