Report of ‘Ideal Ganeshotsav’ drive by HJS in Maharashtra

HJS creates awareness towards immersion of idols in flowing water by displaying banners in hand

Devotees abide by Dharma by immersing Shri Ganesh idols in flowing water on 7th day of Ganesh festival : Effect of awareness created by Sanatan and HJS

HJS volunteers displaying boards in hands for encouraging devotees to immerse Shri Ganesh idols in River Krushna

Jaisingpur (Dist. Kolhapur) : Volunteers of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) stood on the bank of River Krushna carrying boards in their hands near Ankali Bridge (Udgaon) creating awareness amongst devotees towards immersion of Shri Ganesh idols in flowing water, on 7th day i.e. 31st August. Owing to awareness created by HJS, many devotees preferred to immerse their idols in water.

Udgaon Gram-Panchayat promotes donation of idols by displaying banners which is against HinduDharmashastra’ !

Banners were placed at the river-bank making appeal that ‘Shri Ganesh idols cause pollution; so, people may donate idols instead of immersion’. As a result, many devotees kept their idols at the bank without immersing them. Pits have been dug up near the river and idols are going to be put in the pits which will be closed later.


1. ‘Vibhach Chowk Ganesh Mandal’ from Shahunagar helped in immersion of Shri Ganesh idols at Jaisinghpur by using rafts.

2. Shri Shivapratishthan’s Shankarrao Kulkarni made an appeal to devotees that immersion of Shri Ganesh idols did not cause pollution; therefore, devotees should immerse idols in river.

3. Many people coming for immersion to river-bank, read the boards with lot of interest.

Solapur : Spontaneous response for short play staged by HJS

‘Ganeshotsav Mandals’ ready to hold HJS drives even during Navaratri festival !

HJS volunteers presenting demo on self-defence during ‘Ganeshotsav’ at various ‘Mandals’

Solapur : Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) undertakes drive for ideal celebration of Ganesh festival every year and under its drive, a short play titled ‘Hindu Tejaa Jaag Re’ is being staged in different Ganeshotsav Mandals. Demos are presented on increasing oppression of women, eve – teasing, robbery etc and how everyone can successfully face such situations; thus, emphasizing the need for self-defence, through this play. Good response is received for the play from young men and women. There is demand from different Ganeshotsav Mandals for staging of the short play even for their ‘Mandals’. The play has been staged so far in areas such as Neelam nagar, Sunil nagar, Vidi Gharkul etc.

Awareness is being created through the play on how women must learn self-defence techniques and should not tolerate oppression but retaliate. Women can then carry on the legacy of great Hindu women. Awareness is also extensively created through the play on social insecurity.

India is facing several problems like infiltration by Bangladeshis, China’s threat over Doklam issue, tension like situation on borders etc which are also touched upon through the play.


1. The play was staged at ‘Neelam nagar cha Raja’ ‘Ganeshotsav’ Mandal when 10-12 youth from ‘Rajgharana Pratishthan Ganeshotsav Mandal’. They said that they liked the short play. Earlier, there were differences between these two ‘Ganshotsav Mandals’.

2. Stage this play even at our Ganeshotsav Mandal- demand by another Ganeshotsav Mandal

3. Exhibition devised by HJS on revolutionaries will be organized ! – Ganeshotsav Mandal , Neelam nagar

4. Will organize this play at 4 places – a devout Hindu

5. We will join HJS drives even during Navaratri festival – Few Ganeshotsav  Mandals

Spontaneous response received at Nagpur for ideal ‘Ganeshotsav’ drive

Nagpur : Under celebration of ideal ‘Ganeshotsav’ drive undertaken by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS), guidance was given by Sou. Kiran Jain and Shri. Atul Arvenla to ‘Ganeshotsav Mandals’ and in residential colonies on ‘Dharmashastra’ related type of Ganesh idol to be installed, reasons for offering red flowers and ‘durva’ to Shri Ganesh, meaning of ‘modak’ offered to Shri Ganesh, how Ganesh festival should be celebrated publicly and what should be avoided in such celebrations; importance of immersion of idols in flowing water instead of artificial water tanks; so also boycotting Chinese products. Devout Hindus gave good response to the lectures. Planning has been made to give such lectures at few other ‘Ganeshotsav Mandals’ and for holding exhibition of boards on ‘Dharmashikshan’ and life history of revolutionaries.


1. The lectures have led to people demanding to start ‘Dharmashikshan’ classes.

2. Many ‘GaneshotsavMandals’ are responding positively to drives undertaken by HJS.


Representation submitted to Municipal Commissioner on behalf of all Hindu organizations

Sangli Municipal Corporation should not interfere with religious traditions of Hindus, by promoting concept like donation of idols, is the demand

Shri. S. V. Patil, officer of Ward 1 (in centre) and other ‘Hindutvavadis’  

Sangli : Dolphin Nature Club and Rotaract Club of Krushna Valley jointly undertook anti-Hindu Dharma drive of donation of Ganesh idols, though Ganesh idols do not cause pollution. Idols donated by devotees have been numbered and will be returned to devotees next year. As per spiritual science, Shri Ganesh idol has to be immersed in flowing water. Collecting idols by way of donation is totally against Hindu ‘Dharmashastra’; therefore, Sangli Municipal Corporation should not interfere in Hindus’ religious traditions by promoting unscientific drives like donation of idols. Representation to the above effect was submitted to Municipal Commissioner of Miraj and Kupwada which was accepted on his behalf, by Shri. S. V. Patil, officer of Ward 1.

It has been further stated in the representation that sewage water is mixed with water of River Krushna throughout the year and water from Sheri nullah is also mixed with river water by Municipal Corporation. Few sugar factories are releasing effluents in River Krushna and such pollution is very high but these organizations do not raise voice against such pollution. In fact, Sangli Municipal Corporation should not promote anti-Dharma and unscientific concepts like donation of idols and interfere in Hindus’ religious traditions. Shri. Dharmendra (Aba) Koli, District-President of ‘Vahatuk Sena’; Shri. Sachin Pawar of Shri Shivapratishthan; Shri. Retharekar and Shri. Desai of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti were present on the occasion. Shri. Shrikrushna Mali, a Trustee of Mali Samaj and Shri. Sachin Pawar of ‘Gouraksha Samiti’ had conveyed their support to drive for celebration of Ganesh festival as per science.

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