Samudra Manthan – At Thailand Airport

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Bhadrapad Krushna Chaturthi/Panchami

In Thailand Hindu Dharma’s scripture incidents are prepared in Idol form by Buddhist majority country but in Bharat, a Hindu majority country; Hindu Gods and Icons are denigrated by Hindus itself!

In Bangkok, Thailand, there is new international airport called Suvarn-bhoomi. Very interesting to know that country surrounded by other major religion has such a huge display from the scripture of Devi Bhagavat and Vishnu Puran.
As is well known – majority of the population in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, etc., are not Hindus – but they have the culture of respecting their forefathers who were Hindus – and also the Hindu Sanatan Dharma which is unique and has no comparison.
Please see this beautiful exhibit – which is very meaningful and has a message to the Society.
Can we imagine putting up this kind of things in our Air Ports in India ?
Of course not! There will be protests from so called secularists, pseudo secularists and the "minorities"

See The Following Photos

A sculpture depicting ‘Samudra Manthan’ at Bangkok’s new airport, which took several years to build.

Samudra Manthan Photo 1

Samudra Manthan Photo 1
Samudra Manthan Photo 2

Samudra Manthan Photo 2
Samudra Manthan Photo 3

Samudra Manthan Photo 3
Samudra Manthan Photo 4

Samudra Manthan Photo 4


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