Message by P. P. Parashram Pande Maharaj on the occasion of 6th All India Hindu Convention

‘Chaitanya-shakti’ needs to be invoked in self and work through it for establishment of Hindu Rashtra !

All present great personalities, virtuous people, those sacrificing for the country; yearning for establishment of Sanatan Dharma Rajya (Hindu Rashtra), all those having successful careers, with rich experiences; those who work with total surrender at ‘Paratpar Guru’ Dr. Athavale’s feet; those who acquire His grace and all such devout Hindus, I consider it as my good luck that I got this opportunity to share my thoughts with you. Like every year, this Hindu Convention is being organized for establishment of ‘Sanatan Dharma Rajya’, even this year and we are coming together for the sixth time.

The result of earlier Conventions has been implemented by all of you quite well and its effects are also seen on large scale.

1. Participating in the mission of establishment of Hindu Rashtra means brightening our destiny : Paratpar Guru Dr. Athavale has presented the concept of Sanatan Dharma Rajya even before setting up Sanatan Sanstha. He has said that ‘Sanatan Dharma Rajya’ would be established in the year 2023. Its preparations have been done. We have to just participate in it and do ‘sadhana’ for brightening own destiny. Considering the present condition of oppression and dangerous and pathetic condition of our country, it is good luck that devout Hindus like you are participating in this mission. After establishment of Sanatan Dharma Rajya, various activities related to Dharma will be carried under one umbrella. All should therefore, unite and work for establishment of ‘Sanatan Dharma Rajya’ as our duty. Presently, we are working for different goals. If we keep the primary goal as to bring Hindu Rashtra, our united strength will bring Hindu Rashtra. After establishment of Hindu Rashtra, it will be easy to pursue our different goals.

2. Need to do as per teachings of Shrikrushna to Arjuna in ‘Srimat Bhagavat Geeta’ : A valiant powerful warrior like Arjuna lost heart on the battle field when Shrikrushna advised him only about ‘sadhana’ and nothing about the war.

3. Do one’s job with total dedication without thinking about ‘I’

हतो वा प्राप्स्यसि स्वर्गं जित्वा वा भोक्ष्यसे महीम् ।

तस्मादुत्तिष्ठ कौन्तेय युद्धाय कृतनिश्‍चयः॥

– श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता अध्याय २, श्‍लोक ३७

Meaning : If you are slain in war, you will go to heaven or if you win the war, you will enjoy ruling over the world; therefore, O son of Kunti, you get ready for the battle with determination.

Bhagavan Shrikrushna and ‘Paratpar Guru’ Dr. Athavale, it is a sincere prayer at Your holy feet that You only get the work done from us, giving us strength and for doing it successfully !

– P. P. Parashram Pande, Sanatan Ashram, Devad, Panvel (5.6.2017)

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