Temples in Boisar and Koparkhairane cleaned !

Various programmes organised in Maharashtra on the occasion of the birth anniversary celebrations of Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale as a part of Hindu Rashtrajagruti Abhiyan

Dharmapremi cleaning the temple

Seekers and Dharmapremis in Boisar cleaned the Hanuman temple there. At that time trustees of the temple gave permission to offer the prayer (Sakade). Shri Chikaneshwar Shiv temple in Koparkhairane was also cleaned. At this time the trustee of the temple subscribed the Weekly Sanatan Prabhat; he also gave permission to organise any programme in the temple every month. Cleaning campaign was undertaken in Vithoba Rakhumai temple also.

Prayers offered in Shri Datta Ganesh Temple in Dahanu and Shri Datta temple in Boisar

A prayer was offered in Shri Datta Ganesh Temple in Dahanu on 8th May when readers, Dharmapremi, seekers and trustees were present. Priest Shri. Mandar Phatak made the resolve (Sankalp). Trustee of the temple, Shri. Ravindra Phatak told that he would get permission for cleaning of 3 more temples. 9 special issues of DSP were delivered. Another prayer was offered to Shri Dattaguru on 10th May in Boisar at Dattawadi in Shri Datta temple. 9 children were playing cricket outside the temple. They never come into the temple; but when we told them the topic by praying to Shrikrushna, they also joined us for the prayer and were with us till the end.

Martyr Shrishkumar was remembered after cleaning His monument in Nandurbar !

Pro-Hindus present for cleaning the monument

The monument of martyr Shirishkumar was cleaned. Shopkeepers and Dharmapremi in that area too had joined us in that venture. Cloth-merchant Shri. Manojkumar Baphana offered a garland to the Monument of martyr Shirishkumar and all present paid Him respect.

Offering prayers to Deities by cleaning various temples

Saptashrungi temple in Nandurbar, Shri Hanuman temples in Jalgao and in Shivajinagar were cleaned and prayers were offered after cleaning them. Ladies present on this occasion offered prayer to Shri Saptashrungi Devi in Jalgao. Mujumdar Ganapati temple in Chopada was cleaned. Lecture on ‘Sadhana’ was given in Shendurni (Jalgao). Shivmandir in Brahmapur (Madhya Pradesh) and Vitthal temple were cleaned.

Awareness through lectures in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai

While felicitating with the picture of Shri Vitthal, left, Shri. Abasaheb Khade the trustee of Akhand Harinaam week and Shri. Satish Kocharekar

34 lectures on ‘Sadhana and need for Hindu Rashtra’ were given in various places in this area which benefitted 1271 curious. Demands for Dharmashikshan class at 3 places. Some subscribed periodicals on their own.

Shri. Satish Kochareker of HJS told the gathering the importance of Hindu samskruti at the concluding session of the programme. More than 700 devotees were present there. Haribhaktaparayan Khanduji Maharaj Shirole, the founder of the “Week’ was very helpful. Trustee Shri. Abasaheb Khade feliciatated Shri Kocharekar by presenting him the picture of Shri Vitthal.

Cleaning of temple in Nasik by Dharmapremis and praise for the Samiti

Pro-Hindu ladies attending the Dharmashikshan class are seen while cleaning the temple

Ekamukhi Shri Datta Mandir at Ganga Ghat was cleaned by ladies attending the Dharmashikshan class. Shri. Mayur Barve too assisted and praised the mission. Devout Hindus and seekers cleaned the Sriram temple in Panchvati and Ganga Godavari temple in Ramkund. Shri. Krushna Panchakshari, the priest in Ganga Godavari temple gave vote of thanks. Flower vendors near the temple opined that these people will gain punya (Merit).

Creating valour shibir for Dharmapremi youth in Bhivandi

Shri. Amol Palekar while addressing the youth

Shri. Amol Palekar of HJS gave guidance in the shibir organised to create awareness of valour in youth, in Geeta ashram, Balaji Nagar, Bhivandi. 30 young men were present there. Some demonstrations pertaining to lathikathi and dand-sakhali were held.


Ladies from the Dharmashikshan class had joined the seekers for cleaning Shri Hanuman temple here. Shri Palay temple and Shri Janakidevi temple were also cleaned. While cleaning Shri Hanuman temple in Dombivali 5 girls from the Dharmashikshan class also joined in the campaign. Saptashrungi temple in Ambarnth was also cleaned.


Shri. Mandar Phatak offered a prayer to Shri Ganesh in Om Datta Shri Ganesh temple in Dahanu; whereas in Boisar (W) in Datta temple in Dattawadi, trustee Shri. Sanjay Narkhede offered a prayer along with samiti’s seekers and devout Hindus to Shri Dattaguru. Children also participated in this venture.

Temple-cleaning in Vani (Yawatmal) and offering of a prayer

5 temples were cleaned and prayers were offered to Hanuman, Gramdaivat of Vani city Sheshshayi Shrivishnu Ranganathswami and Shri Jaitamata, known as the mother of Vani city.

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