Pune : More than 100 ‘Gou-premi’, patriots and devout Hindus stage demonstrations

People slaughtering cows on roads should be severely punished ! – ‘Hindu-bhushan’ H.B.P. Shyam Maharaj Rathod

Chinchwad, Pune – Condition of Congress Party killing cows in Kerala and its activists is wretched. Gandhiji was in favour of ban on cow-slaughter but Congress workers have given up their ideals. The workers, who killed cow on road, should show guts by slaughtering a pig on road. Killing cow on road is anti-national act and those involved in such act should be severely punished, was the brave demand made by ‘Hindu-bhushan’ Shyam Maharaj Rathod while addressing demonstrators from various pro-Hindu organizations, patrons of cows, patriotic and devout citizens on 11th June. Demonstrations were staged under aegis of ‘Rashtriya Hindu Andolan (RHA)’ at Chapekar Chowk.

Dy. Mayor of Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation Sou. Shailaja More first did ‘puja’ of a picture-frame of Bhagavan Shrikrushna and ‘Hindu-bhushan’ H.B.P. Shyam Maharaj Rathod did ‘puja’ of picture-frame of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and a cow. All participants then recited Ganesh-shloka. The demonstrations were ended with ‘Shiva-vandana’ recited by Shri. Kunal Sathe of ‘Akhil Pimpri-Chinchwad Shivajayanti Mahotsav’. Other organizations like ‘Savarkar Vichar Manch (Nigadi Pradhikaran)’, Shivarajya Sanghatana etc joined the demonstrations.

Dy. Mayor Sou. Shailaja More performing ‘pujan’ of Shrikrushna’s picture
Devout Hindus attending demonstrations

He said further that ….

1. Anti-national Dr. Zakir Husain ran away from this country; similarly, Abu Azmi would be forced to run away from this country. There are several offences registered against Abu Azmi. Police should arrest him and conduct investigations.

2. Sadhvi Pradnya Singh has been unnecessarily detained in prison for 8 years. So many years of her life have been wasted; so who is going to return that period of her ?

3. The Government has changed hand in this country but there is no change in bureaucracy. Hindus will have good days if such bureaucracy is also changed.

4. Saffron terrorism is a conspiracy. Had ‘saffron’ terrorism existed in this country; only saffron flags would have been waved here.

Incident of cow-slaughter in Kerala is condemnable ! – Sou. Shailaja More

Congress workers killing cow in Kerala is a condemnable incident and I oppose the same. All Hindus need to show their strength, in lawful manner, with unity.

Congress has discarded the principles advocated by Mohandas Gandhi ! – Advocate Moreshwar Shedage, municipal councilor – BJP

Mohandas Gandhi had called cow as ‘Goumata’ and had advised to impose ban on cow-slaughter all over the country for prevention of cow-slaughter; but Congress workers have discarded his principles by killing cow on road. Congressmen need to be tackled in lawful manner, as per law. Cases should be filed against them and they should be stringently punished.

Hindus will wake up only after getting ‘Dharmashikshan’  !- Sou. Neeta Chikane, Hirakani Mahila Sangh

It is unfortunate that Hindus have to be imparted ‘Dharmashikshan’. We will have to awaken everyone if Hindu Rashtra is to be established and ‘Dharmashikshan’ is necessary for the same.

Congressmen have mentality like Afzal Khan ! –  Shri. Ganesh Kudumbale, ‘Akhil Kalewadi Shiva -jayanti Mahotsav’

The incident of cow-slaughter in Kerala is most condemnable. Afzal Khan had killed cows during the period of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Congress and its brood have mentality like Afzal Khan. They will be taught a lesson in lawful manner by ‘mawlas’ of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

We shall oppose Congress by taking to streets if need be ! – Shri. Abhijit Shinde, ‘Akhil Pimpri- Chinchwad Shivajayanti Mahotsav’

Congress’ brood killing cows has sick mentality. They do not want non-violence and peace in this country. If Congressmen are going to behave in this manner again or going to kill cows, then we shall take to streets and oppose Congress, if need be.

Police should use law against persons slaughtering cows ! – Shri. Amol Kulkarni, ‘Santashri Pujyapad’ Asaram Bapu Sadhak Parivar

Police department uses law against Hindus’ Saints and seers; but do not use law against persons killing cows.  Police arrest ‘Gou-rakshaks’ who protect cows but do nothing against persons killing cow. Prime Minister Modi gives messages through social websites; but he has not given any message against cow-slaughters. Majority Hindus voted in favour of BJP with the expectation that BJP would take care of Hindus’ interests; therefore, BJP should show what it can do for ‘Hindutva’ in coming 2 years; else Hindus will have to re-think.

 …then Hindus wouldn’t  keep quiet ! – Shri. Yashawant Kardile, Kendrai Gou-shala

Gandhi family of Congress is actually not Gandhis but they seem more like some ‘khans’ considering their actions like cow-slaughter and other anti-Dharma acts; therefore, what else is expected from them ? If Congressmen attack Hindus’ seats of worship in this manner, Hindus will not keep quiet.

Congressmen have demonic attitude and should be banished from this country ! – Shri. Nitin Vhatkar, Gouraksha Samiti

There is adulteration in Congress’ blood; therefore, they are involved in anti-Hindu activity like slaughtering of cows. Rahul Gandhi should study Quran and Khurasan rather than Vedas and Upnishadas so that he would stop appeasing Muslims. Congressmen possess demonic attitude and should be banished from this country.

Conduct inquiry into Abu Azmi who has come forward to take over banned school of Dr. Zakir Husain ! – Shri. Nagesh Joshi, HJS

The Union Government has imposed ban on ‘Islamic International School’ of Dr. Zakir Naik’s ‘Islamic Research Foundation’ since it is run illegally. Even then, Abu Azmi, MLA of ‘Samajwadi Party’ was granted permission to run that school. By running the banned school, Azmi is extending support to absconding terrorist Dr. Zakir Naik. Connection between Zakir Naik and Abu Azmi should be investigated in detail; permission granted to him to run the school should be immediately cancelled and the school should be taken over by the Government.

Congressmen are trampling Hindus’ religious symbols by killing cows, right on the roads. If Congressmen wanted to protest against the law passed by Union Govt.; they should have killed animals which are revered by minorities so that they would have known what the outcome of their protest would have been.

Shri. Omkar Mankar of Bajarang Dal also expressed his views.


A. ‘Hindu-bhushan’ H.B.P. Shyam Maharaj Rathod did ‘pujan’ of cow and a calf at the venue since the demonstrations were against killing of cows by Youth Congress workers in Kerala. After the ‘pujan’, cow passed urine and excreted. Both the cow and calf were present during the demonstrations.

B. After slaughtering cow, the workers had consumed beef in Kerala whereas after demonstrations, ‘Kendrai Goushala’ distributed milk to all participants.

C. Passersby stopped on their way to know the subject of demonstrations.

D. Shri. Abhijit Saraf, a reader of ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ joined in demonstrations. He explained the subject to many people at the venue and collected their signatures under signature drive.

E. Subject related to chemical coating on the idol of Sri Mahalakshmi Devi at Kolhapur was explained during demonstrations since it is anti-Dharma act. Shri. Rajaram Khamkar from Shahuwadi (Kolhapur) was passing by at that time but he stopped on hearing the subject and joined demonstrations.

F. Shri. Bappasaheb More from Mahagaon (Solapur) was passing by the venue of demonstrations when topic of cow-slaughter in Kerala was presented; so he stopped and joined the demonstrations till end.

G. Police video-recorded demonstrations.

Participating dignitaries and ‘Hindutvavadis’

Shri. Anup More of BJP- Yuva’s regional-Secretary; Shri. Maruti Taynath, President of ‘Om Sanskrutik Kala Pratishthan (Alandi)’ Shri. Gajanan Chinchwade of ‘Police Mitra Sanghatana (Pimpri-Chinchwad)’, Shri. Dhananjay Gawade of ‘Kendrai Gou-shala’, ‘Gou-rakshak’ Shri. Sanjivkumar Basu, devout Hindus viz. Shri. Sanjay Shelake, Shri. Sanjay Kadu, Shri. Umesh Pawar, Shri. Mangesh Nade

Direct telecast of demonstrations on facebook

Direct telecast of demonstrations was shown on ‘Facebook’ and was seen by 1200 people and its links reached 4451 people.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

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