Won’t Allow Haj if Muslims Oppose Ram Mandir : BJP MLA’s

Mere warning is not enough, compelling his own party government at center to take concrete steps for building Ram Mandir is expected ! – Editor, HinduJagruti.org

Lucknow : BJP MLA from Uttar Pradesh has put up a Facebook video saying that he will stop Haj yatris to go on the pilgrimage if the Ram temple is not built in Ayodhya.

BJP MLA Brijbhushan Rajput said, “If our Ram temple is not built then why should they be allowed to go to Haj Yatra? They should also be stopped from going to Haj Yatra. The subsidy should stop”.

“Agar bhagwan Shree Ram ke mandir banane me Muslim samaj ke logon ne rukawat paida ki to yakin maniye Muslim samaaj ke logon ko Mecca Medina jane se rokne ka kaam apka vidhayak Guddu Rajput karega”. (If Muslims try to stop Ram temple then your MLA Guddu Rajput will stop them from going to Mecca and Medina).

The Charkhari MLA called upon 100 crore Hindus to take a vow to construct Ram temple in Ayodhya.

In a fiery speech taken in a moving car, the BJP legislator raised the issue of minority reservation on religious lines for Muslims saying that since Muslims are 20 crore in number they should not be given reservation.

Rajput said, “India is the country of Hindus”. He also spoke about the militant attack on Amarnath yatris in Anantnag on Monday night in which seven pilgrims were killed saying the culprits should be killed.

Source : India Today


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