‘Hindutwa Shourya’ Award to ‘Dainik Sanatan Prabhat’

Aurangabad: For championing fiery Hindu nationalism with courage, the newspaper ‘Dainik Sanatan Prabhat’ would be felicitated with the ‘Hindutva Shaurya Puraskar/ ‘Gallantry Award for growth of Hinduism’. Also Shri. Milind Ekbote will be presented with ‘Revolutionary Vasant Dada Badave’ award for fighting against the glorification of Afzal khan’s tomb. On the 24th memory day of Vasant dada Babaji Badave, the awards were declared by the Trust. The awards will be presented in a program organized by staunch Hindu Organizations.

It was stated by Shri. Kulkarni, the President of the Trust that the campaign started by ‘Dainik Sanatan Prabhat (DSP)’ since Deepavali is successful in creating awareness among masses. The newspaper has continued its mission despite an attack on its office. DSP had started a drive against the Eradication of Blind Faith Act proposed by the State of Maharashtra that jeopardized observance of the Hindu customs and traditions. The newspaper was publishing a series of articles against the proposed Act and the Government had to withdraw the Bill. The campaign started by the paper against anti-Hindu paintings of M F Hussain created an anti-wave against Hussain. The articles on ‘Original Hindu Vaastus forcefully had taken over by Muslims’, articles on Mahatma Gandhi giving real picture of the Mahatma to people are a few examples to bring forth the truth before the masses. Therefore, as a token of appreciation, DSP will be presented with the award of ‘Gallantry for creating awareness among Hindus towards their religion.


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