Likes of Kanhaiya Kumar is the outcome of institutions like NCERT : Neeraj Atri

Shri. Neeraj Atri president of National Historical research and Comparative Study said while speaking on the topic of ‘Distortion of history creating dullness’, Shri. Atri said that there is conspiracy to destroy the culture of the nation through the medium of NCERT. It is stated in the history book that Rugved was responsible for slavery. Effort is made to sympathise with non-Hindu faiths by giving false information. This is the reason for having students like Kanhaiya Kumar who participate in anti-national activities. In order to stop this we should make appropriate use of the Right to information (RTI). We asked for the information about Rugved through RTI from NCERT. They said that there was no reference at all. Thereafter we rushed to court. As per the court’s instruction we inquired with JNU, but they also gave false answer saying that there was no substance in it; but we collected evident in that regard and wrote the text, ‘Brainwashed Republic’.


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